Monday, 6 July 2015

Urban Chic - Paul & Sarah's June Sheffield City Centre Wedding

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So this is my first day back at work after being away for a couple of weeks on a lovely family holiday to Cornwall.  Now the majority of people might feel a little down on their first day back but not me, I get to come back to these stunning photographs in my inbox.

The flowers included in the brides bouquet were scabious seed pods, lavender, veronica, celosia, astrantia, peonies, 'Vendella' roses, 'Memory Lane' roses, wax flower, astilbe, anastasia chrysanthemum, jana spray roses, stachys, antirrhinum, lisianthus and eucalyptus.

As well as the brides bouquet, T and Mel got to put together some gorgeous hair flowers for the bride and bridesmaids.  But they also designed one of my favourite things that Campbell's do, a wand!! And as Sarah said, a beautiful addition for such a pretty little princess. I just adore the colours too - muted, dusky lilacs, with sages, champagnes, raspberries and a little pop of magenta for lovely brightness to set off against those soft tone, which worked really beautifully with her lovely bright bridesmaid's dress.

In the e-mail that Sarah sent us the other day, she had some very kind words to say about us which left us just brimming with pride and feeling extremely lucky that we get to work with such lovely people.  Here is what she had to say " We had the most amazing wedding day.  The moment it started to become reality was when Mel arrived with the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen in my life!  I could not take my eyes off them.  The colours and textures surpassed my expectations.  They looked so fresh and delicate, and yet so striking.  They travelled all the way to North Norfolk with me on our honeymoon and were placed in our bedroom in our safari style lodge by the coast.  I loved waking up to them every morning and remembering our special day.  Frances adored her wand, such a special touch for a little princess."

A massive thanks to Ruth Atkinson Photography for the brilliant images.

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