Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Millennium Galleries Fundraiser - Floral installations for a fantastic cause

Hi all,

We can't even begin to tell you how happy and excited we were to be asked to design these incredible displays for Museums Sheffield.  A couple of weeks ago Museums Sheffield held a fundraising dinner at the Millennium Galleries, all money raised went towards the care and sharing of the cities collections and to continue to provide a free public space for everyone to enjoy.  Also the Museum provided the unique opportunity to view 'The Mother Enthroned' by Thomas Cooper Gotch which was donated to the City of Sheffield in 1925.  The painting is an impressive 3 meters long, and has yet to be displayed because of it's huge size, well that was until the a few nights ago.  The painting depicts only women so as you will see from the photographs all the woman had a photograph taken with it to celebrate International Women's Day!

The project was definitely an all hands on deck situation but as always Team Campbell's pulled together to get it done.  Grace and T got to use a cherry picker and everything!  As always though, T was the driving force behind the whole thing, functioning on little to no sleep; she is a true inspiration and shows what hard work, a little elbow grease and a very creative mind can achieve.  Which is why the team were so chuffed when T got to go to the event on pretty short notice, after such intense physical and mental work meant she could have a well deserved night off.  She made some fab new friends and managed to find her self salsaing into the early hours, only our T eh?

It was a real Light Space Collective affair which was another bonus!  Grace from Wildwood Paper not only worked with us to install the designs but created all the stationary for the event and Ellie Grace Photography took all the fabulous photographs.  Enjoy!

Thanks so much Aimz as usual for such a great post.  I can't even begin to tell you what an amazing opportunity this was and how grateful I am to Grace at Museums Sheffield for giving me such a free rein in terms of creativity.  She and her amazing team (Chris, Rosie & Laura - you totally rock!) all worked so hard and helped to make all the crazy ideas I had in my head, actually happen. It was touch and go a couple of times but I couldn't be happier with the end result and I was just blown away by all the wonderful comments on the night!  MASSIVE thanks goes too, to our lovely Grace, Cherry Picker driver extraordinaire, we totally nailed going up and down!!!

Last but by no means least, the evening raised a whopping £25,000 towards the care and sharing of the cities collections and to continue to provide a free public space for everyone to enjoy which was reported in the Sheffield Star and Sheffield Telegraph and we even got a little credit for our work too which was lovely.


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