Saturday, 18 April 2015

Rebecca and Tim - A Cascading Bouquet for an Edwardian Gown

Hello all!

Today we are bringing you a wedding from August last year which featured on the wonderful Love My Dress blog.  We're always so delighted when our designs are part of a post on uber stylish, gorgeous blog and you can see the post here.  Rebecca and Tim got married in glorious sunshine at their local church which they attend in Leeds, St Michaels and All Angels.  Their reception was held at White Cloth Gallery in Leeds city centre, a very stylish and chic venue.  I think the following two pictures show off the venue beautifully and also include a father and bride picture which I am always a bit of a sucker for!

Vintage style cascading bouquet by Sheffield florist Campbell's Flowers.

Sheffield florist Campbell's Flowers

Rebecca wore an incredible Edwardian inspired dress, hand made by the amazingly talented Kate Beaumont, whose studio is here in sunny Sheffield.  To keep in with the style of the dress, T and Mel designed a beautiful cascading bouquet which included seasonal blooms of gypsophila, stocks, snapdragons, pink and white waxflower, ammi, cornflower, pale blue delphinium, shell pink spray roses, green bell and of course fern.

Just picked flowers by Sheffield Florist Campbell's Flowers and wedding shoes.

Cascading bouquet by Campbell's Flowers

Cascading bouquet by Campbell's Flowers

Cascading bouquet by Campbell's Flowers

Cascading bouquet by Campbell's Flowers

So as you can see from the pictures so far, we got to make stunning flower crowns again to compliment Rebecca's gorgeous dress.  The crown consisted of delicate waxflower, gypsophila and shell pink spray roses.  As you can see on the top picture we got to make hair flowers for the bridesmaids too which included a smaller version of the brides flower crown and a super cute hair comb.

Hair Flowers by Sheffield Florist Campbell's Flowers.

Hair Flowers by Sheffield Florist Campbell's Flowers.

Hair Flowers by Sheffield Florist Campbell's Flowers.

Hair Flowers by Sheffield Florist Campbell's Flowers.

As mentioned before the bridesmaids had hair flowers too and they each had posies made from the same flowers as the brides bouquet.

Vintage bridesmaid flowers by Sheffield florist Campbell's Flowers.

Vintage bridesmaid flowers by Sheffield florist Campbell's Flowers.

Vintage bridesmaid flowers by Sheffield florist Campbell's Flowers.

The men went for a sprig style buttonhole which looked great against Tim's bright blue suit.  The ladies had a similar sprig style but with a more feminine feel.

Sprig style buttonhole by Sheffield florist Campbell's Flowers

Don't you just adore this 'first look'?

Sprig style buttonhole by Sheffield florist Campbell's Flowers

Sprig style buttonhole by Sheffield florist Campbell's Flowers

For the venue flowers Rebecca provided her own jars which she decorated and we filled the larger ones with flowers and foliage from the theme.  

mis match vases and jam jars by Sheffield florist Campbell's Flowers

As you have been reading I bet you couldn't help but notice the incredible photography.  Full photo credit goes to Rebecca at Rebecca Tovey Photography.  Pop across to her website for a closer look, her work is just gorgeous!

Now is the time to love you and leave you.  If you like anything that you have seen or read today you can in touch via our website or through facebooktwitterpinterestYouTube.

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

T's Tips! Our latest Fabulous, Flowery Feature

Hello all

Well the sun's currently shining here in the Frozen North, although it's been pretty freezing of late but the cold never bothered us anyway!

Anyway, to cast a little light into your world, I thought I'd let you know about a little idea I've been hatching for some time.  I've been aware for some time now that whilst many of you are busy planning weddings, you're also leading busy lives too.  So much so that I occasionally hear from couples who say things like .. 'I wish I'd known that before I made the decision to book this, or order so-and-so, or spend money on this-that-and-the-other'.

With this in mind, I thought I'd launch a new idea (which I'm pretty certain no-one else does at the moment - although if it works, it won't be the case for long!) to pop a daily hint or tip onto our social media for all our lovely followers. We will also be adding videos to our YouTube channel, starting with this one, just follow this link.  To start with it, this week, will be flower related but I do think there's plenty of scope to turn this into a bigger idea and over the next few weeks we will be featuring hints and tips from good friends in the wedding industry who work in all manner of different areas to include planning, blogging, photography, venues, wedding dresses, accessories, hair, make up, car hire, cakes, styling, music etc.

You name it, we know some fabulous, creative and amazing people who have the same working ethos and standards as we do and lots and lots of different wedding industry fields.

So, if you're a bride or couple, let me know what you think of this idea; if you're an industry professional we've worked with and you've a hint or tip you'd like to share, then let me know too.  All feedback most welcome!

Thanks so much


Shot of me surrounded by British grown flowers by Thomas Skovende


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Weddings Your Way - Floral Design Inspiration

Hello all

Hope all is good with you and if you're planning your wedding for this year or next, that ideas are flooding in! With inspiration in mind, I thought I'd share with you just some of the wonderful ideas our brides have had and our part in helping create designs which bring their flowery dreams to fruition!

Whilst we are happiest working in our trademark 'just picked' style (which can often mean ditzy little jam jars or mismatched antique bottles and the like) I thought I'd show you just how easy it is to interpret our style to encompass a whole heap of personalised creations.

So without further ado, I'll let the photos do the talking (although do excuse the quality they were all taken on my phone and I'm no photographer as you'll see) ....

With structures and outdoor ceremonies becoming more and more popular, we're being asked to create all kinds of large structures.  This massive heart frame stands so tall that our brides and grooms can look through it! For this wedding we used very natural foliage but we've also designed this frame using really wide range of other materials from just gypsophila to gorgeous seasonal blooms intertwined with moss.

 Indoors, we've been asked to decorate all manner of areas in churches but we just adored this beautiful rood screen in this lovely turn of the Century 'Arts and Crafts' design style.

When Laura asked us to decorate her 'bottom drawer' we were only too happy to oblige, leaving the top drawer open for her visitors to pop their cards into.

Jane and Paolo are totally into music and it was a huge part of their wedding (I nearly said played but just couldn't make myself!) they brought this gorgeous antique record player along to the studio, which I just adored designing into.

Becca & Tom's adorable vintage landrover which was adorned with pretty delicate flowers and lots of ivy too (you can tell I'm a bit of a fan of ivy, can't you). It absolutely poured down that morning and I was drenched but the day cleared up really soon after and the flowers loved the raindrops!

Elisabeth adores flowers and wanted her guests to be greeted with wild prettiness on the entrance steps to her venue - this was such a challenge but both the imposing pillars looked so, so pretty on the day.

This driftwood inspired sculpture was designed to make the most of the amazing views of the seascape at a Whitby wedding.

As you can probably tell, we're so delighted to work with some many incredibly creative people and just love the chance to create on-off pieces to suit you and your day.

I do hope this has given you an idea of the scope of what can be done with flowers - I always think that the only limit is imagination!

T x

If you'd like more ideas or want to talk to us about your wedding you can get in touch through website or through facebooktwitterpinterestYouTube or search campbellsflowers on instagram.


Friday, 20 March 2015

Becky and Chris - Avengers, Lego, Hot Pink & 50's Styling = Creative Bliss!

Hi guys

It's so good to be back on the blog.  I've really missed posting regularly but with Mel taking a really well-earned two week break and more of you than ever coming to see me, it's been a bit of a challenge to stay on top of everything! Anyway, I've a couple of posts in mind which I'm planning on sharing with you really soon, but without further ado, I'll hand you over to our lovely Amy who's written another of her fab blogs all about one of our lovely couples.


Thanks T, so today we are bringing you a bright and beautiful wedding from September 2014. Becky and Chris got married at the Van Dyke Hotel and went for a 1950's inspired day with lots of references to Avengers and Lego characters as they're both massive fans.  Becky chose soft dove greys teamed with the brightest hot pinks for her florals and as you'll see from the photographs, the interior of the hotel is lovely but the gardens to make a beautiful back drop for the photographs especially if, like us, you are a bit of a flower lover.

Vintage style flowers by Sheffield florist Campbell's Flowers.

For her bouquet Becky went for a quite compact style posy (which works brilliantly with the silhouette of her fifties inspired tea length dress) with plenty of hot pinks and a little lavender to loosen the design.  Becky also wanted seasonal flowers where possible so we included dahlia, thistles, echinops, brunia, spray roses and a little eucalyptus. For that extra special impact, we also ordered some stunning 'Darcy' David Austin roses.  They were absolutely beautiful, smelt divine and worked so well with all the lovely textures in her bouquet.  We also designed a bridal crown for Becky too with colours and flowers from the theme but this she wanted to look 'just picked' which I think T and Mel captured beautifully.  The bridesmaids had a similar designs, just a little smaller.

Bright vintage wedding bouquet by Sheffield florist Campbell's Flowers.

Bright vintage wedding bouquet by Sheffield florist Campbell's Flowers.

Bright vintage wedding bouquet by Sheffield florist Campbell's Flowers.

For the table flowers Becky provided us with her own coloured mismatched glass vases which we designed into using suitable flowers and foliage from her theme.

On the picture below you can see quite clearly the Marvel/Lego theme.  We love it when brides add their own personal touches to their day.  Fantastic!

Thank you to One Wedding for letting us use some of your stunning photography.  If you have enjoyed looking at the pictures feel free to pop across to One Wedding website for more examples of their work.

If you have been inspired by anything you have seen or read then there are plenty of ways that you can get in touch with us website or through facebooktwitterpinterestYouTube.

Thanks for reading
Amy xx

PS:  I also dug out some pretty rubbish shots I took on my phone of some of the Becky & Chris' designs but they do show you the bridesmaid's bouquets in detail and also some of the buttonhole details which Becky provided us with, they were a fun surprise for the groom and key members of the wedding party!

Becky had a few really soft dove grey succulents in her bouquet for even more texture

And yes, those are carnations. But I love them (and so did Becky too!)

We' even managed to pop a few locally grown seasonal pretties into the bridesmaids' bouquets

He he!  Aren't these great? A lovely keepsake too for the men.

I just loved this wedding.  So much thought, creativity and personality too! I even caught a glimpse of a shot of Becky holding her bouquet in a full iron man mask  - which I'd absolutely love a copy of ... hint, hint!


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Maddie and Adam - Summery Seasonal Blooms, Gold Shoes & Cigars!

Today we are bringing you another amazing Campbell's wedding.  We are starting to get quite a few pictures sent to us from weddings that we did back in the summer which we just love to receive.  Today is the turn of Maddie and Adam who tied the knot last June and the beautiful Stancliffe Hall in Matlock.  A stunning venue with great surroundings, making a great backdrop for some amazing photographs.  Usually I start you off with a picture of the venue but I thought I would get started with a lovely picture of Maddie getting ready for her big day, you can just feel how happy she is!

For her bouquet Maddie chose an unstructured, pretty, natural bouquet including craspedia, cornflowers, acquilegia, wheat, daisies, bear grass and panicum grass and Queen Anne's lace, all finished with a shell pink ribbon with a lace overlay.  Maddie wanted soft, delicate colours but with a bit of a colour pop as she didn't want really pale pastels. We just adore the mustard yellow craspedia she chose, which became a bit of a feature of the florals.

Vintage bouquet at Stannage Hall by Sheffield florist Campbell's Flowers

Vintage bouquet at Stannage Hall by Sheffield florist Campbell's Flowers

Vintage bouquet at Stannage Hall by Sheffield florist Campbell's Flowers

For the bridesmaids Maddie kept with the theme and chose a smaller version of her own bouquet for them with hair flowers too for the smaller bridesmaids.


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

When 'The Fixer' (almost) Came to Town!

Hello all

It's been a little while since I've written a post without Amy's assistance and so today I thought I'd share with you our story of last night's edition of 'The Fixer' which saw Jo and her family working with Alex Polizzi to re-brand their wedding events business and tell you of our part in the programme.

Pretty much a year ago to the day, I was contacted by the production company as they were making an episode about a wedding and events company based in West Yorkshire who had fallen on hard times, mostly due to them not keeping up with current trends in a very competitive market.  They went on to say that Alex would like to send the business owner on a floristry course to learn some basic skills, gain a greater understanding of flowers in general and would like to film Jo at the start of her journey, leaving it to her to follow up with any additional training she felt she needed. They loved my website and would I be interested in being involved in the programme?

As you can imagine, I was pretty excited at the prospect, so had a chat with the researcher who said they'd get back to me and let me know if they wanted me to put on a workshop.  It all went quiet for a while, as these things often do, until I suddenly heard back that they wanted to film at least half a day  but weren't sure about what the format should be.  So I made a few suggestions.  A couple of which involved perhaps going to the market together to buy the flowers or maybe Jo coming to set up a wedding with me.  Eventually they settled on me teaching Jo as much of the basics of floristry as I could in an afternoon and could it be with other people in the workshop and oh, could it be all done three days later on the same day that I actually had a wedding to deliver?!

Never having been one to 'know my limits', we pressed ahead.  I initially thought that as the whole emphasis of the programme was meant to be about trends, then surely it would be a great thing to have people at the workshop who were movers and shakers in the industry?  So I set about getting in touch with some of the lovely bloggers I've had the pleasure to work with in the past and who are based here in the North, thinking that their contribution would be really invaluable (and it might even be a nice day off too, designing with flowers)!  Sadly, none of them were available at such short notice so I roped in some lovely industry friends who stepped up to the mark at really seriously short notice.

The day was amazing. We took over the upstairs function room of the very wonderful La Patisserie (as we needed quite a bit of room for the crew) and were treated to the most exquisite French pastries by Hoosh, the owner.  Jo was lovely and very willing to learn, the crew were fantastic, in fact a really wonderful day was had by all. One of my fab friends, and ace photographer, Sarah Ropke of Key Reflections Photography took some great shots in between also creating a design of her own too!

You'll see from the shots she took, we had a really wonderful time  ....


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

YouTube, DIY Wedding Flowers and Videos Galore from Team Campbell's.

Hello everyone

Every couple of weeks we have a little Team Campbell's meeting where we talk about ideas we'd like to try for the business.  I love these little brainstorming sessions we have, it's a brilliant chance for every single member of the team to really contribute to the direction we're taking and can end up being quite hilarious too, as all ideas are incredibly welcome!

One topic which did come up the other day was how to make getting in touch with us as relaxed and easy as possible and to help make working with us a truly uncomplicated and pleasurable experience.  After all, it's a joyous occasion we're all working towards and so should, in our book, be as stress free as poss!

So, without further ado, I'll hand you over to Amy who will tell you all about our latest thoughts and ideas ... Tx

... Thanks T, 

Well, we thought that we would put together a short blog for you to let you know about our  latest videos we've been busy working on and also about our YouTube channel and how to subscribe.  We do pride ourselves in being very accessible to our brides, as you probably know, and are constantly looking for new ways in which you can keep in touch with us. What we have noticed, however, is that our YouTube channel does get a little bit neglected!

Being just super excited about the up coming weddings and all the consultations we are doing at the moment, we thought it would be a great time to share with you our latest video 'Meet the team'. It was specially put together for facebook and is in a handy format perfect for viewing on phones, and shows those of you who haven't met us yet where we work and what we all do too. It's really simple, quick and we think, quite cute too!  Have a look and let us know what you think, it's always so great to get comments and know if we're heading in the right direction.

Another thing to look which might be of interest is our DIY videos.  Especially if you are a crafty kind of bride.  T has some really great tips and ideas as well as step-by-step tutorials. With over 12000 views we must be doing something right!  Look out for some new ones coming up too very soon.

Also we'd love it if you fancied getting in touch with us if you have any requests for DIY videos or anything you would like to see us do or talk about in the future.  There are plenty of ways that you can get in touch including our website or through facebooktwitter, and pinterest.

Thanks for reading!
Amy xx

Thursday, 22 January 2015

2015 Flower Trends

We thought we'd bring you a blog post which first featured on the lovely +Boho Weddings - I asked Amy to pop it onto our blog just in case any of you might have missed it, so here goes .....

Here at Campbell's HQ we've had the most amazing 2014, winning awards, being on the telly and working with more wonderful couples than ever, designing abundant, 'just picked' prettiness, using many locally grown blooms as we possibly can.

So here we are again, ready with creative prettiness and to talk all about this year's colour trends.  We find that bridesmaid's dresses can quite often influence floral design, but we always check out this year's Pantone colours too, just to be sure which direction colour is going, and judging by the new season of Dessy and other bridesmaid's dresses - these colours are spot on!

So here are some up-to-the-very-minute ideas of how your flowers can incorporate the current colours.

Whites, creams and greens

Clean, classic, simple and stylish and absolutely gorgeous paired with sage-green bridesmaid's dresses or gorgeous with dove grey.  Whites, creams and greens are infinitely adaptable and can be used in so many styles.  Introduce soft grasses, dried wheat, barley and oats for a pretty meadowy-look or keep it simple using clouds of billowy gypsophila.

photo credit