Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Campbell's Christmas Wreath Making Workshop 2016

Hi all,

So last week we had our annual wreath making workshop held right here at Light Space Studio.  I love working at the workshops as the atmosphere is so fab and I usually end up picking up a few tips as I'm pottering around, making the tea and sweeping the tables.  However, the Christmas workshop is by far my favourite one of the year.  Being a massive Christmas fan I am really in my element with this one and what was even more brilliant about this year is that I got to take part in the workshop and make my very own wreath (did I mention I have the best boss in the world)?

Actually being in the workshop was such a great experience and I can see why people choose to come back time after time and take part in them with us.  It's not just about sitting and watching T then trying to make a replica of what she has just made but about learning the skills to go off and make your own design with the given materials.   Creativity is fully embraced and encouraged which means that no one design looks the same and you end up with something totally personal to you.  I absolutely love my door wreath and after a shaky start T managed to turn it around and give me the tips and encouragement I needed to create something pretty splendid.

Shelley of Shelley Richmond Photography took part in the workshop too and took some really cool photos of the evening which are just fantastic and really reflect what a great evening it was.  We will be announcing dates for our 2017 workshops in the new year so keep an eye on our social media and website.

And last but not least, here is my creation which is proudly displayed on my front door.

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Amy xx

By the way folks, I just wanted to let everyone know that majority of the foliage we used was sourced locally - as you know we are really proud to help support the British grown flower and foliage industry.  Thanks Amy, for yet another really fab blog post and for your lovely kind words - being surrounded  by creative people makes my job soooooo easy!

Much love Tx

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