Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Laura and Mike's Saltmarshe Hall Wedding - Fireworks, ferns and stunning staircases

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Today I thought I would bring you something a little different and blog a wedding from just a couple of weeks ago and keep it current.  Being part of Light Space Collective we are in the presence of some pretty talented and brilliant photographers so we have picked up a couple of tips on how to take a decent photo (clearly not as good as the professionals but we are pretty proud of our efforts) so instead of waiting for the professionals I have popped a blog together using photos taken by our own fair hand.  So do let me know what you think?

Laura and Mike got married on Bonfire Night at Saltmarshe Hall.  Laura just loves those crisp Autumnal days and the outdoors which is why the couple chose this time of year. They chose to have lots of fireworks, sparklers and fire pits to toast marshmallows - sounds just wonderful!

The floral decorations were Laura's passion, she just loves interior design which is why we had the pleasure of decorating the gorgeous staircase, making it a real feature for the day, you can see the pics below along with all the other stunning venue designs.  As you can see the colour pallet was kept quite neutral, whites, blushes, creams and greens with plenty of foliage.

For her bouquet Laura wanted something very pretty, slightly cascading, meadowy and 'just picked' with soft trails and plenty of texture.  The flowers chosen were white anemone, steel berry, astilbe, roses, dahlia, white thistle and plenty of fern.

The bridesmaids had a similar design with a slightly more green and white colour pallet (the first bouquet in the photographs).  The buttonholes were a sprig design with quite a rustic feel.

Laura made her own cake which we added our own sprig designs too to compliment it.

So just scroll down and enjoy!

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