Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Happy Space - The Workroom

When I first decided to set up my floristry business in Sheffield, I knew I wanted to concentrate on designing wedding flowers initially.  Writing a fairly rough business plan, I soon realised that retail premises weren't necessarily a priority and that my idea from years ago of working from a purpose-built workshop in my basement was a much more sensible way of spending my capital.  So that's where we invested our money.

I was nervous at first as I felt that without a shop-front I wouldn't be taken seriously.  Brides, quite rightly, want to feel re-assured that the person they have chosen to design faultless flowers on one of the biggest days of their life, is entirely trustworthy and reliable.

I couldn't have been more wrong about the shop front though.  What I am able to offer Brides is a very flexible service and I can easily provide an initial consultation in my workroom, at their place of work, home or even in a convenient tea room, Cafe or Deli if required!  The lovely thing is that, to date, every single Bride has chosen to come here and all, bar one, have booked.  So my initial fears seem to be completely unfounded.

Buoyed by my recent success, last weekend, my best friend and I went shopping and added some extra touches, which I love and contribute to the overall comfort and ambiance of my room.  Its a very personal, comfy, cosy space and I like to think is quite relaxing for Brides.  We always have plenty of tea and usually some good home-made cake, lots and lots of fabulous magazines and my portfolio to look through to help reach those all-important decisions.

This week I also had the most fantastic write-up in the  Postcode Gazette (click on the link to see the full article) which, again, reinforced my new-found confidence in my choice of premises. It's early days and I might expand into different premises as the business grows, but for now I'm loving my place of work!

If you would like to book a consultation, you can contact me directly through my facebook page Campbells Flowers and click on the 'Contact' icon on the left-hand side under my logo.

Have a great weekend and I'd love to hear what you think of my workspace or any experiences you've had of wedding consultations.



Commercial Space Solutions said...

Your workspace is fab! That will surely help your business grow since you will be very inspired to work in it! Kudos!

Campbells Flowers said...

Hi, thanks so much for leaving a comment - it's true the space has such a lovely atmosphere it's very conducive to creativity!