Friday, 5 December 2014

A Very Vintage Campbell's Christmas

HO HO HO! We have only just gone and got us a pop up shop over Christmas!

Amazing artisan bakery Seven Hills Bakery (who by the way make breads and cakes to completely die for) are expanding and have taken over the Sharrow Marrow premises on Sharrowvale Road.  As part of their new venture they have given us a space in their new premises for a Campbell's pop up shop over Christmas and we couldn't be more delighted to be working with them.

We are feeling super festive here at Campbell's HQ, here is a brief selection of what will be lovingly made by our Christmas fairies T and Mel and on sale:

Table centre pieces ranging from £20.00 - £35.00.

Christmas Centre piece by Sheffield Florist Campbell's Flowers.

Table wreaths from £35.00

Rustic Christmas table centre by Sheffield Florist Campbell's Flowers.

We're also creating a selection of specially designed, bespoke table centres too ...

Rustic natural Christmas decoration for table by Sheffield Florist Campbell's Flowers.

Long lasting indoor wreaths £25.00 - £45.00

Vintage Christmas wreath by Sheffield florist Campbell's Flowers.

Locally grown door wreaths medium £30.00 luxury £45.00

Vintage Christmas wreath by Sheffield Florist Campbell's Flowers.

With a choice of bows in hessian, raffia or red lace

So come see our Christmas elves, our trading hours will be:
Friday 5th December                                                         11am to 3pm
Saturday 6th December                                                    2pm to  5pm
Thursday 11th December                                                  11am to 3pm
Friday 12th                                                                          11am to 3pm
Saturday 13th                                                                      11am to 3pm
Sunday 14th                                                                        11am to 4pm 
(Sharrowvale Market is on this day too!)
Thursday 18th                                                                    11am to 3pm
Friday 19th                                                                         11am to 3pm
Saturday 20th                                                                    11am to 3pm
Sunday 21st                                                                        11am to 3pm
Monday 22nd                                                                    11am to 3pm
Tuesday 23rd                                                                     10am to 3pm
Wednesday 24th                                                                 9am to 3pm

We are taking orders for our wreaths (for more information on our wreaths pop over to this blog) and bespoke decorations too for tables, mantlepieces and lots of other pretty ideas too. You can do this via e-mail for collection at the Seven Hills Bakery on Sharrowvale Road or from Campbells HQ at 141 Hunter House Road. Payment can be taken in person by card or cash or by direct transfer if you prefer.

For any orders please get in touch via our e-mail but if you do have any questions or just want to wish us a Merry Christmas you can do so via our website or through facebooktwitterpinterestYouTube.

Merry Christmas to all!
Amy xxx

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