Thursday, 9 February 2012

DIY Wedding Flowers - Wired Circlet Tutorial

Level                                                                                                      Beginner/Intermediate

This week we will be moving on from the wired buttonhole you made last week, and using very similar techniques to make a wired circlet headdress suitable for a Bride or Bridesmaid.

The materials I have used are:

.21 silver floristry wires
.46 green floristry wires
.71 green floristry wires
.90 uncoated floristry wires
Parafilm tape

Flower & Foliages

5 x 'Video!' roses
wax flower
eucalyptus cinerea

 Lay all your material out on the bench ready

Taking a .90 uncoated wire, tape with gutter tape by stretching the tape and twisting the wire at the same time.  This is the same technique used for the wired buttonhole - the tutorial is still on the blog if you need to refresh your memory, or I have uploaded a number of short videos onto YouTube which show how to wire and tape floristry material.

The beauty of using Parafilm is that, not only does it produce a better, finer result, but it sticks to itself, which makes putting everything together much easier.  Stick two wires together and repeat this twice more so you have three sets of wires in total.

Then join these together with tape, making sure that all wires are completely covered so that nothing can stick into the wearer!

Cut off the rose stem at an acute angle and insert a .71 green wire into the rose.  The push a .21 silver wire into the calyx and bring both wires down to meet the green wire.

Next, tape the rose.  Again, if you need any of these techniques clarifying - see my Campbell's Flowers YouTube Channel.

Now wire and tape some sprigs of your flower and foliage material.  I used 8x hebe, 8 x eucalyptus, 7x wax flower and 5 x roses.  This is just a rough, guide - use what you think looks good

Next, attach the wired material to the circlet frame using more tape.  You might find it easier to use strips of tape cut from the roll, as this is sometimes simpler to handle.  
Cut off excess wires and tape over all the ends to make sure nothing sharp is left in the design.

Your final design should look a bit like this.

I hope you've enjoyed making this design - please let me know how you got on and whether you think this was easier, or more difficult than you thought it would be.

I'm will endeavour to answer any questions left in the comments box as soon as possible, alternatively, let me know if you would like me to contact you to arrange one-to-one tutorials, or group workshops for you and your friends ... or even your hens!


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