Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Abi and Ollie's 99 Mary Street Wedding - last minute plans and shocking shades!

Hi all,

Abi booked us quite soon to her wedding day which is quite uncommon with us considering we already have 2018 bookings, but if we have the day free are always more than happy to oblige!

Abi and Ollie got married this January just gone but you wouldn't know it with the gorgeous winter sun and the stunningly bright colour pallet.

For her bouquet Abi something very pretty and very meadowy the flowers T chose were sweet scented bright yellow mimosa, limonium, shocking pink carnations, exotic protea, freesia and eucalyptus.  Abi had a matching floral piece for her hair too.

The bridesmaids bouquets were kept simple using only foliage with stunning foliage crowns.  Oli's buttonhole was again kept simple, sitting nicely next to his lovely teal tie.

Check out all the gorgeous images below, we are especially loving the converse!  Enjoy!

Thanks so much for this Amy.  So, what can I tell you about working with Abi?  As these photographs show, she was just so much fun to work with.  Abi got in touch by email initially, when she also attached some hilarious images showing the outfits the bride and maids were wearing with each of their heads photoshopped onto the images! They genuinely made me laugh out loud. From then on and definitely after our Skype meeting (the couple live in London) I knew we totally 'got; each other. I absolutely adored Abi's colour scheme of bright plum, teal and mustard and loved her bouquet with matching ribbons and cute little asymmetric flower crown.

Abi had these kind words to say too:

"Hi Tracey,

Well it's safe to say you absolutely smashed it!  Thank you SO MUCH for pulling it out of the bag on such a tight timeline!  I was genuinely blown away with how spot on everything was!

I really can't thank you enough - the bridesmaids kept the crowns on until the bitter end do safe to say they were loving your work too!  We all had a fab day and can't wait to see the pics in a few weeks.

Speak soon
Abi "

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