Monday, 6 February 2012

Wedding Inspiration - Yellow & Blue

Colour Trends for 2012 – Yellow & Blue

“There is no blue without yellow and orange.” – Vincent Van Gogh

I love the way the blogging community provide insights into what’s new, fresh and exciting, and nothing could be more so than two of the latest colour palettes for this year – blue and yellow. 

In their purest saturated forms these primary colours create a contrast which is eye-catching to say the least and are reminiscent of the Mediterranean - evoking sunny, clear blue skies and hot yellow suns.  Combined, these colours create a fun, exciting scheme suitable for a wonderful outdoor summer wedding, this theme would certainly make a change from the vintage-inspired pastels which have been so popular of late.  A word of caution though, always avoid using darker shades of blue in areas that aren’t well lit - it’s not really suitable for dark churches or panelled rooms.  Blue and purple are the most recessive of all colours on the colour wheel and can sometimes create visual ‘holes’ from a distance in floral decorations, and might give the impression that something’s missing from your arrangement!

To give you some ideas of how these colours work together, I’ve made a variety of Bridal bouquets – some structured and some more open, loose and romantic either of which would work with a range of different styled Bridal gowns and overall concepts.   In addition, the buttonholes and wrist corsages should give hopefully give you some ideas for the bridesmaids and groom.  Finally, I put some table and vase designs together to show how these could compliment each other and work as part of your overall theme.

I hope these designs give you some ideas and inspiration and brighten up your day as much as they did mine!

Materials list:

Rosa ‘Wimbledon
Eryngium ‘Blue Orion’
Forsythia ‘Yellow sun’
Zantedeschia Lily ‘Giant yellow’
Dried  French Lavender
Eucalyptus parvifolia

The colour palette 

Grouped hand tied Bride's bouquet using roses, crespedia and calla lily 

A close-up shot, showing all the lovely contrasting textures and the vintage ribbon detailing

A table centre design using the flower and foliages in a more  'Boho' interpretation.

A romantic, soft, feminine hand tied design suitable for a Bride or Bridesmaids

A matching buttonhole, picking up the ribbon detail from the above Bridal bouquet

A wrist corsage constructed onto a pearl bracelet with a lemon organza ribbon detail

A traditional vase arrangement, suitable as table centres or a different twist on a top table design

I loved designing this structured bouquet, its contemporary and quirky, but still pretty

A cute little table design using a vintage pottery vase, together with a buttonhole to match the Bridal bouquet

I hope these designs have provided you with some inspiration. Which is your favourite? Mine's the structured crespedia and lavender bouquet, probably because I've always been a bit of a rebel when it comes to being creative and the short stemmed, pretty, delicate hand tieds full of vintage roses are very much 'in' at the moment!

Anyway, I'd love to know what you think


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