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British Flower's Week - Out on the Wiley Windy Moors.

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Don't worry we are not going mad and repeating ourselves!  A couple of week ago I shared a blog with you about our photo shoot for British Flower's week (15th - 19th June) which was a sneak peak at what happened behind the scenes.  If you didn't manage to catch us on Whimsical Wedding Wonderland Blog here are the finished shots and a bit about what inspired T and Team Campbell's to organise this shoot.  Here is where I hand over to Queen Campbell's herself to tell you all about it:

"To help showcase just how beautiful blooms from our shores can be, and to mark the third British Flower's Week, team Campbell's decided to create an entirely British-based inspiration shoot, with everything from the flowers to gowns, stationery and cake proudly created by some of the industry's best British grown talent.

I wanted to really encourage everyone to think about where their flowers came from as well as provide some beautiful big day inspiration.  Just as we have a plentiful supply of sometimes over-looked seasonal stunners when it comes to flowers, we also have an incredible array of British wedding creatives deserving of celebration, so I was keen to curate a shoot that showcased this too."

"We wanted to provide a natural, stunning platform for British blooms to shine from, so we headed out to a particularly beautiful spot in the Peak District on a wild day.  The wiley, windy moors, craggy rocks, witchy trees and burnt-out-browns of the yet to bloom heather were the perfect backdrop, and set the tone for an ethereal, romantic shoot with a touch of gothic, complete with our brooding Heathcliffe.

Choosing from the best locally grown, and specially selected Spring flowers straight from our cutting garden, we opted for a mix that featured allium, stocks. heather, lisianthus, valerian, thistles. borage, centaurea, ranunculus, Queen Anne's lace, lilac, clematis, violas right through to mint,wheat, barley, hawthorn, and stunningly scented apple blossom.  Honeysuckle and jasmine were also used as trails.

Using this incredible variety of flowers, herbs, crops and foliage we designed everything you could want for a wedding from bouquets to table arrangements, a decorated arch, chair backs, a hanging floral chandelier and a variety of floral hairpieces that included a decorated Alice band, a flower necklace worn as a headpiece and an ethereal, Snow Queen-esque de constructed crown."

"The wispy crown in particular would work really well as a show stopper piece for any bride looking to add a touch of whimsy or drama, and simply dotted with a few delicate flowers is a step away from the hair crowns crammed with bright blooms that had been so dominant this season."

"Ribbon trails were another key look we wanted to incorporate into the bouquets and the floral chandelier.  A key trend that more and more of our brides are starting to incorporate, we simply adore the colour, shapes and texture these create in a breeze (or brisker, Peak District winds!) and love the way they make us think about Maypoles and quintessential English summer fetes.  Just gorgeous."

"We were so lucky to work with such a fabulous, creative team on this shoot.  Everyone really got on board with our celebration of British blooms and talent, and the excitement made it a great project to work on and experiment with.  I think the results really do show just how proud we should be of the incredible diversity and beauty of our nation's flora and the simply awesome talent that continues to unveil itself in the wedding industry.  I hope couples planning their big days will continue to nurture and celebrate both,"

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