Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tasha and Oli - Hand Painted Silk, Maps & Thunderbirds!

Todays real wedding is that of Natasha and Oli who got married in April this year.  They managed to get the best weather for it as it turned out to be a cracking day.  They got married at The Royal York Hotel in you guessed it........York!  A stunning mansion style building has amazing gardens that overlook the city, which if you get the weather for it, (which Natasha and Oliver did)  makes for an amazing back drop.

For the brides bouquet Natasha chose pastels, ivories and champagnes with a hint of blue. She wanted a natural, 'just picked' hand tied using seasonal, highly scented blooms which I think T captured perfectly.  The bouquet included Yorkshire lavender, crespedia, small tulips, scented narcissus, astrantia roma, pale pink double lisianthus, bluebells, freesia, ranunculus and green bell.  We also provided hair flowers that matched the theme of the bouquet.

As you can see Natasha attached memorial photos of her loved ones to her bouquet making it even more unique and special to her.  

For the bridesmaids Natasha wanted a smaller version of her own bouquet plus a wrist corsage for the younger bridesmaid.  Natasha works in fashion and had the amazing bridesmaids dresses specially designed in the most beautiful hand painted silk.  So stylish!

We absolutely love it when the wedding photographer sends us piccies of people's reactions when they first see how stunning the bride looks.  Here is a couple of our favourites.

Natasha and Oliver chose a simple sprig style button holes which really which look fab against the grey suits and patterned waist coats.

We love it when men love our blooms!  

As we have mentioned before we just love it when brides and grooms make their day very personal and really allow it to reflect their own personalities.  You don't get more unique than this half traditional half Thunderbirds cake, Thunderbirds are go!!!!!!!!

I'm sure by now you've probably noticed who the photographer was but Thank you Chris Chambers Photography for sharing shots of Tasha & Oli's day!

Although these couple of shots of the tables are ours, of course!  Tasha & Oli have travelled extensively and lived in a great many different places such as China & Hong Kong and so created little lanterns with maps inside them showing places in the world which were special to them.

Thanks everyone for reading I hope you found it as inspirational as ever.  If you would like to discuss any ideas with us there are plenty of ways that you can get in touch websitefacebooktwitterpinterestYouTube.

Until next time......

Amy xx

PS:  Thanks so much to Amy for putting together this feature - I'd just like to add a little footnote about working with Tasha & Oli and how lovely they were.  

The day they were due to come and see me for a consultation,  I was really poorly and so for the first and last time in the history of Campbell's I called to say could I postpone? Tasha was so lovely and didn't mind in the least even though they had already booked and paid for their train tickets from York, which I naturally offered to refund them. Even though we'd never met, she decided pretty much then and there that she wanted to work with us and so paid her deposit without a consultation and despite the fact that I had already told her we had a prior booking and might not be able to see her face-to-face on her day! 

As it transpired, we met up, just loved each other's ideas and creativity and because of the rapport we'd built up between us, I decided to deliver all her flowers the evening before the wedding so I could see her lovely happy face and make sure she loved everything we'd created for her as much as we did!

Thank you Tasha & Oli for being such truly lovely people and for making our job the best in the universe!

T xxxx

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