Monday, 31 July 2017

Hannah and Peter's Peak District National Park, DIY Marquee Wedding with a Special Connection.

Hi all,

It really is an incredible skill that Tracey has to connect with each and every bride that we work with and Hannah was definitely no exception.  From the moment that they met for the first consultation T knew exactly what she was going to design for Hannah and the florals she was going to use.  She has such a knack for interpreting ideas it really is incredible.  The lovely way we get to measure our success is when we get incredible feedback like the following e-mail from Hannah!  What a truely lovely lady Hannah is to take the time out to  write such a lovely e-mail.  It read like this:

"Ive just had two minutes to sit down and I wanted to send you a message to thank you so much for the beautiful bouquet and flowers you provided for our wedding last Saturday.

The bouquet was absolutely stunning, the colours were perfect and the design really added to the relaxed, happy feel we wanted for the day.  I had so much fun saying to people 'look there's rosemary, and look look, rub that leaf, that's mint!'  So many people commented on how beautiful it was and said it looked like I had just gathered it from the surrounding fields (which I took as the highest compliment - I explained that it had taken very talented people to make it look like that!).  I also had a very enjoyable conversation when one of my mum's friends asked whether I was going to throw my bouquet.  'Throw it?? Have you seen it??!'  Needless to say it did not get thrown and is still looking lovely on our bedroom window sill.

The lisianhtus worked perfectly for our guest flowers.  People loved having them to hold - it really made them feel part of the occasion - and they looked very pretty placed in the vases with the greenery in the marquee.  Similarly the hair combs and buttonholes lasted beautifully and complimented the look and feel of the day."

Hannah included some pics in her e-mail taken by guests which I have included below plus a piccie of her gorgeous bouquet taken by us!  Hannah looks gorgeous and so so happy!!!

Another incredible connection and coincidence was this one:

"I also wondering whether you have a list of the flowers that were in my bouquet as I'd be interested to see what everything was?  We have a peony in our garden called 'angel cheeks' and the one in my bouquet looked really similar and I wondered if it was the same one?  In any case, it will definitely now remind me of what a wonderful time we had and how beautiful the flowers were, every year when it flowers"

Well you guessed it, the flower in Hannah's garden was indeed the same as one T used in her bouquet and here is the pic to prove it.

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