Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Floral Trends - That Personal Touch

Hello lovelies

It's been a crazy old week, jam packed with weddings, consultations and, on a more personal note, birthdays! In between meeting new brides, designing prettiness and indulging in some rather fabulous dinners (and a spot of prosecco here and there!), I've been thinking about how so many of you are adding personal touches and details to your flowers.  This new way of thinking can range from mismatched china, glass or found objects to personally decorated jars, tins and so much more.

As those of you who work with me will know, I'm a stickler for detail. Because of this, I don't just finish off your flowers with any old generic white ribbon which everyone gets, which many of the slightly more anonymous High Street florists might do.  I like to treat every Bride and her bouquet differently and never making the same design twice means matching-in the way I finish off the designs taking into account ideas for your wedding, your gown, your bridesmaid's dresses, the groomsmen's suits etc.

The lovely result of all this attention to detail is that many of you are now being inspired to add your own  sometimes quirky, sometimes sentimental, but always personal ideas, to your bouquet - which I absolutely love!

Here are some of the most recent ideas our lovely innovative, creative Campbell's Brides have come up with ...

Rachael's and I decided to finish off her bouquet with an antique brooch, to match in with her gorgeous Claire Pettibone gown

Becky chose to attach photos of loved ones

Whilst we attached Jenny's late Grandma's lapel pins onto ribbon as a special tribute in her bouquet

Kerry asked me if I could use the lace from the bottom of her gown, which was left over following alteration, to finish her bouquet. She also co-ordinated a brooch which she'd had made to match her jewellery and pick up the detail on her wedding dress

Laura, being a bit of a crafting queen, knitted all her buttonholes and, as wool was a real feature of her wedding, I bound her bouquet with it and finished with a pretty ceramic button she'd used throughout her designs.

Helen's bouquet was finished with garden twine, she provided for a lovely rustic finish and then prettied up with trails of narrow lilac satin ribbon

Whilst Emma gave me a torn vintage veil and some pretty co-ordinating fabric along with two cameos to attach to her bouquet.

I hope this has provided you all with some lovely ideas and inspiration.  As you all know, I love working with like-minded industry peeps and a couple of months ago now, all this creativity sparked a germ of an idea, which happily has recently come to fruition.  Look out for the launch in the next few weeks of a really exciting partnership with a fabulously talented lady who I'm really pleased to say has become a firm friend which will, hopefully, give you even more scope for ideas!

Right, I must away, and ready myself for a day of interviewing for my new intern - eep!

Tracey x

Photo credit: Shakespeare Photography

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