Sunday, 22 January 2012

Campbell's Flowers - The Way Forward

So, after it taking me a bit longer to set up my on-line presence and lot longer 'tweeking' than I anticipated, I'm beginning to get to grips with the likes (and links!) encountered whilst developing websites, business facebook pages, tweeting and not to mention blogging!

I've realised a few fundamentals, namely:-

- You can't learn and implement it all immediately (especially not when you've got floristry orders to be getting on with!)

- In any situation it's best to learn incrementally - and social media is no exception

- There are some lovely people out there who are really happy to help - ask when you need it!

- MAKE A PLAN (and stick to it!)

With all that in mind, I've made a slightly belated New Year's Resolution to promise my blog readers the following:-

- Exciting new content, with regular features delivered weekly

- Collaborations with fellow bloggers

- Access to competitions

I've still got a way to go .... my facebook page isn't finished and my url needs sorting, but all-in-all I haven't done badly for a Luddite!

Here's hoping that you're as excited by my way forward as I am! Here's a hint of whats to come on the blog tomorrow .... Samira & Martin's "Clubbers Paradise" wedding at Hargate Hall. 

Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend

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