Monday, 29 July 2013

Something Blue? - Seasonal Flowers for a Cool, Calm, Colour Palette

Morning! As most of you will know, I write regularly for the very lovely Kelly of Boho Weddings and share a bit of flowery inspiration with all her lovely readers, so just in case you missed it, today I bring you some ideas on what’s available if you’re looking for blue flowers.
Here at Campbell’s HQ we’ve noticed lots of our lovely brides have been choosing powder blues in particular to compliment bridesmaids dresses or just to ‘lift’ their flowers.  So if you’re looking for soft blushes and pretty pastels or want something a little more vibrant to create a truly meadowy look, then here are a few ideas which might just be what you’re looking for:

Also romantically known as Love in the Mist, nigella comes in white, but also the prettiest, most gorgeous powder blue colour.  I love this summery, quintessentially British little plant which produces the prettiest seed pods and is just perfect for adding a little texture or a slightly wild, natural look to your florals.  Available in mid-summer it’s just right for a June or early July wedding.


In our quest to work with as many British grown flowers as possible, I’m really happy to say that these beautiful little flowers are one of our team’s favourite.  We’ve been lucky enough to work with them in lots of ways in late Spring this year and to me, always say shady, scented woodlands – so romantic!

Available in lovely deep, rich royal blues and the softest of powder blue too, these tall, imposing, willowy flowers add height and impact to table flowers, gorgeous texture and shape to lovely over-sized unstructured wedding bouquets or a tiny accent of colour to buttonholes. Lovely!

These really full, fluffy, blowsy blooms are so on trend at the moment and are available pretty much throughout the summer.  Colours vary from a gorgeous vibrant, bright royal blue to pale powdery colours with a soft gradation of colour into buttery creams.  Team the brights with soft peaches, pale greys & silvers for a wonderful colour combination.

I hope this has been helpful and given you a few ideas when choosing blue blooms to work with in your colour schemes! We keep adding to our wedding portfolio all the time which might help a bit more with inspiration especially for bridesmaidsbuttonholes and venue decoration, or grab a cuppa and pop over to our latest ‘real weddings’.  As you might have guessed, we love sharing, so feel free to get in touch if you need any advice on choosing seasonal flowers, or you’re struggling with colours for your special day.
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