Thursday, 23 January 2014

Amy and Ben - Berries, Superstitions and "the Dream Team"!

Hello everyone!

We're very excited to bring you this stunning, winter-inspired, December wedding, filled with a fantastic assortment of berries to compliment the blooms!

When I met Amy, she told me their wedding would be mid-December; Friday the 13th, in fact! She laughingly reassured me that she and Ben weren't in the least bit superstitious, and in fact had decided to get married at 1pm, or 13:00 on a 24 hour clock, in order to really make a joke of it!

With it being a Winter Wedding, Amy was very keen on rich reds and soft creams, shot through with hints of gold, but most importantly was that there would be lots and lots of berries featured! She showed me some swatch colours of her gown which would be white, whilst her bridemaids would be dressed (very fittingly!) in berry red. Having seen other pictures of our work, Amy had her heart set on an unstructured, wildflower, hand-tied bouquet, featuring the "just-picked" look, that Campbells specialises in.

I suggested rich dark colours, such as red roses and deep purple astrantia, surrounded by wild-looking foliage, and lots of lovely berries like peachy rosehips and crimson hypericum, to give it a really unique look, then they would be finished with a band of berry ribbon, and a vintage-style white lace overlay. We decided that the bridesmaid's bouquets should be similar to Amy's, but appear lighter in colour by featuring white roses, cream lisianthus and sweet, fluffy gypsophila, as well as plenty of red hypericum berries to offset against this backdrop.

During our consultation, Amy told me that having she had also hired the fantastic Jenn Edwards to be her Make-Up Artist, and marvelous Jess Petrie as her photographer, because she had seen our collaborations like "Summer of Love" and adored it so much, she knew we would be the perfect combination - or "dream team" as she named us! - to make her wedding extra special.

Amy wanted her table flowers to replicate her wild, unstructured bouquets, which were placed inside burnished gold, chalice-style containers, and interspersed with loads of tea-lights, creating a gorgeous, soft atmosphere. The men's and women's buttonholes were an incredibly sweet, miniature version of the overall flower-scheme, featuring a tiny amount of hypericum, rosehips, and in the women's; a sprig of gypsophilia, and finished with berry and lace ribbon, matching the Brides' bouquet.

Here are some shots that I took of the fabulous flowers...

 A close-up of the gorgeous foliage and berries used in Amy's bouquet

Featuring the pretty berry and lace ribbon band to really finish the look

 Beautiful Bridesmaid's bouquet, which is noticeably lighter than the Brides' whilst still fitting perfectly with the design scheme

 Delightful hypericum berries peeking through!

Absolutely darling buttonholes which were sized-down versions of the bouquets

And here's a sneak peek of the photos from the absolutely fantastic Jess Petrie

Wow, absolutely stunning! Just can't wait to see more!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about such a wonderful Winter wedding, and that it may have given you some inspiration for your own wedding during the chilly months!

What kind of colours are your favourite for a wedding in the wintertime? Rich reds and golds? Snowy whites and silvers? Or maybe something entirely different, we would love to know in the comment section!

Now I'm off to reply to emails whilst cuddled up on the sofa in my warm jumper, with a cup of tea... brrr!

Tracey x

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