Monday, 27 February 2012

My Favourite things - Guest blog from Posy Rosy

Good morning all, I'm kicking off the week with the return of my regular guest blog feature 'My Favourite Things'.  This week it's the wonderful Anne-Marie of Posy Rosy (click on her name for the link), who has been one of the nicest friends I've made since embarking on my new venture.  She's always been really lovely and helpful - especially when I'm flummoxed by technology and, to me, epitomises all that is good about social networking.

Anne-Marie is not only a regular blogger, but a really talented lady who make gorgeous vintage and contemporary style heirloom bouquets and accessories.  Here's her story in her own words:

My favourite Things

I have collected or had handed down so many lovely treasures over the years that it is quite hard to select just the one, some have sentimental value and others hold so much history in their faded elegance.

I love the old worn tin box that held my grandma’s odd button collection.  She was a factory machinist for Double D shirts and her home was like a mini haberdashery shop. She used to make the most exquisite dolls clothes and pram sets for me and my sister on her ornate treadle sewing machine (I wish we still had that!). I remember when I was small she would give me her button tin to keep me occupied and I would spend hours sorting the colours and textures and shapes only to jumble them up again when I put them away. I use it now to store some of my vintage brooch collection and it often makes an appearance in my staged photos. Some of the remaining buttons have made their way into my designs.

Then there is my lovely snakeskin 50s handbag which I bought from a vintage shop for just £15! I used it to accessorise my 50s style outfit at my eldest son’s wedding.

I adore the white 30s feather cloche hat that I bought at a Vintage market in Barcelona, it’s made in Paris and needs a little repair and I have no idea if it will ever be worn again but it is so beautifully crafted. I can imagine it being worn by some Parisien femme fatale or adorning one of the dancers in Swan Lake.

Perhaps I would choose my bashed and battered suitcase that has travelled the world on cruise ships and trains and still bears the faded labels of a forgotten time.
Spoilt for choice I have shared them all photographed in my garden, another one of my favourite things and the inspiration for many of my designs.

Posy Rosy Bouquets and Beautiful Things for Special Occasions

My thanks, to Anne-Marie and if you would like to be part of 'My Favourite Things' send me your story with a couple of photographs and I'll be happy to include you in this regular post.


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