Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Designer Vintage Bridal Show 2012 - Wonderful Worcester, a guest post by Flowery Lottie

Hello readers! Look! I’ve been given full reign over the Campbell’s Flowers Blog this week – I must be rising in the ranks. I suspect, actually, it’s really because T is on with the next project so has handed things over to me to tell you all about the exciting time we had at the Designer Vintage Bridal Show at the weekend!

First things first, let’s start with a disclaimer by saying I am not a florist, just a kindly best mate always willing to lend a hand to Campbell’s. T will be following up my post with a more (sensible) one detailing her gorgeous creations and all the fabulous, seasonal flowers that went into her designs – if you can’t wait that long though add a comment at the bottom and she’ll answer any flower query you throw her way.

So, back to the weekend, and what a weekend it was! There was cake, there was vintage fabulousness, red lippy, teacups, welsh dressers, no surface left uncovered in lace, and then there was rain. T and I had already represented Campbell’s at a few smaller, local wedding fayres but this was the first time we’d attended a larger fayre, a further distance away (don’t get me started on SatNavs!) and over two days. There were more challenges to consider then we had before, mostly with logistics, but the first obvious hurdle was how the flowers were going to do over the weekend.  Two whole days out of water, staying in a tent overnight, and no ‘girl cave’ to hand for emergency repairs – the solution? Extra lifting for muggings here as we had to pack extra blooms in buckets of water, floristry wire, spritzers, scissors and all sorts of emergency containers should arrangements not work in the space. We needn’t have worried though as all T’s creations, plus four pedestals for the venue, arrived on Saturday morning sprightly and sumptuous. Round One to Campbell’s Flowers!

En route, however, we had received a text from organiser Bran [of Mother Brown PR] asking us if we required a table for our spot. We believed this was a cryptic trick aimed to catch us newbies out – ha! We weren’t going to be fooled – yes, of course we needed a table, just like everyone else right? Wrong! Groaning under the weight of our car load we entered the marquee at Hagley Hall to be met with the most gorgeous array of stands I’ve ever seen. Our simple table was flanked by the most beautiful wooden sideboard, spilling over with Nick Ray’s impressive photographs, and the other side was dedicated to Vintage Glamour Days exquisite event styling (fronted by the even more exquisite Cheryl who would make Elle Macpherson feel frumpy she’s so glamorous). T and I shared a look, were we out of our depth?!  Round Two to DVB Show.

Optimism abounded though and we soon had our Campbell’s Flower stand up and running, and she didn’t look too shabby either, with all of T’s glorious designs in their soft colour palette jostling alongside the pretty ribbons and vintage brooches. If there’s one thing we knew from the off it was that we fitted right in here.  We have been at fayres in the past where we’re clearly not catering to our target audience.  But any event with the words ‘Designer’ and ‘Vintage’ in the title are right down our street, and it was so comforting to be surrounded by exhibitors and brides who shared our taste and style for all things bespoke and hessian-bound!

This shared passion meant we made firm friends quickly with our neighbours and the other exhibitors. In between chatting to enthusiastic brides about their big day plans we had opportunities to grab a quick cuppa and natter with other stand owners about their amazing talents and creative eye. As you’ll all be aware, T is not adverse to the odd bit of neighbourly chatting at wedding events (see her previous post with Niel Stewart) but this was the first time we had experienced such a mass of sincerely warm and friendly people in one space. I tell you what, social media may have a lot to answer for but it can never compare with the genuine pleasure it is meeting like-minded passionate people you click with. The DVB Show introduced us to guys such as the unbelievably talented Vicky Trainor of The Vintage Drawer, a Facebook stalwart we’ve had in our online 'family' for a good while now, and Charlie of The Natural Wedding Company who already had us down as a recommended supplier (and gave us a lovely mention on her blog). While we can get a bit caught up in the ease of having so much choice and variety at our fingertips it’s always refreshing to meet the real, salt-of-the-earth people behind these enterprising businesses. By the weekend’s end we’d shared banter with Jinder of The Finer Details, cake with Di from Miss Lola's Bakehouse, cookies with Charlotte Bridal, drinks with Nick and Cam of Nick Ray Photography, sweets with Vicky and Michelle of
Winklepoppet, decor tips with Caroline's Cake Company, crisps on the lawn with Gavin and Jessie from Lyric Weddings, shoe envy with Ruth and Shine from Shuut Films and goodness knows how many giggles with Sue from fifty o fifty!

As it got to Sunday the ‘Party Marquee’ was looking slightly frayed at the edges as we said cheerio to our last bride and began the mammoth task of clearing up. As people began the battle with getting their cars and vans from the car park to the entrance the heavens opened so we were loading up vehicles in the rain, trying not to get any of our flowers bashed or slip over! Then began the slow drive out of the grounds, you can always tell the florists and the cake makers out of a long line of vehicles, they’ll be the ones hesitantly mounting the speed bumps. With everyone slightly flagging but still smiling after a great weekend we circled the tent sharing hugs and goodbyes with some of the brilliant people we’d met. Then a drizzly drive home to M and the girls, a warming dinner, sloppy kisses from the hounds and a cheeky glass of wine before bed! What a fab way to spend a weekend – roll on DVB Show 2013!!

flowerylottie. x

Special thanks to Designer Vintage Bridal Organisers Bran, Matt, Rachel and Clare who continually came round to ask if we were ok and if things were running smoothly, despite having a million and one other things to do!

And also, simply because it seems we didn’t share foodstuffs with them, thanks to Sara and Rob of Ruby + Diva, Yummy Little Cakes, The Moneypennies and the Photo Emporium for being so lovely too!

Photo Credits: Tracey of Campbell's Flowers and the Photo Emporium.


Rachel HMF said...

Oh what a fun girls business weekend!! Glad it went well, great post.

Campbells Flowers said...

Thanks so much - it was amazing.