Friday, 10 October 2014

Living the Dream! - A Prima Magazine Feature November 2014

Hello all

I'm just popping onto the blog with some really exciting news.  During August I was contacted by a very lovely freelance journalist who had seen our website and wanted to have a chat with me about a feature she was putting together for Prima magazine.  Some while ago, the editors at Prima had asked their readers what their dream job might be, given the choice.  One of their top four choices was a florist and the magazine was really interested in women who had had a change in career.

Cue lil'o me!

After a really long chat and phone interview, followed by a couple of additional interviews by phone and email, I heard from the picture editor at the magazine who happily was interested in featuring me so we organised a photo shoot with one of her favourite London photographers, here at the studio. What excitement! It was a really brilliant day, the photographer, Thomas, was absolutely wonderful. We hit it off straight away and he was totally brilliant at putting me at ease - we were so chilled we even got Lily whippet into a couple of shots surrounded by beautiful British grown blooms we had ready for one of that weekend's weddings.

So here are a few shots of the feature in this month's Prima ....

Before the magazine came out, I got to see a few of the really wonderful shots from our photo shoot and so I thought I'd share everything with you - hope you like them.

How cute is Lily our studio whippet?!

Well, it's back down to earth with a bump next week as we get ready for a wonderful weekend packed full of weddings. I'm still smiling as I type though!

T x

Photo credit Thomas Skovsende

PS: The writing is so fabulous do go and get a copy if you can!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Lisa and Peter - Summer Sunflower Loveliness.

Hello all!!

Today we are bringing you a summery wedding which took place in the busiest month at Campbell's HQ so far!  Lisa and Peter tied the knot at the gorgeous East Lodge Hotel in Matlock, with 10 acres of breath taking landscape it's the perfect backdrop for a super summer wedding.  The theme for the wedding was light and delicate shades and as you will see, plenty of sunflowers.

I am pretty sure the groom realised he didn't need this spot of Dutch courage as soon as he saw the beautiful bride.

As mentioned before, Sunflowers were to feature quite strongly in the brides bouquet which we absolutely loved working with.  Lisa didn't want a large bouquet which to me seemed a bit tricky as sunflowers tend to be on the larger side, but this didn't phase T and Mel (which is why they're the florists and I'm not)! The bouquet also included delicate flowers and foliage such at stocks, eucalyptus, delphinium and astilbe.  So as you can see from the flowers list the bouquet was kept stylish and simple.

For the bridesmaids the couple decided to keep the theme going throughout and chose a smaller sunflower bouquet with just a little greenery and a more petit posy for the younger flower girl.

I just love the sunflower button holes.  They really contrast against the navy blue suits and were a great choice.


Ok so this may be a little self indulgent but I had to include this picture of the bride and her son.  Having just had a baby I totally understand how you have to do most things with a little person on your hip, even your wedding make up apparently.  I am sure all you mums out there will totally relate to this as I have.

As you can see this blog is pretty image rich as it was so hard to choose which pictures to use which brings me to the photographer.  Full credit for the images goes too Marcus Rose Photography, follow the link for a better look the amazing photography. They were super lovely to work with and incredibly helpful too when it came to sharing their lovely work. Our thanks to Rosie sorting everything out for us.

We couldn't resist finishing on this photograph which we think captures the bride perfectly.

As always thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.  If you would like to talk to us about ideas for your wedding day, there are plenty of ways to get in touch   facebooktwitterpinterestYouTube. .  You can always leave me your thoughts too by commenting on the blog below, it's always really lovely to hear from you!

Much love
Amy xx

Friday, 29 August 2014

Rachel and Steven

So today I get to do one of my favourite tasks here at Campbell's Flowers and that's write about a real wedding!  The one we are bringing you today is that of Rachel and Steven who got married this time last year at East Riddlesden Hall for the ceremony then onto Newton Grange for the reception.  It was such a relaxed atmosphere full of hay bales, teepee's and bunting.

The bride and groom came and collected her flowers from us here at Campbell's HQ which is quite a popular choice with brides who are DIYing their table decorations.  Rachel is a graphic designer from London, (we get lots of fab enquiries from London these days as they tend to love our style and the amount of detail that we put into everything - which is a huge compliment to us).  Rachel wanted a very loose and open looking hand tied full of small delicate flowers in pinks, purples, blues and creams.  As far as possible we used British grown flowers which was very important to them and so suited us down the the ground - it's whatowe love to do!  The florals included Astrantia Roma, Yorkshire Lavender, Waxflower, Larkspur, Stocks, Delphinium, Gypsophelia, Aster and pink Lisianthus all finished off with a band of string.

For the bridesmaids the couple wanted something the same as the bride but a little smaller in size.  Again this seems to be quite a popular choice with our brides as it ties everything together and certainly works beautifully with these gorgeous dresses.

We were asked to design the buttonholes as if they were a small bunches of flowers which we absolutely loved.  What a fab idea!

All credit for the photography goes to Tom Ravenshear, the pictures are truely amazing and capture the day beautifully.

Lastly but by no means least we would love to share this Vimeo that the bride put together.  It gave me goosebumps and made T cry so you have been warned.  

Enjoy! Vimeo

If you have been inspired by this wedding or anything else on our blog there are plenty of ways you can get in touch  facebooktwitterpinterestYouTube.

Thanks for reading
Amy xx

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Feature Flower - Sunny Sunflowers

Yep you guessed it, it's that time again, it's feature flower time!  This month we have chosen the sunny sunflower.  This happy little flower has become quite popular this year and we are predicting it will continue to remain a favourite coming into next summer too.

These amazing flowers originate in South America and quickly spread all over the world  due to their versatility. Thet are notoriously easy to grow and add amazing colour structure to any garden or wedding bouquet they also have a lovely habit of turning their heads to face the sun as it moves in the sky during the day.

The folklore and legend surrounding the sunflower proves a very interesting read too.  It is said that Sunflowers are a symbol of luck which is why many people plant them around their houses, and who wouldn't want a symbol of luck on their wedding day too?

Sunflowers have been associated with truth, loyalty and honesty.  They have also been thought of as a sign of fertility.  Ancient forklore has it that by eating sunflowers seeds and bathing in a bath of sunflower petals you're supposed to increase your chance of conception. Something to bear in mind post honeymoon!

Here a few tips on how to keep your sunflowers looking fresh and lovely after your wedding day so you can appreciate them for as long as possible.  Tip 1:  Re-cut the stems at a 45 degree angle before putting them into water.  Tip 2:  Make sure you strip off all the leaves (if there are any) on the stem that sit below the water line.  Tip 3:  Use a cut flower preservative or make your own with this easy recipe, 2 table spoons of fresh lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1/2 tablespoon of bleach added to your flower water.  Make sure you use luke warm water when filling up your vase.  Finally, Tip 4:  Make sure you replace the water every 3 days and keep it topped up in between.

I really hope you have found the blog interesting and useful.  If you would like to discuss any floral ideas there are plenty of ways you can get in touch  facebooktwitterpinterestYouTube.

Please use our comment section below if you have any tips on how to keep your cut flowers fresh!

Thanks for reading
Amy xx

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Pinterest Inspiration & using your Campbell's Board

Hi all!

As you'll know by now, all of us at Team Campbell's love looking after you the best way we can, so as soon as you book with us, as a little extra inspiration for you and your wedding day, we make you a Pinterest board and even get it started for you with ideas based on your theme (if you have one) and flowers. We love finding you just the right colours, styles, shapes and types of flowers so you have a really good idea of what's in our heads!  It is then yours to add too as you wish.  

Just recently, we have been contacted by a few brides now wanting to take advantage of this but not quite sure how it works or how to use it, so this is where this blog comes in.  If I do my job right, this blog will give you a better idea of how to get started with your boards so you can pin away to your hearts content. And believe me, once you start, you'll find it strangely addictive!

This may seem obvious but the first thing that you need to do is sign up to Pinterest and create an account.  If you type Campbell's Flowers into the little search bar in the top left we should pop up below and you will be able to click on us which will take you to our Pinterest page (this is my Pinterest so please excuse all the crochet - it's a hobby of mine).

When you get to our page just click follow.  As you can see below I already follow Campbell's flowers but all you would have to click on is follow all.  Then just scroll down and find your board.

When I create a board I then have to invite you to pin onto the board.  This all seems pretty straight forward I know, however, the problem that I tend to come across when doing this is that some of you may use a different name on Pinteres, or might have called your Pinterest account something different like 'Wedding Inspiration' so I have trouble finding you to invite you to pin to the board.  I can type your e-mail address in and I can see there is an account linked to that address but I can't find you.

If you go onto our Pinterest page and see your board but can't pin or haven't received an invite to do so then the best thing to do is contact me with your Pinterest name and I can invite you ASAP so you can get started.  There are plenty of ways to get in touch with me the main one being my e-mail address which is  

Here is a list including the many other ways you can get in touch  facebooktwitterpinterestYouTube.  There is also an option to comment on this blog, so no excuses if you are unsure get in touch and do let me know how you get on too!

I really hope this helps, but as I say, any problems - just email me.

Thanks for reading.

Amy xx

Monday, 11 August 2014

Happy Anniversary Darling

Hello all,

The phone has been red hot here at HQ as we've had a lot of husbands get in touch recently regarding bouquets for their beautiful wives one year on from their big day.  So I thought I would put together a quick blog for all of you out there looking for some inspiration for your first anniversary celebrations.

When you choose your flowers here at Campbell's we fill in a consultation document which is great for you as you can see all your ideas written down and how we are going to interpret them for you but also for us to keep  an essential record of the flowers you have chosen when it comes to putting them together on the big day.  When the wedding is all done and dusted we pop them into a file just in case, and what a good job it is that we do!

We have had many requests for re-creations of brides' bouquets as a first wedding anniversary present which is such a fantastic way to relive your day.  As you might already know, a huge part of  designing wedding bouquets for us is to take into account fragrance (as smell is one of the most evocative of senses) so when we recreate your flowers their scent will take you right back to your day.

Here's what one of our brides had to say ...

"Hi Tracey, Hope all is very well with you? I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the beautiful bouquet of flowers Chris arranged with you for our first anniversary! He did decoy me with a sad looking bunch of roses from the reduced bin at our local supermarket but I had a little cry when I saw the real bouquet, they are just beautiful! I can't look at a hydrangea now without lovely memories of our special day. We're in the process of moving house so look forward to planting some in our new garden!  Thanks again, Jenny x"

Isn't that lovely? Also we thought we'd let you know that we've come up with a very clever little way in which to include a special reference to your first (paper) anniversary - but we don't want to give everything away as it's always wonderful to get surprises! 

Hope that's given you lots of ideas and inspiration, do get in touch if you'd like to know more - all the details are on our website or you can find us on facebooktwitterpinterestYouTube etc

Thanks for reading
Amy x

Thanks so much Amy for yet another brilliant blog post. As you might imagine, I never get flowers as Mike's just too terrified to get it wrong poor man! Being a bit of a bookworm, my first anniversary pressie was appropriately a really amazing limited edition book, which I keep in a very safe place!  How about you? Were you lucky enough to be given something lovely on your first wedding anniversary?  We'd love to hear your stories, so leave us a comment below and we'll be sure to get back to you.

Until then, speak soon



Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Team Campbell's

So things are really hotting up here at Campbell's HQ and we are so pleased to announce that we now have a team!!!!  That's right T no longer has to run around like a crazy woman doing everything all by herself as we are now here to take over some of the work, hurrah!!  This blog is pretty much an introduction to all of us so you can get to know and love us.

T set us a few questions so you could find out a bit more about what makes us tick and we all took part in a photo shoot which we all managed to pretty much giggle our way through.  

Here are the results ...

The lovely lady below is Queen Campbell herself (er, those are Amy's words - not mine Tx) Here is what she had to say:

"Hi, I'm Tracey and I set up Campbell's Flowers a couple of years ago because I wanted to do things a bit differently from my experience of working within the floristry industry.  So, we don't have a hierarchy, we listen carefully to and form special bonds with our clients and we put creativity above getting our work done as quickly and cheaply as possible."

What is your favourite place in/around Sheffield and why? "It has to be the Botanical Gardens.  I live quite close and go there at least once a month.  I just adore seeing the variety of flowers, shrubs and trees, which give you a chance to plot the seasons.  I was also married there so it has a special place in my heart now too."

Your proudest achievements to date? " I've never been very good at bigging myself up but winning Best Wedding Florist 2014 for our region was amazing!  I can remember where Mike and I were when the call came through and that evening he kept telling random strangers at the pub about it, he was so proud of me - it was lovely."

Thanks T, now here is the lovely lovely Mel.

"Hi my name is Melanie Dyson.  I have just recently joined Campbell's Flowers after many years as a retail florist.  My Last position being 12 years in the same prestigious shop in Sheffield.  I'm absolutely loving the new challenge, learning lots of new things, meeting lots of new people and being able to express myself through flowers.  After just a short time at Campbell's Flower I realise that unlike a shop you go through every stage of a wedding/event personally.  From the first consultation, to ordering the flowers, to making the floral arrangements and then delivering them on the day! This has  given me such a wonderful  sense of achievement and satisfaction I haven't had in the past"

What do you like about working for Campbell's Flowers and what do you think the future holds? "I love the many different varieties of flowers we work with.  Each wedding/event is individual and they are all so different.  I am looking forward to learning so much more, to going out and seeing all the different venues and meeting new people.  I love working with Tracey its fun, we bounce ideas off each other!  I'm looking forward to helping Tracey grow Campbell's flowers."

Thanks Mel, it's easy to see that her new job is really exciting and challenging - no wonder she looks so happy!

Next up we have Izzy.

When not at college, Izzy works during weekends and holidays with T and Mel to help prepare, make and deliver all the flowers.  

What is your favourite flower and why? "Oriental Lilies are definitely my favourite flower and have been for a long time.  I love their smell and the beautiful delicate light colours the star gazers come in.  The tiny little speckles on the inside of the flower make it very cute to me and I have always loved anything oriental, particularly Japanese which makes them all the more pretty to me."

What is your favourite season and why?  " Summer is definitely my favourite season because the days are longer and when I wake up in the morning the sun is already up instead of getting up in the dark like in winter, which can make me quite sad in the morning!  Mainly I think it's being able to wear nice dresses and shorts and not get cold.  The sunsets in Summer are one of the best things, if you're just in the park with a few friends it's the most fantastic thing"

What or who inspires you creatively and why?  "The majority of things I see on Tumblr inspire me as the art work a few people blog is very abstract but still in a very pretty and elegant way.  I admire the artwork on Tumblr as it often uses a pastel palette and I love light colours because they are cheery and cute."

Thanks Izzy it's lovely to know what inspires our fabulously creative team.

So here is me.

"Hi my name is Amy and I worked at Campbell's now for 9 months.  My job description is a bit of a funny one, my official title is Social Media and Admin Manager but truth be told I just do a bit of everything which I absolutely love.  I only work one day a week so far but hopefully that will increase in the future"

Your proudest achievements to date? "My proudest achievement to date has to be my baby girl.  Not just bringing her into the world but still managing to function and live a full and busy life around her and with her.  I'm not just coping, which I thought I would, but am having an absolute blast too!"

What do you like about working for Campbell's and what do you think the future might hold? "There are so many things I love about my job.  I love the amazing relaxed atmosphere and my little Whippet work companions.  I love the variety the job brings, no two days are ever the same and I am always busy beyond belief.  I love the sense of achievement I feel on my drive home knowing I have worked to the best of my ability and had a small hand in making the business successful.  I see myself being here for a very long time and as my little one gets older I look forward to being able to come to work a little more often.  Also I look forward to having a desk one day!"

Last but by no means least we have Sophie.

"As a writer it's my job (although it doesn't feel like one!) to look after the PR for Campbell's Flowers.  That means everything from creating copy worthy of Tracey's swoon-inducing designs, chatting all things floral to the local, national and international press (right through from the hottest wedding blogs and glossies to Sheffield's favourite daily papers) and mucking in on photo shoots when it's all hands on deck."

Name 3 things that make you happy? "Breakfast in bed.  My son's smile.  Picking out fabric for a new quilt project."

What's your favourite season and why?  "Autumn will always have my heart.  That back to school feeling (it's fine to splash out on all new stationary at 30, right?), jumping in piles of crunchy caramel leaves, acrid bonfire smoke on the air and curling mists creeping along the landscape, pure magic."

What are your favourite flowers and why?  "It changes all the time!  At the moment it's between piles of fragrant Stocks and the beautiful blousy, billowingness of Peonies."

So there you have it,  that's our amazing Team Campbell's which we all love as much as you seem to - judging by the wonderful thanks yous we get all the time! With a Summer packed full of weddings and events and lots of amazing plans in the pipeline, the Team are working hard and playing hard enjoying trips to London to the V&A to see the wedding gown exhibition and nights out here in Sheffield enjoying a cocktail or two!   

I really hope you enjoyed reading about us and if you would like to get in touch there are plenty of ways that you can websitefacebooktwitterpinterestYouTube, instagram

Amy xx