Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Natalie and Scott's Maltby Wedding - Classic colours and cascading bouquets

Hi all,

Natalie and Scott got married in July last year at their local church, St Bartholomew's in Maltby.  This location for the ceremony was extra special to the couple, especially Natalie, as it is where her parents got married.  The couple continued the family connections by having the reception in a marquee in Natalie's parent's garden.  The colour pallet was to be kept very muted with soft blushes, shell pinks and champagne tones, with vintage styling

For her bouquet Natalie wanted something very soft with plenty of texture and in a cascading design with long, soft trails.  The flowers chosen were white and pink peonies, dahlia, vintage roses, silver brunia, larkspur, champagne spray roses and astilbe.

Bridesmaids had a smaller hand tied design with flowers and foliage very similar to the brides. Buttonholes were the classic sprig style design with a single rose bound in ivory ribbon.

T designed quite a collection of venue flowers including a garland for both sides of the lytchgate at the church, pew ends, pedestals and of course the candelabra you can see in the pictures below.

Massive thanks to Marie Anson Photography for letting us have and use these awesome photographs and Joy at Unique Wedding Planning for introducing us to this gorgeous couple.  Enjoy! 

Thanks so much for this Amy.  So, what can I tell you about Natalie and Scott?  Well, as Amy mentioned, we first met at a meeting which Joy from Unique Wedding Planning arranged and immediately hit it off.  Although we didn't chat about it at the time, because Scott was there, Natalie had quite an idea of the style of wedding gown she wanted.  As happens so many times with our brides, when wedding dress shopping she totally fell in love with a her beautiful gown which had more of a vintage styling than she had expected.  We met up again at a wedding fair I was at and talked through a much more cascading design with lots of vintage roses and pretty trails for her bouquet.  I totally loved designing Natalie's bouquet and was just over the moon when I delivered it too her, she was absolutely delighted with it and as you'll have seen from the photographs it worked perfectly too.  It was more than an honour to be part of this fabulous wedding, working with such great people and sharing in the family's joy.

T x

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Merete and Peter's Knowsley Hall Wedding - Classically Grand

Hi all,

A couple of weeks ago you may have seen on our Facebook page that we received a gorgeous thank you card from one of our couples, Merete and Peter, well here is their rather grand and rather beautiful wedding!

Merete and Peter got married at Knowsley Hall in Prescott which, as you will see from the photographs, is a really beautiful location.  Merete really wanted the flowers to compliment this Georgian stately home so all the floral designs were kept soft and romantic with the neutral colour pallet slotting nicely into the surroundings.

For her bouquet Merete wanted something really feminine and again nice and soft with smaller and larger blooms adding plenty of texture.  The flowers and foliage chosen were brunia, eucalyptus, David Austin roses, bloom roses, spray roses, lisianthus, dahlia, astrantia, powder blue delphinium and senecio.

The bridesmaids had a similar design to the bride but slightly smaller.  Buttonholes were again in keeping with the surroundings and kept to a classic focal style with an ivory ribbon finish.

Massive thanks to Aquilino Moreno for letting us use these gorgeous images.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Millennium Galleries Fundraiser - Floral installations for a fantastic cause

Hi all,

We can't even begin to tell you how happy and excited we were to be asked to design these incredible displays for Museums Sheffield.  A couple of weeks ago Museums Sheffield held a fundraising dinner at the Millennium Galleries, all money raised went towards the care and sharing of the cities collections and to continue to provide a free public space for everyone to enjoy.  Also the Museum provided the unique opportunity to view 'The Mother Enthroned' by Thomas Cooper Gotch which was donated to the City of Sheffield in 1925.  The painting is an impressive 3 meters long, and has yet to be displayed because of it's huge size, well that was until the a few nights ago.  The painting depicts only women so as you will see from the photographs all the woman had a photograph taken with it to celebrate International Women's Day!

The project was definitely an all hands on deck situation but as always Team Campbell's pulled together to get it done.  Grace and T got to use a cherry picker and everything!  As always though, T was the driving force behind the whole thing, functioning on little to no sleep; she is a true inspiration and shows what hard work, a little elbow grease and a very creative mind can achieve.  Which is why the team were so chuffed when T got to go to the event on pretty short notice, after such intense physical and mental work meant she could have a well deserved night off.  She made some fab new friends and managed to find her self salsaing into the early hours, only our T eh?

It was a real Light Space Collective affair which was another bonus!  Grace from Wildwood Paper not only worked with us to install the designs but created all the stationary for the event and Ellie Grace Photography took all the fabulous photographs.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Lisa and Andy's Wedding at The Elvetham, Hampshire - Wintery blooms with a touch of Christmas

Hi all,

So while most of us were sat at home with the January blues and thinking about how we may have slightly over indulged on the old food and alcohol, Lisa and Andy were on top of the world as they got ready to tie the knot in a super cool wintery wedding!

Lisa and Andy got married at The Elvetham in Hampshire with a very classic, stylish feel to the day. Lisa absolutely loves Christmas so she had the venue leave all the Christmas decorations up for her which was a really nice, personal touch.

For her bouquet Lisa wanted a very pretty, quite compact design with plenty of texture.  For the design T chose to use brunia, muscari, white thistle, green bell, lavender, white anemone, white roses, white lisianthus, pussy willow and twisted willow.

For buttonholes the couple went for a sprig design with elements of the bridal bouquet flowers. Bridesmaids had super simple but super stylish wrist corsages instead of bouquets which is such a great idea if you want something a little bit different.

Massive thanks to Galileo Photography for the images.  So just scroll down and enjoy!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Career Change Workshops - Our new Campbell's adventure!

Hi all,

So you will have probably seen last week that our social media was full of pictures and videos about our new little venture into career change workshops.  The idea came about after we got chatting to the lovely Rosy and Sarah after one of our workshops last year, both girls were looking for a change of career and wanted to get into floristry but didn't really know where to start.  So T went away and had a think and with her teaching background she put together a week long plan for the girls to give them all the help they needed to get a head start in the floristry biz.  Now we are not so naive that we think that floristry can be learnt in a week but just like learning to drive we can teach you the skills but it is up to you to practice what you've learnt and gain your own experience in the field.  We encourage creativity within our workshops and try our best to bring out everyone's individuality so you can create your own style of work using the basic skills learnt.

The week covered many things as you can imagine but design wise everyone learnt how to make a flower crown, hand tied bouquet, long and low, pedestal, button holes and large scale designs such as flower arches.  I have taken a few photos which I have included below.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Rebecca and Sam's Wentworth Castle Gardens Wedding - Seasonal silvers and wintery whites

Hi all,

Today we are bringing you a gorgeous winter wedding from December last year.  Rebecca and Sam got married at Wentworth Castle Gardens which is such a stunning location especially in the brisk, cold weather.

For her bouquet Rebecca wanted in between a compact design, something quite rustic and wintery with a white and silver colour pallet.  T kept it seasonal as always and the flowers and foliage chosen were blue spruce, fir, pine cones, berries, dahlia, brunia, symphorcarpus, steel berries, eucalyptus, seed pods, white hypericum, white astrantia, double lisianthus, white ranunculus and olive.

Rebecca just had one bridesmaid and decided to go for a very similar design to her own bouquet but slightly more compact.  Buttonholes were a sprig style design with plenty of buds and berries.  For the tables the couple went for super cute wreaths which were actually given as presents at the end of the day which we thought was a great idea, getting the most out of your flowers is something that is obviously quite important to us too.

We love the pictures of the Rebecca and Sam feeding the deer too!  Even though the bouquet isn't in the shots (worried the deer might get a bit peckish) we are total animal lovers and also love couples that are up for anything when it comes to their wedding day.

Massive that to Cecelina Photography for the absolutely gorgeous images.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Finding Your Wedding Florist - Hints & Tips from us at Campbell's Flowers

Hi all,

So last week T had the honour of featuring on Boho Weddings Blog as their resident flower expert. We are pleased as punch that they ask us back time and time again to do this and it provides the perfect platform for T to share her extensive knowledge with you guys.

This time T was chatting all about how to find your perfect wedding florist so just in case you missed it here is what she had to say on the subject:

"Hi everyone!

So getting started, first things first, do a bit of research into florists either in your area or close to your venue.  Blogs like Boho Weddings are a great starting point.  For instance, we're lucky enough to have our 'real weddings' featured on Boho, along with inspirational photo shoots and we're also listed as a preferred supplier too (super lucky I know).  Looking at blogs, magazines, pinterest, instagram etc should hopefully point you in the right direction of a florist you really like.  Next stop is to look at their website and check out the following:

  • Look carefully at the overall style of the website and designs in their portfolio - does it feel right?  Do you get a sense of the kind of work they do or does it feel a bit generic?  Does their website fit your personality and the type of wedding you're planning?
  • Check that there are plenty of photographs of 'real' weddings.  It's very easy to make up a portfolio full of designs which are just samples or even, horror of horrors, copy and paste someone else's work (yup, it's happened to us).  Make sure there are lots of happy pictures of happy shiny people.
  • Check how the designs are finished, has thought gone into the details such as carefully co-ordinated ribbons on bouquets?  Can you immediately spot that time, effort and most importantly, creativity has gone into their designs?
Ellie Grace Photography

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Rebecca and Liam's Wedding at The Florentine - Soft, romantic and stylish

Hi all,

With the weather still being on the chilly side I thought I would stick with a winter wedding from November last year.  Rebecca and Liam got married at Nether Green Methodist Church, with the reception being held at The Florentine.  The couple wanted to get married in the winter but they didn't want a Christmassy wedding - although I did spot a cracker being pulled in the last photo but who could resist?

For her bouquet Rebecca wanted something very pretty and romantic, flowing and cascading with plenty of texture.  The colour pallet was to remain quite soft with hints of silver and blushes.  The flowers and foliage chosen were green bell, Vendella roses, Sweet Avalanche roses, Bombastic roses, lisianthus, eucalyptus, brunia, lavender, senecio, kochia, eucalyptus berries, steel berry, blue thistle, white astrantia and symphorcarpus.

The bridesmaids had more of a posy style, featuring flowers and foliage from the brides bouquet. The buttonholes were kept to a simple sprig design with the ladies having a few more pretty buds and feminine blooms in there.

Something that we are seeing more and more for venue flowers, are couples providing their own containers.  We do have lots of lovely vases etc of our own to hire out but lots of couples are opting to use their own, as it's just another personal touch that makes the day their own.

Rebecca and Liam even took the time to write us a lovely thank you e-mail which read like this:

"Hi Tracey'

Hope you're well and that you had a fab Christmas break and Happy New Year!

As you know, I trusted you from the second we met - I just knew that you could picture the ideas in my mind, but make them even better than I could have imagined!  You definitely delivered on this; even now when I look at the photos I spot something in the bouquet that I hadn't noticed before!  All of our guests commented on how wonderful the flowers were too! We're so lucky that you created all of our wonderful wedding flowers and are very grateful to you and the team for playing such an important part in our day.  There's only one downside to sending this e-mail and that's that I don't get to have meetings with you anymore - it was always such a pleasure and lots of fun!

Thank you so much again.

Lots of love 
Rebecca (and Liam!) xxx "

Massive thank you to Mark Tierney Photography for use of the gorgeous photographs.  Scroll down and enjoy!

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Sensational Feedback from The Wedding Industry Awards

Hi all,

So last week was The Wedding Industry Awards National Awards (well done to all of the winners!) and although we didn't win ourselves that doesn't detract from the pride and elation we feel about winning the Regionals.  Another great thing about the nationals being over and done with was that we finally got sent all the feedback that our incredible brides wrote about us when they voted.  To say we were blown away was an understatement,  it just goes to show what a creative mind and good old fashioned customer service can achieve.  We are absolutely ecstatic that you felt we managed to get it so right for you all, it honestly makes us beyond proud and very, very humble.

I decided to put a blog together featuring a small selection of the feedback that was given to us. Thank you again everyone for taking the time to do this for us it really does mean the world.  Here goes:

Photo credit to Laura Calderwood

"Our wedding flowers from Campbell's were even more beautiful than we had imagined & really couldn't have been any more perfect.  From start to finish, Tracey & her fabulous team understood what we wanted - even when we were unsure ourselves - & created the stunning bouquets & centre pieces we dreamed of.  Guests commented throughout the day on how beautiful the flowers were, with one of my bridesmaids friends even asking for Campbell's details after seeing our wedding photos!  Thank you Campbell's!" Mrs Helen Guy  Follow the link to read all about Helen and James' wedding.

Photo credit to Ellie Grace Photography

"Absolutely fantastic service from wonderful people.  They were kind, bubbly and a joy to meet.  I'm clueless about flowers so gave them artistic licence, Best Decision EVER!"  Mrs Amelia Cottam.  Follow this link to read more about Amelia and Richard's wedding.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Emma and Daley's Peak Edge Hotel Wedding - Perfect pine cones in the Peak District

Hi all,

I am a massive fan of a Winter wedding as I love the lighting and the florals and foliage that are in season at this time, so I was so excited this year when we had quite a few December weddings, Emma and Daley being one of them.  The couple got married at the beginning of December at Peak Edge Hotel which created a stunning back drop for the fabulous photography.

They both wanted a very chilled and informal day, keeping it simple with plenty of personal touches; with a rustic, old school vintage look and a colour palette of white, grey, silver and cream.

For her bouquet Emma wanted a very vintage, meadowy, 'just picked' look with plenty of texture.  The florals chosen were brunia, white thistle, white roses, spray roses, lisianthus, eucalyptus, kochia, pine and pine cones.

The bridesmaids had a similar design to the bride but slightly smaller and more compact.  For the buttonholes the men had a very rustic sprig design, T incorporated elements from Emma's bouquet so it all flowed beautifully.  Ladies buttonholes were similar but of course far more dainty.  Here's T to tell you a little more about working with Emma & Daley.

Hello everyone!

So, where to start?  Emma first contacted me in March to arrange her flowers and as soon as we met, I just knew I going to love designing for her.  We talked at length about those all important details which are so important to create a really special look and feel.  One of these was how special Winter is to them both and especially skiing, in fact vintage skis were part of their decorations, along with the cutest little skis on the top of the cake (which was suitably adorned with flowers, of course). As Emma wanted something really simple for her table arrangements, I suggested little Christmas trees all covered in snow. Set in the cutest little rustic pots, they were perfect for their Winter Wonderland and made lovely little presents too. The last little, but no means least little detail, was a buttonhole for Henry their tiny little 18 month old page boy which was constructed using a magnet and not a prickly thistle like the men's.  Such a wonderful family affair, such fun and such lovely, lovely people!


Emma and Daley also took the time out to send us a wonderful e-mail to say thank you.  It read like this:

"Daley and I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the beautiful flowers.  I am completely in love with my bouquet and still can't stop looking at it.  It also smells amazing in my living room!  The buttonholes and centre pieces looked brilliant.  We got loads of compliments on how lovely and different they all were.

Everything was perfect!  Thank you

Emma and Daley"

Massive thanks to fellow Light Space Collective buddy Ellie Grace Photography for the great photographs.  You're such a star!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Sarah and Marc's Holbeck Ghyll Hotel, Windermere Wedding - Big, bold and beautiful

Hi all,

So when I heard that Team Campbell's were going on a road trip to the Lake District without me I was totally gutted, that was until I saw all the hard graft that was involved in setting up this wedding which included some seriously late nights followed by some pretty early mornings ... and I must admit I was happy to have stayed at home!  However, as you can see from these gorgeous images it was totally worth all the immense effort and as always the team worked incredibly hard to make sure the couple got exactly what they wanted and more.

Sarah and Marc got married in November 2016 at Holbeck Ghyll Hotel.  Sarah wanted very rich. Autumnal colours with a 1920's Gatsby feel to the day, along with a really opulent feel. She also adores moss and so T covered the whole of her table plan table with rich, woodlandy moss. Birch twigs, berries and trails and trails of ivy were also massive feature too.

For her bouquet Sarah wanted an asymmetric hand tied which had to be big, bold and beautiful with flowing trails and plenty of texture.  The flowers included were rose hips as these have special meaning to Sarah, scabious seed pods, beech leaves, roses, dahlia, ivy, crocosmia seed pods, blue thistles, sedum, celosia, air plants, blue thistle, succulents, skimmia, dark purple brassica, red spray roses, birch twigs and lots and lots of berries.

The bridesmaids had a round hand tied with more lighter tones from the colour pallet with a very pretty flower crown from the flower girl.  They guys went for a sprig style buttonhole with gorgeous, super-glamorous corsages for the mothers of the bride and groom.

As you can see from the pictures below the couple went to town on the venue flowers too which T (as always) did an incredible job of designing.    There were huge gold candelabra, gold candles, tons of lovely vases, bell jars, stag's heads, skulls and mountains of moss.  Team Campbell's got to create floral designs for huge fireplaces, a gorgeous staircase, a beautiful oversized welcome door wreath, and of course the breath taking flower arch! There were literally flowers everywhere, which was just what Sarah wanted.

Just before Christmas, we had a really lovely e-mail from the bride and groom which we were totally bowled over by.  It read like this:

"Dear Tracey,

I hope this e-mail finds you well and that you are enjoying the run up to Christmas!

Now that we've had time to recover from the wedding, myself and Marc just wanted to pop and email over to say an enormous thank you to your fabulous self and all of the team at Campbell's Flowers, and to send you over some of the photos taken by our wonderful photographer, Andy Hook.

It was an absolute joy working with you from our first meeting until our wedding day (and indeed beyond).  Your passion and love for floristry and all things creative and beautiful is incredibly contagious and clear in every element of your process.

Your impeccable knowledge, design flair and ability to go above and beyond even the most bonkers briefs are traits only outshone by your warm and calming disposition, putting me at complete ease throughout the entire process.

We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work as a team on what was an incredibly challenging project, particularly dealing with this crazy antler wielding, gold vessel collecting, moss loving bride; understanding and encouraging my creativity, whilst also handling expertly the limits of the venue, particularly in relation to the very strict and limited set up times.

Big, bold, beautiful blooms, and delicate foliage, perfectly crafted into my Gatsby secret garden fairy tale, something that wouldn't have been possible with anyone other than yourself at the helm.  The beauty of that day will stay with myself and my husband forever.  Thank you all so very much.

With lots of love,
Sarah and Marc " 

Enjoy the stunning photography!

Photo credit to Andy Hook Photography

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

2016 Round Up

Hi all,

I have talked a lot about how this is my favourite time of year and guess what?  I'm going to mention it again.  For me it just encourages me to look back on the year gone, what went well, what didn't and also think about what the year ahead may bring and plan for it too.  So with this in mind I am so happy to be writing this blog about just that.  We started the year with big plans and I have to say that we more than exceeded our expectations in what we thought we could achieve and what we actually achieved.  It's been such a ride from start to finish, our first full year with Light Space Collective, a summer of incredible weddings all over Yorkshire including some of the biggest weddings we have ever worked on and then to end the year we won the regional award for best wedding florist at The Wedding Industry Awards.

We have been part of so many incredible weddings this year, I have chosen a few to share with you just one more time before the year ends.  If yours isn't included please remember that we absolutely loved working with each and every one of you.  We pride ourselves on making a connection with all of our couples we work with, something that we will continue to do well in to next year and beyond!

We do mean it when we say we never make the same bouquet twice and this little selection of photographs goes to show just that.

Katy and Ross - January 2016 - ILTO Photography

Rose and Oli - April 2016 - S6 Photography

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Campbell's Christmas Wreath Making Workshop 2016

Hi all,

So last week we had our annual wreath making workshop held right here at Light Space Studio.  I love working at the workshops as the atmosphere is so fab and I usually end up picking up a few tips as I'm pottering around, making the tea and sweeping the tables.  However, the Christmas workshop is by far my favourite one of the year.  Being a massive Christmas fan I am really in my element with this one and what was even more brilliant about this year is that I got to take part in the workshop and make my very own wreath (did I mention I have the best boss in the world)?

Actually being in the workshop was such a great experience and I can see why people choose to come back time after time and take part in them with us.  It's not just about sitting and watching T then trying to make a replica of what she has just made but about learning the skills to go off and make your own design with the given materials.   Creativity is fully embraced and encouraged which means that no one design looks the same and you end up with something totally personal to you.  I absolutely love my door wreath and after a shaky start T managed to turn it around and give me the tips and encouragement I needed to create something pretty splendid.

Shelley of Shelley Richmond Photography took part in the workshop too and took some really cool photos of the evening which are just fantastic and really reflect what a great evening it was.  We will be announcing dates for our 2017 workshops in the new year so keep an eye on our social media and website.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Laura and Mike's Saltmarshe Hall Wedding - Fireworks, ferns and stunning staircases

Hi all,

Today I thought I would bring you something a little different and blog a wedding from just a couple of weeks ago and keep it current.  Being part of Light Space Collective we are in the presence of some pretty talented and brilliant photographers so we have picked up a couple of tips on how to take a decent photo (clearly not as good as the professionals but we are pretty proud of our efforts) so instead of waiting for the professionals I have popped a blog together using photos taken by our own fair hand.  So do let me know what you think?

Laura and Mike got married on Bonfire Night at Saltmarshe Hall.  Laura just loves those crisp Autumnal days and the outdoors which is why the couple chose this time of year. They chose to have lots of fireworks, sparklers and fire pits to toast marshmallows - sounds just wonderful!

The floral decorations were Laura's passion, she just loves interior design which is why we had the pleasure of decorating the gorgeous staircase, making it a real feature for the day, you can see the pics below along with all the other stunning venue designs.  As you can see the colour pallet was kept quite neutral, whites, blushes, creams and greens with plenty of foliage.

For her bouquet Laura wanted something very pretty, slightly cascading, meadowy and 'just picked' with soft trails and plenty of texture.  The flowers chosen were white anemone, steel berry, astilbe, roses, dahlia, white thistle and plenty of fern.

The bridesmaids had a similar design with a slightly more green and white colour pallet (the first bouquet in the photographs).  The buttonholes were a sprig design with quite a rustic feel.

Laura made her own cake which we added our own sprig designs too to compliment it.

So just scroll down and enjoy!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Jenni and Joe's Wedding at the Maynard, Grindleford - Pugs, pastels and blousy blooms.

Hi all,

Another wedding, another super cute, dapper doggy!  I'm pretty sure I've said it before but I am totally in love this idea of having your dog at your wedding.  It's happening more and more and it's so fantastic that these little members of your family can be part of your big day.

Jenni found us through Love My Dress Little Book for Brides which is something that we are super proud to be part of.  The couple got married last September at the picturesque Maynard at Grindleford.  We got to work on a really pretty floral curtain full of little sprigs of flowers which made an incredible back drop for the ceremony.  As you know, we totally love a creative challenge and so it's great when we get to work on something a little different, to really make the most of a venue.

For her bouquet Jenni wanted quite a round shape, with a little softness, and quite a muted pastel colour pallet.  The flowers T chose were 'Vendella' roses, pale blue hydrangea, blue delphiniums and eucalyptus.

As you will see from the piccies the bridesmaids had a similar design to the bride but slightly smaller. The buttonholes were a traditional focal style with a single rose.  The long and low design T put together for the ceremony table was stunning with long trails and just gorgeous seasonal flowers.

Thanks so much to fellow Lightspacer Ellie Grace for the incredible photography.  Just scroll down and enjoy!

Friday, 18 November 2016

Hat-Trick for Team Campbell's at TWIA Regionals - An honest insight into what this means to us.

Hi all,

I can't believe it's taken me a week to write this blog but it's just been an absolute whirlwind since we got back from the awards last Monday!  We are absolutely over the moon to have entered these awards 3 times and, to have won them three times.  The connection we have with our couples is so important to us and customer service is always at the forefront of our business (as it should be with every business if you ask me, no matter how big or small) and this really does have a huge impact on the outcome of the awards.  If it wasn't for you guys voting for us and continuing to support us after your weddings then we wouldn't be here celebrating like we are.

We took a year off the awards last year to concentrate on the business and look at what was working, what wasn't, and make a few changes like the brand new website and just how we performed as a business generally.  So, to come back this year was a massive deal for us as we weren't sure how we would be received and whether we had made the right decisions when it came to change.  As always we were whittling over nothing and needn't have worried!  Our faithful followers and gorgeous couples were behind us 100% and as cheesy as it sounds we genuinely can't thank you all enough.

Another reason why this years awards was so special to us was that we got to share it with our fellow Light Space Collective buddy and good friends at Team Jenn Edwards, who went on win 2 awards, one for hair and one for make up.  Plenty of celebratory champagne was drunk that night between us and I can tell you it was a classic case of work hard, play hard.

The Wedding Industry Awards have been fantastic for us as a business, not only as a confidence boost for us but also bringing us new clients and raising our profile so we can continue doing what we love. It only seems right that we say a massive thank you to Anna and Damian who run The Wedding Industry Awards, just keep doing what you're doing guys! Also a shout out too, to the esteemed panel of judges who made the final decision - we are beyond flattered.

The final thank you goes out to Queen T as without her this business would literally be nothing, she continues to work her absolute hardest to make sure all our couples get the best possible experience and the most incredible floral designs.  Thank you so much for letting me share this journey with you!

Photos from the night by Adby Creative.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Danni and Ryan - You've got to be in it to win it!

Hi all,

It's so easy to turn your nose up at competitions and not even bother entering because you're thinking "It'll never be me!" or "no one ever wins these things!" Well, we are here to tell you that it could be you and someone does always win!  Our bride Danni won a competition to win her bridal bouquet which we ran at a wedding fayre and on our facebook page last year.  

Danni wanted something simple and stylish with a neutral colour pallet to suit the rest of the theme of her wedding.  The end result was so pretty as you will see from the fab photographs.  Danni trusted T with her bouquet so much so that they never met, all their discussions were either over the phone or through email.  T was a little worried when she went to deliver Danni's prize on her special day as we always love the connection we have with our brides. She needn't have been, Danni absolutely loved her bouquet, so much so that she shed a few happy tears when she first saw it.

Also I would like to point out that the way T presents the bouquet to the bride is just brilliant, I think that all bridal bouquets should be presented this way if you ask me.

Photocredit to Ellie Grace Photography

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Lucy and Darren's Aston Hall Hotel Wedding - Just picked designs bringing the outdoors in.

Hi all,

As soon as these photographs hit my inbox I thought "Wow! The colours are amazing and they look like they have been plucked right out the garden.", I then go to look at the brief and Queen T has done it again as that's exactly what the bride asked for!

Lucy and Darren got married in August this year at Aston Hall.  The couple wanted a calm, relaxed and informal day which sounds lovely.  Lucy loves flowers and gardens which reflects so beautifully in T's designs.

For the brides bouquet seasonality and a 'just picked' look was key.  The flowers chosen were roses, tanacetum, craspedia, lisianthus, green bell, veronica, spray roses and scabious seed pods.  Long trails were left on the bouquet to really drive home that natural look.

Bridesmaids had similar to the bride but slightly smaller and more compact.  Buttonholes were a sprig design with the same coral colour pallet which stood out beautifully against the suits.

Now I think its's only fair that scooby gets a special mention as he had his very own buttonhole which sat nicely on his collar.  My dog Minnie is very much part of my family and also attended my wedding so it fill be with joy to see that other couples have the same feelings towards their own four legged friends!

Massive thanks to John Williams Photography for sharing these photographs with us.  So scroll down and enjoy but make sure you keep a special eye out for scooby!

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Gemma and Gary's Halifax Hall Wedding - Big hugs for a gorgeous lady

Hi all,

From the moment that we met Gemma we were so excited to work with her, she is so happy, enthusiastic and generally just lovely but as the day drew nearer there was a little ounce of dread as we knew it was the end of our working relationship.  Gemma was such a pleasure to have around and deal with that we kind of miss her.

We first met Gemma when she won one of T's bouquets on a like and share competition and it couldn't have worked out better as she had just got engaged, it's like it was meant to be.  Gemma and Gary got married in August at the beautiful St Marie's Church then moved onto Halifax Hall for the reception.

The couple wanted a vintage feel to the day (one of the reasons why Gemma was drawn to us) which reflected in the 50's style bridesmaids dresses.  The colour pallet for the bouquet was very soft, made up mostly of champagne colours and pale blush pink.  Gemma wanted a classic round design for her bouquet with a little softness, so it wasn't too compact.  The flowers chosen were David Austin roses, dahlias, apricot lisianthus, astilbe, campanula, 'creme garcia' spray roses, 'Vendella' roses, sweet avalanche roses, quicksand roses and white hydrangea.  Gemma specifically asked for Rosemary for remembrance which we thankfully managed to source.

The bridesmaids had a similar style bouquet to Gemma just slightly smaller with more of a muted colour pallet.  Buttonholes were a simple focal style with a special little one for their super cute page boy Fin.

Massive thanks to Sarah at Key Reflections Photography for the amazing images.  Enjoy!