Monday, 8 October 2012

All the leaves are brown .... A guide to the best Autumn Wedding Flowers

Well, the leaves are certainly changing colour and the garden is now looking a less lush than it has done – Autumn is well and truly with us as the seed pods are really in evidence.

As part of my regular spot as guest blogger for the fabulous Kelly of Boho Weddings Ltd, I bring you a recent guest blog post just in case you missed it last week.  Here's some flowery inspiration in the shape of some of the most fashionable and popular flowers available in Autumn.

As you all know, I love my seasonal flowers and although it’s true that the choice and range isn’t as wide as that in mid-Summer, there is still plenty of choice.  If you choose to get married in beautiful, glorious Autumn, then why not choose your wedding flowers to reflect that season?  They’ll look their best, last longest and are more economical and so can only contribute to a happy experience.  At Campbell’s HQ, we love happy, happy Brides!

So here are some ideas of what’s available right now – don’t worry though, they’re not all browns and oranges – there are lots of brighter colours to choose from.  You don’t need to be limited to earthy tones if you’re looking for a bit more colour in your theme.

Here are my five top tips for beautiful Autumnal blooms:-


This comes in a gorgeous pinky-purple and has a wonderful texture which works brilliantly with soft muted purples and pinks.   Or, team it with bold reds for a nod to the fabulous ‘50’s.

A really pretty hand tied posy-style bouquet which uses the most gorgeous British grown lisianthus and sedum.

Combine the rich loveliness of velvety red roses and pink sedum with silver containers which are really on trend at the moment

I overheard two ladies shopping the other day who exclained 'Oh, no pink and red don't go!' ... I'll let you decide that one!

Lilac Aster

This pretty, pretty daisy is aptly knicknamed ‘September flower’ and as it is indigenous to this country, grows wild in our hedgerows and by the roadside – perfect for any bride looking for a ‘just picked’ meadowy look.

Beech & Oak

These beautiful leaves are so evocative of Autumn and looks lovely in buttonholes or edging a hand tied posy-style bouquet.

This beech table arrangement uses lovely peaches, oranges and browns for a more traditional Autumnal theme

Hessian, scabious seed pods, wheat, green bell and dahlia buds make a lovely rustic buttonhole

This lovely oak (quercus) creates a simple but beautiful frame around this romantic bridal bouquet


This stalwart of your Grandad’s allotment has been really enjoying a come-back in the past couple of years and is set to be increasingly popular over coming seasons.  It’s available is such an amazing range of colours from the softest palest creams and whites through to vibrant yellows and amazing velvety burgundys.

I'm so in love with these deepest darkest burgundy dahlia


I cut this lovely herb from my local flower farmer just this week - it is only available for a relatively short season in this country but it’s fragrance is amazing – team it with flowering oregano, lavender and wheat for a posy which conjures up the very best of our British grown gorgeousness.

Although the growing season in Britain slows down in Autumn, there are still some lovely flowers available, as this pretty posy proves.

A close-up of all those gorgeous textures

Simple bottles finished with lace for a lovely antique look

I hope this helps show some of the many possibilities there are when designing flowers during Autumn.  
If you have any flowery questions, or need any help – do get in touch and I’ll answer any questions and help in any way I can.

Until next time – enjoy!

Tracey x


Rachael said...

Lilac aster bouquet is lovely! Too early for me though!

Campbells Flowers said...

Glad you love the aster bouquet - am sure we can find something perfect for you though!x