Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Summer Sun and Subtle Shades - A Blazing June Wedding

Hi all,

Today I thought I would bring you something a little different.  Instead of all the winteryness and Autumnal colour pallets I thought I would share with you this wedding from June this year.  A little sunshine now the weather has turned so cold. 

Rachel got married in Penistone Church before heading off to 315 at Lepton near Huddersfield. Rachel wanted to keep the colours and tones of her flowers quite muted with shades of champagne, pale peach, shell pink, powder blues and cream.  T and Mel kept the feel of the bouquet quite soft with plenty of texture creating this feminine and romantic look.  The flowers used were peonies, roses 'Amnesia', lisianthus 'hot lips', pink gypsophila and 'Jana' spray roses.

The bridesmaids had a similar design to the bride just a little bit smaller.  The buttonholes were a focal style featuring a spray rose and lisianthus buds.

The table decorations were very in keeping with the simple yet stylish theme.  They were a hand tied style in a plain glass vase, I just love them they are so simple but just look so stunning.

Massive shout out and thanks to Adele Hayward at Blue Lights Photography for sending us and letting us have use of these amazing shots.

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Rusty Rich Colours and Warm Autumnal Arrangements - Alison and Phil's October Wedding

Hi all,

Today on the blog we are featuring the lovely Alison and Phil.  They tied the knot a couple of weeks ago in Leeds.  Alison chose to have a best women which I think is such a lovely idea and must have been a real honour for Alison's friend.  I have only heard of this a couple of times but I do hope it's something we hear and see more of.

Alison is a really talented, highly creative Milliner and she  wanted a very Autumnal feel to the wedding which if course is T and Mel's speciality, as it's seasonal.  The designs had a woodland, just picked feel in very rich colours including reds, maroons, russet and burnt oranges.  T and Mel designed a very open, unstructured bouquet with plenty of texture.  The flowers used were leucadendron, continus, echinops, thistles, scabious seed pods, hypericum, russet hydrangea, burnt orange freesia, skimmia and reddy/grey succulents.

Along with these great images that were taken by a friend of Alison and Phil's, Alison sent us a lovely note which read like this:

"I first met Tracey when we worked together on a photo shoot a few years ago.  I was impressed with Tracey's work, her friendliness and her professionalism.

When we were planning our wedding I thought of Tracey and was thrilled when she agreed to arrange my wedding flowers.

We had a meeting to discuss ideas and Tracey completely understood what I wanted.  My wedding was going to have an Autumnal theme so I wanted lots of berries and leaves with a few flowers.  I have no idea about flowers and Tracey made some wonderful suggestions.

The one thing I did want was some thistles in my bouquet to represent my late father who was Scottish.  Tracey understood this and knew I just needed a subtle nod to my father.

When my flowers arrived on my wedding day I was completely blown away with how stunning they looked. The colours worked perfectly with my theme and everyone commented on how amazing the bouquets, buttonholes and corsages looked.  They were everything I wanted and more.  The thistles fitted perfectly and were a wonderful tribute to my dad.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Tracey and to Mel.  I couldn't have asked for more and would HIGHLY recommend Campbell's Flowers.  A wonderful, professional, friendly service with a real feeling of care and attention to details.  Many, many thanks to you all."

Thanks again Alison for such kind words it was an absolute pleasure.

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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Sunny Sydney to Wintery Wild Derbyshire - Our Very Own Sophie's Wedding Anniversary!

Hi all,

I spend so much time writing blogs about our brides so this time we decided to mix it up a bit and bring you the wedding of one of our very own Team Campbell's members.  Our PR guru Sophie got married to Matt in Australia on the 31st October 2012, not because they love Halloween but because it was their 9 year anniversary of getting together at Uni.

Sophie and Matt made the big decision to elope and get married in Australia, well they were going there for a holiday so why not?  They tied the knot with just two close friends present on a wonderfully warm day at an outdoor ceremony by Sydney Harbour and opposite The Opera House. Here is a DIY piccie of their day, a bit blury but you get the idea.


Monday, 26 October 2015

Hollywood Glamour with a Modern Twist - Elizabeth and Rory's September Wedding

Hi all!

Today we are bringing you a wedding from September this year which was a great one for us because not only were the designs gorgeous but we got to work with one of our industry friends Sarah (The Brabbers to us) who took some fantastic shots.  It was such a pleasure looking through them all and Sarah didn't disappoint, with her trademark candid photographs in the form of Queen T and Izz arriving, T doing the 'hold it this way' talk and not to mention the cow photo bomb!

Elisabeth wanted a contemporary, modern, glamorous Hollywood feel to the day which reflected in her style of dress, hair and make up so it was super important that T and Mel fit the designs in with this brief and boy did they do just that.  T and Mel created a round hand tied that wasn't too compact with champagnes and creams oozing that Hollywood glamour.  The flowers were 'Vendella' roses, 'Creme Gracia' spray roses, amber roses, lisianthus and David Austin 'Patience' roses.

All the other designs from the button holes to the stunning top table decoration very much had the timeless contemporary style running through them.  Also check out the handbag corsage, I have been with T now for 2 years and this is the first time I have seen anything like this.  I absolutely love it and hopefully after this wedding we might be seeing a few more!

So, I know I've have mentioned her earlier but a massive thanks to Sarah Wedding Photographer for taking and letting us use these brilliant images.  Enjoy!


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Pretty Pastels at Colshaw Hall in the Cheshire Countryside - Laura and Callum's July Wedding

Hi all,

Today on the blog we have Laura and Callum who got married this July at St Mary's Church then moving on to the beautiful Colshaw Hall in Cheshire.  Floral decorations were a large part of the couple's day with designs going up in the church and the reception venue.

Laura adores flowers and particularly loves big blousy blooms and wanted lots of impact and texture to her bouquet.  With this in mind T designed a stunning cascading bouquet full of delphinium, blue hydrangea, peonies, larkspur and corn flowers.

The bridesmaids had smaller versions of the brides bouquet which looked super cute.  Callum and the guys had sprig style buttonholes with a 'just picked' look to them which fit in beautifully with the floral theme.

The masses of work, time and effort that T and Mel put into designing, making and installing the venue flowers was well worth it, as you will see from the pictures below.  Speaking of which, it's at this point we would like to say a huge thank you to Jonny Draper for letting us have access to and use of these amazing photographs and quite possibly the best picture of T that we will ever own.  So sit back and enjoy!

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Intimate, Relaxed and Very Pretty-Louise and Peter's Derbyshire Wedding

Hi all,

Here I am again with another real wedding from the summer.  We just love this time of year as the wedding season slows a little and photographers get the time to edit the summer weddings and send us some amazing photography.  My inbox is such a little treasure trove at the minute it's fab.

Today it's all about Louise and Peter who got married at the beginning of August at Peak Edge Hotel.  Louise and Peter kept the whole day quite an intimate yet relaxed affair which reflected in the soft 'just picked' style of Louise's flowers.  The brides bouquet included roses, eucalyptus, tanacetum, lavender, white astilbe, white double delphinium, powder blue delphinium, craspedia, wheat, oats, barley, grasses and stems.  T and Mel also designed a very pretty hair slide for the bride to wear.

The bridesmaids had a very similar style and design to the bride just a little smaller as they were only 13.  The men had a traditional focal style buttonhole and the ladies opted for a sprig style to be a little different.

Massive thanks so Chris Loneragan for getting in touch with us and sharing these fantastic images. Grab a cuppa everyone and have a nosey. 


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Country Gardens and Corsages - Alice and Deinnoil's

Hi all,

Today I am bringing you a real wedding from July this year which involved our very own T doing her own stunts and putting up some incredible floral designs on the beautiful summer house at Heathy Lea.

Alice and Deinnoil wanted a very relaxed and informal feel with an English Country Garden style to the day and afternoon tea.  For the brides bouquet Alice wanted a 'just picked', seasonal, posy style design including wheat and lavender.  T and Mel chose cornflowers, delphiniums, bright lilac stocks, memory lane roses, white aster, white thistles, green bell and jana spray roses.

Alice and Deinnoil went for smaller versions of the brides bouquet with sprig style buttonholes for the men.  For the mum's the bride and groom chose something a little different and went for wrist corsages which we absolutely love.  You will see T in the pictures showing the mum's how to tie them on and also giving Alice ' the talk' on how to hold the bouquet.  This what our brides love about T, she won't just drop the flowers off and leave she will make sure you are happy with everything from the design to how to hold them.  We also have a few tutorials on our YouTube channel if ever you fancy a nosey.

So with a massive thanks to Steven Haddock for the amazing photography and giving us full access to such great images.  Sit back and enjoy people!


Monday, 28 September 2015

Blushes, Barns and Braces - Lisa and James's Vintage Style Summer Wedding

Hi all,

Today's blog has a vintage feel to it with a very soft and romantic colour pallet.  Lisa and James got married this July at The Ashes, which is a venue I am not familiar with but looking at the pictures I am sure I will be seeing much more of it, very beautiful and I know that T absolutely loves it there, having the pleasure of working there lots of times.

Lisa wanted a very natural, feminine and romantic look to her bouquet so T and Mel went for 'Vendella' roses, double shell pink spray roses, cream spray roses, rice flower, white spray carnations and cream and pale pink peonies. The peonies were admittedly a bit out of season but as James works on a peony farm, Team Campbell's were absolutely on it and managed to sneak a few into Lisa's bouquet and the top table arrangements.  Lisa chose to have hair flowers which we just love and suited her hair and complexion beautifully but we can't take credit for that, Jenn Edwards MUA did a great job with the hair and make up, the bride looked natural and classically beautiful. 

For the bridesmaids Lisa and James went for a similar design to the brides but slightly smaller.  The men and women had sprig style buttonholes.  I think the sprig style looked great with the groom's braces, brilliant.

Massive thanks to Helen Russell for letting us use and share her fabulous images, had to include the cute baby shot.  So here you go guys, enjoy!


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Landrovers, Turbans and Flowers in the Rain - Becca and Tom's July Wedding

Hi all,

Today we are bringing you a wedding from July this year and what a wedding it was.  I would say unfortunately it rained all day however it seemed to add beautifully to the day and will give the bride, groom and guests something to remember.  Becca and Tom took the whole day in their stride and as you can see by the photography you would be hard pushed to find a more smiley bride than Becca.  

Becca wore a Jenny Packham dress with a stunning turban and feathers, I must admit this is the first time I have seen a bride in a turban and I am totally blown away,  it's not something I ever would have thought of but it looks stunning.

For the bouquet Becca wanted something quite unstructured, asymmetrical with a wild flower look. The end design included herbs, grasses, ferns, veronica, astrantia roma, aster, pink gypsophila, wax flower, lavender, cream lisianthus, spray roses, green bell, stocks and astilbe.  For the bridesmaids Becca and Tom chose smaller versions of the brides bouquet

Another great addition to the day was the Landrover that Becca and Tom lovingly restored and T have the absolute pleasure of decorating.

Becca and Tom's wedding did feature on One Fab Day blog so if you would like to have a nosey at a few more pictures then just follow the link.  Speaking of pictures, a massive shout out to Kat Timmins for the stunning images and of course for letting us use and enjoy them.  So without further ado here they are:


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Falling leaves and Rich Rusty Colours - The First Day of Autumn is Upon Us

Hi All,

As always we like to stay ahead of the times so a couple weeks ago Queen T featured on Boho Weddings Blog as the resident floral expert talking all about Autumnal inspiration.  Today is the first day of Autumn, so with this in mind I thought I would bring you the highlights just in case you missed it. 


Friday, 18 September 2015

Babies, Blogs and Big Opportunities - 2 Years at Campbell's Flowers

Hi all!

Today I thought I would bring you something a little bit different and write an anniversary blog well, about me!  I have been at Campbell's for 2 years this week and so much has changed in that time both personally and professionally I thought it would be worth a little commemorative blog post!

I have spoken on Facebook about how much I love my job and how wonderful the brides are that we design for and all the industry professionals that we have the absolute pleasure of working with on pretty much a daily basis, but little is said about Queen T herself.  I didn't want to make this a self indulgent blog post but at the same time I am going to get a little personal because what this woman has done for me, most employees wouldn't even dream of, one of which was offering me a job when I was 8 months pregnant!

I met T when I had a Natural Skincare shop on Ecclesall Road which, if I am honest, never took off the way that I had hoped.  When I found out I was pregnant I knew it would be time to call it a day with the shop and although I was super excited about the imminent arrival of my baby girl I was feeling like a bit of a failure professionally, so when T asked me to come and work with her I thought she was nuts but knew it was an opportunity that couldn't be missed.  I loved it instantly but it was hard going trying to re learn a lot of skills that I had long forgotten, so to say that T was patient is an understatement.  

I came back to work when Violet was 11 weeks old suffering from terrible post natal depression and generally wondering what the hell was going on but somehow managing to convince myself that work would be a good idea.  T created this incredibly relaxed, friendly and approachable work environment for me.  Wednesdays were, and in some ways still are, my little pocket of sanity before it's time to go home and deal with the emotional roller-coaster that is motherhood.  

Two years down the line I am so much more confident and relaxed in work and motherhood and continue to feel like a valued member of Team Campbell's.  I have been encouraged and given the room to grow and I look forward to seeing how my role will continue to adapt and challenge me over the next however many years.  I can't thank T enough for the opportunities, time and support that she gave and continues to give me and if this post doesn't get me a pay rise I don't know what will.  Love you boss!

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Friday, 11 September 2015

Blogs Within a Blog - A blog about all the blogs we have featured on over the past few months!

Hi all,

So I got an e-mail from Queen T a couple of days ago about all the blogs we had the absolute pleasure of featuring on over the past couple of months and how some of you may have missed them pop up on our social media and our blog.  We have been lucky enough to feature on quite a few fabulous blogs recently and it would be such a shame for you to miss them as not only do they contain some gorgeous images, but some really interesting writing too.  We decided to get a bit of an inception feel going on and write a blog about the blogs, it's like a blog within a blog (no, I didn't understand that film either).  Well here goes, I'm sure it will all make sense in the end (unlike the film!).

Suzannah and Nate got married at Whirlow Hall Farm this July in a wonderfully colourful and exciting barn setting.  Mark Tierney was kind enough to give us a mention on his blog along with a few other industry professionals who had a massive involvement in the day.  Just follow this link to the blog.


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Just Picked Styles and Seasonal Blooms - Liz and Rob's Super Summer Wedding

Hi All,

So as much as we love reminiscing about our previous weddings I must admit it is great to be blogging a recent wedding, from July in fact.  Liz was kind enough to send us some great shots of her wedding day and Stott and Atkinson Photography were kind enough to let us use them, hurrah!

Liz and Rob got married at Mosborough Hall a few weeks ago, Liz loves vintage, 'just picked' styling and as you can see from the pictures T and Mel had this at the forefront of their minds when designing the flowers in the studio.  The flowers that featured in the bouquet were Memory Lane roses (my fave!), pink gypsophila, cream waxflower, pink veronica, shell pink 'lydia' spray roses, eucalyptus and 'Vendella' roses.

Liz and Rob chose a smaller version of the brides bouquet for the bridesmaids and focal style buttonholes.  The venue flowers were again very much in keeping with the meadowy, vinatge look.  I just love the venue flowers too, they look like something straight out of a country garden.

Would just like to again give a massive shout out to Stott and Atkinson Photography for the brilliant shots and for of course letting us use them.  Enjoy!


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Creams, Pinks & Cute Candelabras - Rebecca & Gareth's September Wedding

Hi all,

I can't even begin to tell you how busy T and Mel have been over the past week, lets just say it's been more than a little nuts!  It doesn't let up either as this weekend coming is shaping up to be a corker too and as a result of this we are a little behind with out photographs of our current weddings.  I am also chasing up a few photographers so watch this space.  But fear not faithful followers we are here with a wedding from this time last year, so still keeping it seasonal, as always.

Rebecca and Gareth got married at the beginning of September 2014 at Tankersley Manor.  Rebecca went for a very vintage, natural look.  She also went for seasonal blooms which for us never go out of fashion.  For the bride's bouquet T and Mel decided on shell pink veronica, cream wax flower, cream lisianthus, 'Vendella' roses, 'sweet avalanche' roses, blush coloured dahlia, spray roses, white thistle and green bell.

For the bridesmaids Rebecca chose to have slightly smaller versions of her own bouquet and the buttonholes were a sprig style design with flowers and foliage from the theme.

My favourite by far are the candelabra, they are so cute and it just goes to show that you don't have to have the massive structures if you don't have the room, they can be sweet and compact too.