Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Campbell's Christmas Wreaths


So this year at Campbell's HQ we have been busy little elves making Campbell's very own Christmas wreaths ready for the festive season.  They are very much in keeping with the Campbell's style and ethos using natural materials where possible, some of which we will be foraging locally so keep your eye out for us and say Hi.  We do have to use a bit of wire to keep it all together and a bit of ribbon, well, because it's pretty so bear that in mind before you pop it into the compost heap in a couple of months.

We are making them to order so they are nice and fresh for you and will last you well into the New Year.  They are available in a choice of two designs, with a choice of ribbon too.

Firstly there is a medium size rustic style wreath including cinnamon sticks, pine cones, wheat and choice foliage.  These are £30 each.

Rustic Christmas Wreath by Campbell's Flowers

Secondly we have a large more traditional style wreath including pone cones, mosses, bark and succulents.  These are £35.

Traditional Christmas Wreath by Campbell's Flowers

These are the choice of bows.

So there are plenty of ways that you can get in touch with us to place your order, you can e-mail us at, give us a call on 07905 033 083 and the usual  facebooktwitter,.  You will need to allow little elf Mel three days to make it for you and collection will be from Campbell's HQ on Hunter House Road.

So get your orders in peeps, HOLIDAYS ARE COMIN'

Amy xx

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