Friday, 6 July 2012

Marvellous Moss - A Wedding Trend Prediction

Hello lovelies, today I bring you marvellous moss, a gorgeous material - just perfect for a more natural, homespun, shabby-chic wedding - bringing the woodland floor to your table.  But that's not all you could do, why not create a more sophisticated feel by using it in conjunction with glassware?  The sky's the limit it's so fantastically versatile, there are so many different ways you can design with it.

You might have noticed moss creeping into my designs more and more lately, but it's always been a favourite of mine due to its fabulous texture and colour.  In this post I'll be showing you some ideas I've had working with flat Spagnum Moss but in the next month or so I will also introduce some designs using a more vibrant green moss which Florists call Bun Moss. If you're really lucky, you might find it on your roof! A word to the wise though, moss plays an essential role environmentally so don't be tempted to forage especially as there are a number of species which are protected - some of which are quite tricky to identify.

So what are my predictions for one the latest trend in Wedding designs?  Well, you will definitely see moss being used together with succulents and in particular, sempervivum. Their opposite textures work really well next to each other, particularly when teamed with gorgeous coral roses or coral peonies - another huge flowery trend.

Containers will play a big part in using moss and, depending  on your styling, can be either rustic and romantic, or cool and stylish.  I love using grey, distressed urns in a Georgian or Baroque style. Little moss balls wrapped in sparkly silver bullion wire look gorgeous against silver 'Grecian' containers. Or, for a totally different styling, the juxaposition of natural, earthy moss trapped in glassware can be just fabulous. I've got heaps of ideas around this 'look' and will bring you some really new ideas based around this concept in the next couple of weeks or so.

Here are a few designs I've made in the few weeks ...

A bridal bouquet of coral 'Miss Piggy' roses, sempervivum and little balls of moss

Table decoration which is understated but would have great impact in any room

Moss balls, teamed with sparkling whites in a 'Grecian' urn

I love using really natural materials in really stylish, sophisticated containers

Moss is fantastic for covering foam bases such as wreath rings, hearts, letters etc

These table decorations would be great dotted around in random, mis-matched containers an informal venue such as a Barn, Tipi or Village Hall

Little sempervivum containers

Moss hearts are so pretty and simple

Moss, sempervivum and quintessentially English strawberries!

A close-up of all those gorgeous textures!

Hope my designs have provided you with some inspiration, in The Language of Flowers, moss stands for Charity and Maternal Love - rather lovely I thought.

If you need any help or advice in choosing your wedding flowers or just want a bit of a natter - please do get in touch. There's nothing better than a happy Bride!

Tracey x

Photocredit Niel Stewart Photography

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