Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Made in Chelsea? No, Darling ... made in Sheffield! - A Wedding Flowers Trend Special

So, as those of you who following our flowery diary will know, this weekend was super busy as we designed gorgeousness for two weddings - and attended one of them (complete with manicured nails and ludicrous heels)!

Back at HQ, Amy and I got to chatting about wedding trends in general and how our 'just picked', wild-flower style can be adapted to create very soft, feminine bouquets which are a little more structured but still have that all important element of being very natural.  Being a huge fan of Made in Chelsea, Amy showed me all the latest pics from last week's celebrity wedding between socialite Millie Mackintosh and rapper Professor Green on the Mail Online.

What seems pretty clear from the photos is that regardless of budget and venue; relaxed, informal weddings are very much here to stay.  Simple, elegant gowns, beautifully cut, often with lace detail and tiny beaded embellishments are being worn at all manner of weddings by all  manner of brides. When it comes to all things flowery, though, we've definitely noticed that more is more!

This floral arch full of beautiful blooms is to die for - we spotted delphinium, bloom and spray roses, larkspur, hydrangea and a wonderful array of select foliage

Blooms are pretty, delicate, with a quintessentially British look - think cottage gardens, bees and butterflies. Styling is slightly unkempt, natural and full of cabbagey roses but there's lots of them! We find that our bridal bouquets contain lots of different blooms to create that really pretty, textured look - Roxy's bouquet at the weekend contained no fewer than fifteen different flowers and foliage!

Or these bridesmaid's bouquets from Philippa's wedding this Summer ...

Or Danielle's Spring Bridesmaids' bouquets

As you all know, we've been big fans of bridal crowns for some time now and this year has seen lots of our brides and bridesmaids choosing to wear them 

Happy to embrace trends as always, we're over the moon that our brides are looking for soft, pretty flowers which have really taken over from the more structured and constrained ways of old. Hurrah for that!

Amy tells me that the new series of MiC is on it's way and we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more on the wedding and crossing our fingers that one of our brides wants a floral arch like this one too - hopefully using locally and British grown beauties!

If you're looking for ideas and inspiration, then stay tuned, as we're currently working on our latest edition of Inspire, or pop over to our Wedding Flowers page on the website for lots more prettiness or browse our Campbell's Weddings page on the blog too.

Tracey x

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