Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Feature Flower - Everything's Coming Up Roses!

So this month after much deliberation we have chosen the rambling Rose as our feature flower. They are a firm favourite with our brides, a classic flower which changes with time and never seems to go out of fashion.  The oldest Rose is thought to be over 1000 years old and still grows on the side of Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany.

We adore roses as they're so versatile, working well for lots of different designs from buttonholes to hair flowers as they perform really well out of water.  

There are over 100 species of Roses which again means that they range from huge cabbagey blooms to tiny delicate beauties.  Roses generally symbolise love in most cultures and, as you probably know, is the national flower of England.  I'm always partial to a white rose to symbolise my Yorkshire roots, T loves a David Austin 'Patience' Rose due to the amazing fragrance and Mel's favourite is a Vendella because of it's gorgeous colour!

Another reason why Roses are so popular is their fragrance.  Soft and floral without being to over powering, rose fragrance is said to relieve anxiety, calm the nerves and help boost self esteem and confidence.  What more would you need in your wedding day?!

In days gone by, roses were painted on the ceilings of meeting rooms to signify that what was said in that room would never leave that room.  I think this is a lovely thought as it makes me think of all the wonderful words and exchanges between a bride and groom on their wedding day that is just between them and not always shared with everyone else.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it.  I love writing the feature flower blogs as there is always something to learn about the flowers we love to use so much.

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Amy xx

Photo credit Key Reflections & Jess Petrie Photography

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tasha and Oli - Hand Painted Silk, Maps & Thunderbirds!

Todays real wedding is that of Natasha and Oli who got married in April this year.  They managed to get the best weather for it as it turned out to be a cracking day.  They got married at The Royal York Hotel in you guessed it........York!  A stunning mansion style building has amazing gardens that overlook the city, which if you get the weather for it, (which Natasha and Oliver did)  makes for an amazing back drop.

For the brides bouquet Natasha chose pastels, ivories and champagnes with a hint of blue. She wanted a natural, 'just picked' hand tied using seasonal, highly scented blooms which I think T captured perfectly.  The bouquet included Yorkshire lavender, crespedia, small tulips, scented narcissus, astrantia roma, pale pink double lisianthus, bluebells, freesia, ranunculus and green bell.  We also provided hair flowers that matched the theme of the bouquet.

As you can see Natasha attached memorial photos of her loved ones to her bouquet making it even more unique and special to her.  

For the bridesmaids Natasha wanted a smaller version of her own bouquet plus a wrist corsage for the younger bridesmaid.  Natasha works in fashion and had the amazing bridesmaids dresses specially designed in the most beautiful hand painted silk.  So stylish!

We absolutely love it when the wedding photographer sends us piccies of people's reactions when they first see how stunning the bride looks.  Here is a couple of our favourites.

Natasha and Oliver chose a simple sprig style button holes which really which look fab against the grey suits and patterned waist coats.

We love it when men love our blooms!  

As we have mentioned before we just love it when brides and grooms make their day very personal and really allow it to reflect their own personalities.  You don't get more unique than this half traditional half Thunderbirds cake, Thunderbirds are go!!!!!!!!

I'm sure by now you've probably noticed who the photographer was but Thank you Chris Chambers Photography for sharing shots of Tasha & Oli's day!

Although these couple of shots of the tables are ours, of course!  Tasha & Oli have travelled extensively and lived in a great many different places such as China & Hong Kong and so created little lanterns with maps inside them showing places in the world which were special to them.

Thanks everyone for reading I hope you found it as inspirational as ever.  If you would like to discuss any ideas with us there are plenty of ways that you can get in touch websitefacebooktwitterpinterestYouTube.

Until next time......

Amy xx

PS:  Thanks so much to Amy for putting together this feature - I'd just like to add a little footnote about working with Tasha & Oli and how lovely they were.  

The day they were due to come and see me for a consultation,  I was really poorly and so for the first and last time in the history of Campbell's I called to say could I postpone? Tasha was so lovely and didn't mind in the least even though they had already booked and paid for their train tickets from York, which I naturally offered to refund them. Even though we'd never met, she decided pretty much then and there that she wanted to work with us and so paid her deposit without a consultation and despite the fact that I had already told her we had a prior booking and might not be able to see her face-to-face on her day! 

As it transpired, we met up, just loved each other's ideas and creativity and because of the rapport we'd built up between us, I decided to deliver all her flowers the evening before the wedding so I could see her lovely happy face and make sure she loved everything we'd created for her as much as we did!

Thank you Tasha & Oli for being such truly lovely people and for making our job the best in the universe!

T xxxx

Friday, 13 June 2014

Thank you for the thank you's

Here are Campbell's we are feeling all warm and fuzzy inside as we read through some of our amazing comments from our past brides.  We love working with our brides as the designs and flowers they choose are all as individual as they are.  But what's especially lovely is when our previous brides stay in touch - its like being part of a huge family.  So we thought we would share a few of our favourite recent comments with you as we sit here beaming with pride.

"Tracey was amazing from day 1, she managed to interpret my disjointed ideas and create a vision I was struggling to communicate.  Her enthusiasm gave me confidence in my ideas.  She was patient, flexible and produced the most beautiful arrangements and were beyond anything we had hoped for."

"From the moment I arrived at the consultation I was confident our wedding flowers would be perfect and of course they were amazing.  Tracey is professional, welcoming and you can sense she thoroughly loves and cares about what she creates.  I am so pleased we chose Campbell's Flowers, no regrets!"

"I chose Tracey at Campbell's flowers because she actually sat and listened to my ideas, unlike other florists I had visited.  By discussing our likes and dislikes and taking the time to look at our very big pre-prepared scrap book, she managed to piece all our ideas together and produce our vision for the flowers we wanted on our wedding day.  Her knowledge of flowers was excellent which meant she was able to recommend flowers which she knew she would be able to supply on the wedding day.  Overall I felt that I received a very high standard of service from a very dedicated lady who understands how important our wedding day is and helps you along the way to make it a very special one to remember."

"Tracey's style is exactly what I had in mind.  Vintage, pretty, with a straight from the meadow vibe that I totally fell in love with.  She also had bags of energy and creativity that really impressed me.  I know she'd put her all into my flowers and create something beautiful."

So as not to bombard you we thought we would stop there but we would love to share more of our lovely postcards, emails and facebook messages with you, so keep an eye out for another blog.

At this point we would just like to say a massive thank you to all our brides previous, present and future.  You make our job what it is and our job is pretty amazing!

If you would like to discuss any ideas there are plenty of ways that you can get in touch.  websitefacebooktwitterpinterestYouTube

Thanks for reading
Amy xx

Monday, 9 June 2014

Laura and Gary - A Beautiful Body Art Bride

Hello everyone!

Todays we are bringing you a wedding from March 2014, spring was in the air and the day couldn't have gone better.

The venue was Cubley Hall, built in the 1700's Cubley Hall has retained much of its charm and character.  The Peak District is a very popular setting for our brides and this is such a beautiful place.  You will see from the pictures that although it keeps its period features it has a very modern and lively atmosphere and has the prettiest views you ever did see!

As always we can't wait to tell you all about the bride's bouquet.  Laura wanted a very natural looking, unstructured, but pretty bouquet using blues, greys and creams.  She was really interested in seasonal flowers which we always like to use anyway so we went for muscari, ranunculus, cream wax flower, lavender and a touch of eucalyptus. As both Laura's Nans are really special to her, we also included their respective favourite flowers - carnations and calla lilies.  Her bouquet smelt amazing and looked stunning with her 1950's style dress.

When Laura came for her consultation, her body art wasn't visible but we had an idea from her 'inky miss foster' email address that it might be wonderful to try and create flowers which in some way worked with the very beautiful and intricate black and grey designs - when we suggested this, she jumped at the our ideas! 

For the men's button holes Laura and Gary chose a single calla lilly with just a touch of muscari and eucalyptus.  This simple structure looked stunning against the grey suit and strong pose.

For the venue we decided to keep the flowers rustic and natural to fit in with the brides bouquet and the venue.  Laura chose pewter jugs and containers with similar flowers to her bouquet inside such as lavender, blue bells and wax flower.  The little tea lights made the whole thing look so pretty.

We would just like to thank Jaye and Matt Cole at Tux and Tales Photography for the amazing pictures which they've sent us they're truly awesome shots and we just love how beautiful everything looks.

So that brings us to the end of another blog and real wedding, hugs go out to Laura & Gary - pretty much everyone one we work with is lovely, but some people are just super lovely! Thank you so much for reading and if you would like to discuss any ideas there are many ways that you can contact us websitefacebooktwitterpinterestYouTube

Amy xx

Photo credit and photo copyright Tux & Tales Photography

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Viva Espagna! - Temps de Flores Flower Festival in Girona

Hello all

It's lovely to be back on the blog, as many of you will know Team Campbell's is growing and I've been quietly steering us into the busiest wedding season yet!  I thought I'd pop in though to just tell you all about my fantastic trip a couple of weeks ago when I got to stay with my lovely friend Anne-Marie of Posy Rosy who not only blogs the most gorgeous wedding mood boards and inspiration, but also designs the most amazing heirloom bouquets you've ever seen!  She's been trying to temp me to the Temps (sorry!) for a good couple of years now and unbelievably the festival co-incided this year with a wedding free weekend.  Nothing for it but to book myself a cheapy flight and pack some flats!

The Temps de Flores was launched over 50 years ago as a small flower exhibition and competition, since then it has grown to attract visitors all over the world and features the most incredible installations some of which are wonderfully abstract.  It's a real testament to colour, creativity and, of course, beautiful flowers which are all expected to last over a week in the warm sunshine! No mean feat I can tell you!

Here's just a taster of what two days of what Anne-Marie and I encountered walking around the stunning ancient buildings,  galleries, museums, churches, courtyards and public spaces .....

Love a bit of arty graffiti!

 Everyone gets involved - children, churches, community groups, the uni - everyone ..

I just adored how they used the eremurus (foxtail lily) to mimic the golden obelisks in this amazing church

Anne-Marie and I messing with cameras!

I got a bit obsessed with this amazing colour and the combo of succulents (my fave) with geometry!

I just loved this installation by local school children which featured foliage only

Never a fan of fake flowers - I totally fell in love with these paper roses which were in every branch of this Spanish Bank. They must have taken forever to make there were just gozillions of them ...

This installation was upstairs in a beautiful corridor with the most amazing marble floor. The artwork is by a local group who work with adults with learning difficulties and just blew me away

This little lady was just outside a rather lovely boutique - I couldn't resist snapping her while Anne-Marie and I sat with a well earned refreshment at a fab cafe!

This installation was so pretty. In a really atmospheric courtyard off - I loved the way the lightning fell onto the flowers below ..

We wandered into this pretty courtyard to be greeted by a Spanish guitarist strumming away. We took time to just listen and rest a while ...

The cathedral steps are always really special and the highlight of the Temps and this year was no exception. The installation is a tribute to the amazing lady whose brainchild the Temps de Flores was and the figures depict all those she touched with a tree of life in the centre representing her. Lovely isn't it?

Ah, the last Noo, noo - I simply had to take a shot of this for both my girls who were massive fans of the book!

My favourite installation of the Temps - I just loved the colours and the setting, really, really beautiful

Seriously the biggest hand tied bouquet I've ever seen!

I adore these amazing shapes

This installation was enormous and formed the theme for the Theatre of Girona which featured lots of masks, chairs and red materials

These water bottle 'flowers' were just a joy and looked amazing with the rain drops - recycling at its most creative!

Yep. That's right. Moss washing!

So simple, but so pretty. Why wouldn't you use the sun to create your installation and use the ancient stone surroundings as a backdrop?

Another fave - this was huge and depicts a piece of Catalan poetry in the University forecourt. The red flowers are large gerbera, which gives you some idea of scale!

So, they created a perspex stain glass installation across one of the footbridges which was so much fun to play with. I shot through it, I shot the reflection in the river and I shot the reflection on the bridge itself. Such fun!  Btw, those floral 'islands' were HUGE well over 6ft across!

Well, if the Roca brothers open a Gelateria in town, it would be rude not to partake! I went for Madagascan vanilla .... mmm!

Literally everyone decorates with flowers in some way shape or form. Here's a really simple but incredibly pretty container of broom outside a shop.

That's it! I had the most amazing experience and loved every minute. Heartfelt thanks go out to Anne-Marie who was the best hostess anyone could ever wish for.

Hope you've enjoyed this post and if you've ever thought of taking a trip to Girona to see the Temps de Flores - I'd highly recommend it, I've come back brimming with inspiration and the need to create!

Tracey x