Thursday, 26 January 2012

What's in Season? - How to save on your Wedding Flowers

I'm a huge advocate of seasonal flowers. And so, on a regular basis, I'm going to be looking at flowers which are in Season and hopefully provide you with some inspiration as to how they can be used.  .

So why?  Why buy according to the growing season?

Well, partly because of what seasonal flowers represent.  To me, they seem to convey a sense of optimism in that they herald the start of a new growing phase and new life. Even before I worked in Floristry, I always found it exciting that commercially grown seasonal flowers were available a few weeks before they appear be in your garden - I love that feeling of anticipation they create. 

But from a more practical perspective, the best thing with seasonality is that the blooms are in prime condition and absolutely at their best quality.  Like anyone, Florists hate working with substandard materials.  It's a real joy to work with Brides who have chosen their flowers according to whats around when they're getting married - a Florist's biggest nightmare is ordering tulips in September or Peonies in April - they are available, but only just! The problem is, that although you pay a whacking premium for them, you truly have no control over the quality and usually the blooms which arrive are much smaller, tighter and ultimately just a bit disappointing for everyone. 

Any florists out there reading this will know that horrible feeling of deflation you get when you've placed a special order for a wedding and the flowers that arrive are just not of the quality you want to work with.  Take my advice, if you absolutely have to have Dahlia, then get married in late Summer!

The other added bonus, from a customers point of view, is that if you buy seasonal flowers at the height of their availability, they can be inexpensive and incredibly good value! Buying or ordering in this way can make you some very real savings on your wedding or event.

Finally, being someone who feels that our industry needs to take a serious look at the environmental issues surrounding it, buying in season can only be of benefit.

So, in case you missed my one of my real wedding blogs this month  - here are a few designs I've made recently which feature tulips and hyacinths - both of these flowers have been around since before Christmas and are now available in abundance.

The perfect choice for a January Bride!

If you used seasonal flowers for a wedding or special event and would like to be a part of this regular feature, please do get in touch - I'd love to hear from you.


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Jennifer Booth

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