Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Campbell's Flower School - Sheffield Workshops at it's Finest

Hi all,

So with our Spring/Summer workshops just around the corner I thought I would pop a blog post together featuring some of the amazing feedback that we have had from the lovely lot that come along to our classes.

It really is such a great evening, the atmosphere is always really great and T's floral knowledge will fill you with the confidence to go away and create something pretty special at home too as well as in the class.  Also I'm always on hand with the kettle on, this floristry lark can be thirsty work!

So here is what our clients had to say:

"I just want to say a massive thank you to you for your workshop tonight.  I have had a fantastic time and have already booked for the next one.  You are a wonderful teacher and have really encouraged me towards a career change onto floristry.  I am going to have a good look into courses but in the meantime I'll be booking onto all of your workshops! - Sarah P"

"I can't express how much fun I had with my friend Adele.  Lots of giggles and a very warm and welcoming environment.  I surprised myself with what I could create with the help of the fabulous Tracey and definitely want to come and do another one. - Sara"

"Alice and I had a great time and will definitely be trying to make my own wreaths next year.  Would also love to come to other workshops. - Jennifer"

"I had such a wonderful time and really learnt some great skills which I will definitely be putting to use in the future.  I am so pleased with my arrangement and was delighted with the materials on offer at the workshop. - Meredith"

"Despite feeling unwell I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed last night and was delighted with the finished arrangement having never done anything like that before! - Sarah"

If you are interested in booking onto one of our workshops then just follow this link.  We will see you there!

Photo credit Sarah Brabbin Photography

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