Sunday, 16 December 2012

Campbell's Calendar - Cutlery, Cups and Spreading the Word!

Hello all, as you can tell by the lack of blog posts this week, I've been zooming around here, there and everywhere.  Thank goodness for Dory and, so much for slowing down!

I'm sure for many men and women the work/life balance is something which, whilst still in my first year of business, continues to baffle me.  As I type I still have a scary number of Christmas pressies to buy, some of which involve getting to the post office. And, pouring through my various Christmas cookbooks yesterday, I was dismayed to find that many of the yummy foodstuffs I usually prepare in good time for Christmas excess, have been left too late.  The chutney, preserves, mincemeat and other seasonal treats just won't be happening this year as many of them needed to be started a month or so ago - and clearly by someone else!

Whilst I do feel a slight pang of guilt and mild disappointment at not being a shining example of domesticity, I honestly think that at this time of the year it's so easy to fall into the 'paragon' trap - one person just cannot possibly be all things to all the people in his or her life. Besides, it will all come right in the end - Christmas always happens and it's always fantastic.

So, embracing the positive - here's what I have done this week!


Family day, with a HUGE Sunday lunch followed by sorting out some quotations for a really lovely couple who are getting married next year and want wall-to-wall David Austin roses.  They are the most gorgeous British grown, heavenly scented blooms but are a little on the pricey side so I've been spending some time doing a bit of juggling and looking at alternatives.  Like all these things though, the preparation will be worth it as the flowers are a really important aspect of their wedding.


Today was all really unexpected as I'd received a call from BBC Radio Sheffield on Friday whilst out shooting in Derbyshire, asking if I'd like to be on the Rony Robinson show to talk about my special 'heritage' bouquets which I'd designed for the Women of Steel photo shoot which I blogged about recently.

Anyway, I was a bit nervous as you can imagine - especially as this would be live radio and the only other experience of radio I'd had was a recorded interview for the drive time show with Dean Pepall when he interviewed me about making the golden bouquet for Jessica Ennis.

Actually, it went really well and if you're curious to know more, click on this link to hear me and how I wriggled out of the more awkward questions!  Here's a snap of the bouquet I made, which happily Rony loved ...


Found us back at the lovely Amy's gorgeous shop Pure Enough where these little bathbombs are simply flying out of her shop ...

For our Christmas workshop we made either topiary trees or wreaths this week.  It was a really great evening and everyone had a fantastic time, creating really lovely designs which were very individualistic. Apologies for the poor photography, I was so busy helping everyone I completely forgot to snap away like I usually do! Here are a few pics, nonetheless ...


More Christmas workshops - this time across the other side of Sheffield at the Little Paint a Pot Shop in the prettiest of shops with a whole troupe of Rainbows making sweet little pressies downstairs and the Campbell's contingent working away on wreaths upstairs.  All very festive and fun - here's a couple of pics I took ...


More excitement today! As a new business you will have realised that we've tried to spread the word that we're hear and ready to talk to anyone who loves seasonal, natural, locally and British grown flowers!  So we were absolutely delighted to be contacted by the very fabulous Wedding Flowers Magazine a while ago.  They asked if we'd be interested in making up a number of arrangements for their 'gallery' section in the Jan/Feb 2013 issue and would we like to design a scheme using purple? Naturally we jumped at the chance and here's what we came up with ...


Lots went on behind the scenes today - so not many pics to show you.  We did, however, make up and donate one of our dried moss wreaths as part of a luxury hamper raffle prize - here's one I made earlier!


Today I did this ...

That's all folks! Have a fantastic week and if you've any flowery questions drop me a line as always.


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