Thursday, 6 March 2014

Feature Flower - Snakes Head Fritillary

We are bringing you a brand new style of blog today.  We had the fabulous idea of sharing with you a regular new feature giving lots of background on the beautiful seasonal flowers we use.  We are confident that you will find the flowers as interesting as we do and that the new blogs will give you great inspiration for your big day.

For our first feature flower we have chosen Snakes Head Fritillary.  This is a favourite of Tracey's but for me this is the first time I had ever seen this unusual little flower so I was really interested to find out more about it.

Its latin name is  Fritillaria meleagris, fritillaria is latin for 'dice box' referring to the chequered markings and meleagris meaning 'spotted guinea fowl' again referring to the markings.  However it is easy to see for the picture below why it has gained the nickname Snakes Head.  They love it in damp boggy areas and only grow between March and May. Native to this country they are best used when they are in season as with all flowers.

From a floristry perspective it's only around for a short while so perfect if you've chosen an early Spring wedding as it's not available at any other time.  Its gorgeous colour, delicate markings and quite soft stems make it great for hand tied designs, little jugs and mismatched vase/bottle arrangements. It really suits rustic, natural weddings. They can be grown in white too. It really works well with soft dusky pinks, lavenders, silvers and grey-green foliage or added to  part of a meadowy bouquet full of spring brights. This little gem makes a perfect, very unusual but pretty buttonhole.  Here is an example below of how it can add a unique feel to your wedding flowers.

So there you have it!  Our first feature flower!  Keep an eye on the blog for our next one and if you have any ideas about flowers you would like us to feature then please get in touch!

Thanks for reading.
Amy xx

We keep adding to our wedding portfolio all the time which might help a bit more with inspiration especially for  bridesmaidsbuttonholes and venue decoration, or grab a cuppa and pop over to our latest ‘real weddings’.  As you might have guessed, we love sharing, so feel free to get in touch if you need any advice on choosing seasonal flowers, or you’re struggling with colours for your special day.

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