Wednesday, 18 April 2012

City of Steel - A Claire Pettibone Shoot Part 2

So here it is, at last, trumpets ... drum roll ... etc etc

This is part 2 of my part in the gorgeous collaboration which saw gowns designed by Claire Pettibone from Chloe of The White Room, Sheffield with the fabulous photography of Cat Hepple.  Part of our team was the amazingly talented, and I have to say incredibly friendly, Danni from, in charge of hair, and the lovely, vivacious Ashley of Ashley Tyrrell working her make-up magic.

The team was further extended by the two most incredible models, who were in fact both ballerinas and so could create beautiful lines and shapes with their bodies - particularly with their arms and hands.

Pretty, pretty make-up

Ballerina points

I just love the movement in this shot and the gorgeous 'Nora' from Claire Pettibone

So, so feminine

See what I mean about hands? Who else but a dancer can do this?!

I just love this gorgeous lip colour and the fabulous headdress from dc bouquets

The cornucopia I designed with gigantic 'Sweet Avalanche' roses, Ammi and Eucalyptus 

So much strength goes into making such a soft and graceful shape

I really adore this contemplative shot

A truly exquisite shot and even more so if you happen to know Sheffield and the sculpture next to the model

My pomander against the most gossamer-like of gowns

We all fell in love with this veil

Natural prettiness working really well with the floral embroidery in the gown

I love this shot and the way the model is smiling - so knowingly!

True grace

My favourite shot - to me it encapsulates the day: lovely model, gorgeous gown, pretty pretty hair and make-up ... and flowers!

I hope you've enjoyed these as much as I did - it was a very special day. I'd love to hear which is your favourite - leave me a comment and I'll be sure to reply.

My thanks to Cat Hepple for the use of these fabulous shots.


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