Monday, 26 March 2012

DIY Wedding Flowers - A Vintage Wrist Corsage

Morning all, hope you had a great weekend.  The sun is still shining today and I'm thinking about beautiful weddings and all that my first Summer as Campbell's Flowers will bring.

As you know, I love sharing my floristry experience with anyone who wants to 'have a go' and so today I'm bringing you a little video as part of my Flower School 'How to ...' series.  This one is a lovely 'Sweet Avalanche', vintage-inspired, wrist corsage which I'm finding are increasingly popular amongst Brides.  In fact one of my Brides this year has ordered a wrist corsage to throw, rather than jettison her stunning waterfall bouquet at her maids and sundry guests.  Much safer!

 The materials you will need are:

'Sweet Avalanche' rose                                                                   .22, .46 & .71 wires
Bouvardia                                                                                           scissors, tape
Eucalyptus gunni                                                                            and ribbon

Here's the link to my YouTube Channel Campbell's Flowers which should take you straight to where all the action is.

Hope you enjoy making your corsage and any proud pics of your work would be fab to see!

'til then, enjoy


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