Friday, 18 September 2015

Babies, Blogs and Big Opportunities - 2 Years at Campbell's Flowers

Hi all!

Today I thought I would bring you something a little bit different and write an anniversary blog well, about me!  I have been at Campbell's for 2 years this week and so much has changed in that time both personally and professionally I thought it would be worth a little commemorative blog post!

I have spoken on Facebook about how much I love my job and how wonderful the brides are that we design for and all the industry professionals that we have the absolute pleasure of working with on pretty much a daily basis, but little is said about Queen T herself.  I didn't want to make this a self indulgent blog post but at the same time I am going to get a little personal because what this woman has done for me, most employees wouldn't even dream of, one of which was offering me a job when I was 8 months pregnant!

I met T when I had a Natural Skincare shop on Ecclesall Road which, if I am honest, never took off the way that I had hoped.  When I found out I was pregnant I knew it would be time to call it a day with the shop and although I was super excited about the imminent arrival of my baby girl I was feeling like a bit of a failure professionally, so when T asked me to come and work with her I thought she was nuts but knew it was an opportunity that couldn't be missed.  I loved it instantly but it was hard going trying to re learn a lot of skills that I had long forgotten, so to say that T was patient is an understatement.  

I came back to work when Violet was 11 weeks old suffering from terrible post natal depression and generally wondering what the hell was going on but somehow managing to convince myself that work would be a good idea.  T created this incredibly relaxed, friendly and approachable work environment for me.  Wednesdays were, and in some ways still are, my little pocket of sanity before it's time to go home and deal with the emotional roller-coaster that is motherhood.  

Two years down the line I am so much more confident and relaxed in work and motherhood and continue to feel like a valued member of Team Campbell's.  I have been encouraged and given the room to grow and I look forward to seeing how my role will continue to adapt and challenge me over the next however many years.  I can't thank T enough for the opportunities, time and support that she gave and continues to give me and if this post doesn't get me a pay rise I don't know what will.  Love you boss!

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