Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Decades of Bridal Style - Mr and Mrs Unique

Hi all,

We just love working on photoshoots especially when it's with our fellow Light Space buddies.  This photoshoot was pretty special to me because as you can see it features yours truely!  The concept was to celebrate 6 iconic years of bridal style, concentrating on hair and make up, dresses and of course flowers.

I was the 1940's bride and what made it that much more special was that I was wearing the dress that me Nan Nan got married in and the most wonderful thing was it fitted perfectly.  My Mum found it when clearing some things out of the house and apart from a little wear and tear it (due to Mum playing in it when she was a little girl) it was in great condition.  The dress was made out of parachute silk as material was scarce during the War Years.  My little shoot was originally just something that T, Shelley, Jenn and I put together as a surprise for my Mum for Mother's Day so to see myself alongside these stunningly beautiful models in a magazine has just blown me away. 

Anyway enough about me, the magazine is available to pick up now or you can read it online by following this link.

Hair and Make Up - Jenn Edwards and Co.

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