Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Beautiful Blooms, Wonderful Weddings & Our New Girl!

Morning lovelies!  

Well, it's been the most fabulous wedding weekend here at HQ and my thanks have to go out to Team Campbell's for all their hard work and amazing creativity.  I can't quite believe that between us we managed to pull off five amazing weddings since Friday, all of which were as different and as individual as the wonderful Brides we worked with. 

While we wait for the 'official' photos to come and blog each in lots of fantastic detail, I thought you might like a sneaky peek of what we got up to ...

I've never been a massive fan of carnations, but they do have their place and who could dislike these totally cute Dianthus raffine elea in Laura's bouquet.  Aren't they gorgeous?

Victoria wanted lots of pretty, pretty British florals in a range of pinks fused with tropical orchids to combine Louis' Malaysian heritage.  We created this pretty pomander from dendrobium orchids for one of her flower girls, quite time consuming as each bloom was wired into place, but so worth it!

Kelli wanted florals which evoke wildflowers and hedgerows and so we created this pretty, floral crown for her to wear, complete with a myriad of brightly coloured ribbons - perfect for the May Queen that she was!

Kelly's quintessentially British tea party, which started in the Botanical Gardens, was a gorgeous selection of cool whites to fit her is simple, elegant theme.  Although her bouquet and all the florals were very sophisticated, we couldn't resist these delicate gyp floral crowns and tiny bunches for her little flower girls aged 7 and 3 - ahhh!

 Cathy's colours were gorgeous pastels in blues, peaches, whites and creams with an accent of silver ribbon. She personalised her buttonholes with little badges and even a lego man for her son, Charlie. This badge for her Dad's buttonhole brought a bit of a tear to my eye (and his by all accounts too!)

With more and more of you adding your own little twists and ideas to your florals, we've been so lucky to have been given the opportunity to be truly creative.  As you know, we believe really strongly in never creating the same bridal bouquet twice and we couldn't be more grateful that our lovely brides not only truly embrace this concept, but also want to be involved having an input in what we love doing.

So this is me saying Thank You.

Oh, and watch this space as there's so much more to come ...

Talking of which, I'm so pleased to introduce you to the very lovely Kate, my new PR & Social Media intern.  It's her first day today and here she is talking a little bit about herself ... 

Hello! I’m delighted to let you all know that I’m Tracey’s intern for the summer! It’s all very exciting here, the workroom smells gorgeous with soft scents of flowers and we’re both brimming with creativity for the upcoming projects, which I’m very excited to have the responsibility of heading up. I thought I’d take the opportunity to just to tell you a little bit about myself. 

A couple of things that I personally love are: photography, my family and the countryside. I’m a student at Sheffield Uni studying English Literature and Biblical Studies and am interning at Campbell’s flowers as part of the 100 hours internship scheme. Flowery things I love are the delicate crinkles of poppies as they unfurl from their buds, the vibrancy of orchids and hazy purple carpets of bluebells.

Here are a few pics I've found which seem to sum me up!

Well, that's all from both of us for the time being, we'll be back very soon updating you on all our plans, 'til then, enjoy!

Tracey & Kate xx

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