Thursday, 6 June 2013

Fabulous Friends & an Exciting New Venture

Today, we are beyond pleased to bring you news of a really exciting new venture which means we will be working really closely with the very fabulous Julia of Go Glorious.  The upshot of our latest collaboration means we'll be able to offer our lovely Brides all kinds of extra gorgeousness - think grand urns, stunning candleabra, pearlescent pretties, mercury glass gorgeousness, golden place settings and so, so, much more!

Tell me more!  I hear you shout! Well, here's Julia to tell you in her own words how this all came about .... 

Once upon a time, a few moons ago, I met a lovely florist lady in my local pub.  A few moons after that, I got in touch with her again, as I thought her work was just brill.  I could see that Tracey Campbell knew her onions and had a fabulously creative mind. I wondered if there was a way we could work together.

I was so glad I did. When two like minds meet, exciting stuff happens.  Tracey is an inspiration.  We’ve had lots of meetings since – and there’s all sorts of ideas bubbling away to be brought to you over the coming months.  But first and foremost, we have come up with a cunning plan to work collaboratively. 

A core element of my business is prop hire.  So – way to go. I order and store muchos floral container finery. Tracey hires said gorgeousness from me, and is thus able to offer brides far more choice. It also means that Tracey can compete better in the corporate market, as she now has access to the sort of mahoosive vases that venues like the Millenium Galleries require. But variety is the key. From pretty little votives to terracotta pots – all of it will be available.

I’d like to think of us as entrepreneurial women acting smart.
Not long ago, T and I worked together on a product shoot for my new web site. When the right props and the right flowers come together – beautiful is the result.

I am absolutely delighted to have started this venture with Tracey.  And as well as the business side of our venture, there are creative explosions on the horizon too. So keep watching. We plan to be one step ahead of the game, with a keen eye on fashion, trends and the NEXT BIG THING. We hope you’ll have seen it here first.

My thanks to Julia for writing this lovely post all about our fab new venture - amazingly orders are already coming in, so I've a feeling this is going to be really popular with not only Brides, but also our fab corporate clients too!

So what do you think? We've so much more to show you ... just can't wait!  If want to know more, then do get in touch

'til the next time ... enjoy!

Tracey x

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