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As you may know, we moved some while ago to our fabulous new studio, Light Space Collective which is a wonderful creative, shared studio full of like-minded souls who mostly work in the wedding industry.  We now rub shoulders on a daily basis with photographers, wedding planners, hair and make-up artists and invitation designers.

Working so closely with such lovely, lovely people means we get involved in all kinds of fantastic collaborations, photo shoots and creative projects.  Although these are mostly inspiration for pretty weddings, sometimes they're conceptual, for charity work or just because we had a crazy notion that they might be beautiful, thought provoking or simply interesting.

Over the next few months Amy and I will post these projects on our blog and archive them here. I hope they'll give you just an inkling of our ability and creativity and whilst weddings will always remain our passion, it's certainly fun to be challenged every now and again!


DEPRESSED OPTIMIST ... A collaborative project 

Not long after moving into the studio, Ellie, of Ellie Grace Photography asked if we would be interested in getting involved in a project, who's subject matter is very dear to her heart.  We jumped at the chance, once we heard more.

Working closely with the formidable team at Jenn Edwards Artistry we were asked to create one key piece for Ellie's creative collaboration which aimed to illustrate many different ways in which depression and anxiety can manifest itself.  Ellie asked us to exemplify the feeling of wanting to escape or being an escapist and almost living in a fantasy land.  As the subject of mental health has touched each and everyone of us here at Team Campbell's in some way, shape or form, we gave our topic some very real thought, especially as the idea of a floral afro was up for consideration.

We love pushing boundaries and working to the outer limits of creativity and are excited by not only the technical aspect of creating but also the aesthetic response to a challenging brief.  This was certainly challenging but I'm incredibly proud of what we made and of being part of such a fantastic collaboration.

Here is our contribution and the other emotions which were shot by Ellie.  Pop over to her blog to read more.

If this or any of our other collaborative, creative projects are of interest, please do let us know your thoughts, we'll be sure to get back to you very soon.



Fabulous Four Legged Friends - Rain Rescue Official Charity Calendar

So it's not all about the weddings here at Campbell's HQ, as we love to get stuck into creative projects too.  We got super excited when we were asked to get involved in the latest calendar for the Rain Rescue dog charity by fellow Lightspacer Shelley Richmond Photography.  Shelley did all the photography for the calendar but these fab behind the scenes shots were taken by Danni Maytree.  T got to make some really cute doggy flower crowns and corsages.  Here are a few behind the scenes shots and the official 2017 calendar is now available by following this link with proceeds going to the charity.  Also you can learn more about Rain Rescue and what they do by checking out the website.

Here are some exclusive shots of the calendar taken by Shelley and although they are very good photographs they aren't nearly as good as buying the real thing!

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