Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wonderful Workshops – Getting Messy with Moss

Hello all.  Last night was another of our Campbell’sFlower School Workshops and I’m happy to report our numbers are steadily growing.  Held at the wonderfully fragrant Pure Enough's HQ we were six in total working our magic with moss.

The theme was Autumnal, natural and woodland.  I wanted everyone to construct a design which was a little unusual but achievable, so I started by demonstrating how to cover an oasis wreath ring with moss.  Wreath rings are enjoying something of a renaissance as they are so versatile and can be made using so many different flowery materials – see my recent hydrangea wreath ring tutorial as an example of what can be made.

Once the class got underway, it was pretty messy! We used both sphagnum and bun moss to create a pretty, verdant ‘forest floor’, which I have to say looked gorgeous without further embellishment.  Happily ‘visitors’ were few and far between, although we did have to check for worms as one of our party has a real aversion to them!

I then moved on to demonstrate how to best use the floral materials which were roses, aster, fern, veronica, eryngium, contorted willow and two types of grasses.  We placed all the stems firmly into the base, ensuring they were all upright to create an impression that they were ‘growing’.

Everyone was absolutely delighted with their lovely rustic, natural designs – as was I, they were simply beautiful.  I was a fantastic evening, really relaxed and informal but very, very therapeutic (although I did quiz everyone about the names of the flowers again at the end – just to check!).

Here are some snaps taken last night …

Our group working away on the foundation of the design

Everyone's designs were slightly different, but all looked really lovely

My Campbell's aprons were essential wear for this session!

My demonstration piece - a work in progress

A close-up of the finished design

It was a really lovely evening, with copious quantities of tea, coffee and biccies consumed together with much friendly banter and chatting.

If you're interested in joining us at our next workshop click on the link or  lets get in touch


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