Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day - Love is in the Air!

I don't usually share personal stuff on our blog as everyone at Campbell's likes to keep things about our brides and their big day, but I'm making an exception today as it's about romance!

Mikes away at the mo and has been quite a bit since New Year, it's been really busy for both our businesses and although I really enjoyed the first week he was away (you know, lots of painting of nails, face packs and trash telly) the novelty has really worn off I've really missed him this week.  So with the help of the girls he came up with a crazy but lovely way to cheer me up as he won't be home til late this evening.

On Wednesday, totally out of the blue,  I received the first of a series of postcards which gave me a clue on how to find a hidden item in our house! The girls had shopped for the items and then squirrelled the around the house. Collectively, they made up my Valentine's pressie.

Here's the first one ...

as you can see the rain got it (also not sure about that ring mark on our table too!!) but I was able to find the first pressie - a bottle of peach juice.

Thursday came and the next postcard arrived, complete with a wonderful quote from Room With A View - a really special film for Mike and I.  It's a bit dated now but with a cast that includes Daniel Day Lewis, Helena Bonham Carter and Rupert Graves, it's full of very beautiful people, is set in Florence and is a brilliant adaptation of a wonderful EM Forster book. We'd had plans to have a special screening on our wedding day at our local art-house cinema but couldn't make the timings fit with everything else that needed to be done (you know having an actual ceremony, feeding people and partying)!

Anyway, I got cherries!

Woke up very excited today, on Valentine's Day itself, to find another postcard in the mail, but couldn't for the life of me find the pressie - it was very well concealed in my top drawer!

... then the doorbell rang and this arrived ...

... well, I added the glasses to the photo just for a bit of styling!

So yes, you've guessed it! We're having Bellini this evening when Mike gets back home - just as we did on our wedding day! Can't wait to see him and am so grateful to both my girls for engineering everything for me - they did a fab job.

Have the most wonderful day everyone, hope yours is as special. Cheers lovelies!

Oh! and I know lots of you read my blog, but I don't get many comments so I'd absolutely love it if you'd share your Valentine's Day story with me too!

Much love

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