Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Lucy and Darren's Aston Hall Hotel Wedding - Just picked designs bringing the outdoors in.

Hi all,

As soon as these photographs hit my inbox I thought "Wow! The colours are amazing and they look like they have been plucked right out the garden.", I then go to look at the brief and Queen T has done it again as that's exactly what the bride asked for!

Lucy and Darren got married in August this year at Aston Hall.  The couple wanted a calm, relaxed and informal day which sounds lovely.  Lucy loves flowers and gardens which reflects so beautifully in T's designs.

For the brides bouquet seasonality and a 'just picked' look was key.  The flowers chosen were roses, tanacetum, craspedia, lisianthus, green bell, veronica, spray roses and scabious seed pods.  Long trails were left on the bouquet to really drive home that natural look.

Bridesmaids had similar to the bride but slightly smaller and more compact.  Buttonholes were a sprig design with the same coral colour pallet which stood out beautifully against the suits.

Now I think its's only fair that scooby gets a special mention as he had his very own buttonhole which sat nicely on his collar.  My dog Minnie is very much part of my family and also attended my wedding so it fill be with joy to see that other couples have the same feelings towards their own four legged friends!

Massive thanks to John Williams Photography for sharing these photographs with us.  So scroll down and enjoy but make sure you keep a special eye out for scooby!

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