Thursday, 17 November 2011

Alternative Christmas Wreaths

I've been thinking about alternative Christmas wreaths in the workroom this week, which has proved really therapeutic and calming in what has been a crazy few days.  Maintaining focus when starting a new business is challenging, to say the least and with my natural thirst for knowledge, it's incredibly easy to get distracted by tweets featuring stunning photographs, amusing and informative blogs and pertinent points on Facebook!

My design style is as ever simple, hand-crafted, using the best materials, as creatively as possible  and always made with love.

Distressed wooden latice heart wall-hanging, decorated with fragrant dried lime slices, cinnamon sticks and locally sourced cones. The ribbon can be changed to satin or organza but I would suggest keeping it a soft, neutral, creamy colour.

A detailed shot of the design.

A  truly creative alternative wreath full of feminity and charm featuring a natural wooden wreath, sprinkled with fairy dust and embellished with the most impossibly girly bow! The corsage is designed from fresh wax flower, ivy leaves, cones and pale pink ranunculus. Love it, or hate it, you won't have seen it anywhere else!

A close-up of all that gorgeous sparkle.  I think this design would be a fabulous idea for a Winter Wedding, either as wall-hangings or placed flat as table decorations with the addition of a lovely big Church candle.

This is just the start of my Christmas range, I shall be making some traditional Blue Spruce door wreaths and fresh flower and foliage wreaths very soon.  In the meantime, let me know what you think - feedback is always welcome!

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