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Luxe Wedding Flower Inspiration - Beautiful, Blowsy, Blooms.

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Today on the blog I am bringing you something a little different from the usual real weddings blogs I've been writing.  A month or so ago T (as the resident floral expert) wrote some fabulous content for Boho Wedding blog all about the 'Luxe' inspiration, what it is and how to use it in your own wedding.  It's a bit of a follow on from the Autumn Luxe Flower Inspiration blog that T wrote for the site back in September.

Anyway here is what T had to say:

I'd like to introduce you to a trend which is taking the wedding industry by storm, in one word ... luxe.

But what is the whole luxe thing I hear you cry and does it mean blowing my carefully planned budget?  No, no, fear not.  It's just that we're starting to move away from the vintage-inspired, make-do-and-mend, DIY philosophy towards a more luxurious, romantic look full of beautiful, blowsy blooms.  Romance is back and it can be tailored to suit all manner of weddings for the classic, stylish, understated - through to the outdoor ceremony full of gorgeous tables and structures covered in seasonal pretty.

For venue decorations hanging flowers are just one of our fave ways to create luxe impact at your venue.  Their versatility means you can choose from a few baubles filled with flowers to hanging antique bottles - perfect for the budget - concious bride.  If you're looking for a statement piece, a sense of drama and lots of impact, then a series of floral chandeliers might just be perfect in your marquee - think blooms in your colour palette teamed with pretty coordinating ribbons and you'll be seriously embracing the luxe.

As you'll know from reading our Autumn blog, I'm all in favour of stretching your floral designs to help earn their keep and work hard for you, so think about decorating a feature fireplace or pretty window ledges in your ceremony room with a sumptuous display which can be easily moved to fill your top table with super scent and romantic candle light.  I often get asked by brides for ideas on how to dress a ceremony room - understandably you want it look amazing when your guests walk in, but don't want to spend a fortune on decorations which might only be appreciated for a short while.  If you're happy to go for it, then why not decorate features like a staircase - just perfect for those photo opportunities!

We've always championed seasonal flowers, designed in a very natural style and are continuing to do so next year.  We're really starting to move away, however, from decorated jam jars and are looking at simple, stylish glass, copper vessels, rose gold urns, footed bowls, white china and much more.

As ever, the shape of your bridal bouquet is very much dependent upon the silhouette of your gown and shame on any flowery person who doesn't discuss this with you!  Whether you choose a sumptuous, cascading, waterfall design or a simple all round, posy-style design, think texture, more texture and yet more texture!

We love all kinds if accessories and our grooms are happy with either focal flower or a sprig style designs, but one thing to be sure of is that your buttonholes contain elements of the flowers you've chosen in your bouquet.  Luxe doesn't mean everything has to match exactly, it just means that your flowers should look like they come from the same 'family', so before you know it, everything will look effortlessly stylish!

So, as always I hope this feature has helped show the wealth of blowsy blooms, tempting textures and stunning scented flowers which embrace the luxe movement.  Massive thanks go to the uber talented and ridiculously lovely Sarah (or Brabbers as she's known by Team Campbell's!) of Sarah Brabbin Photography for her time and patience in taking all these wonderful shots at the atmospheric Whirlowbrook Hall.

So that's it from Queen T, I hope you have found it super inspirational.

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