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Team Campbell's

So things are really hotting up here at Campbell's HQ and we are so pleased to announce that we now have a team!!!!  That's right T no longer has to run around like a crazy woman doing everything all by herself as we are now here to take over some of the work, hurrah!!  This blog is pretty much an introduction to all of us so you can get to know and love us.

T set us a few questions so you could find out a bit more about what makes us tick and we all took part in a photo shoot which we all managed to pretty much giggle our way through.  

Here are the results ...

The lovely lady below is Queen Campbell herself (er, those are Amy's words - not mine Tx) Here is what she had to say:

"Hi, I'm Tracey and I set up Campbell's Flowers a couple of years ago because I wanted to do things a bit differently from my experience of working within the floristry industry.  So, we don't have a hierarchy, we listen carefully to and form special bonds with our clients and we put creativity above getting our work done as quickly and cheaply as possible."

What is your favourite place in/around Sheffield and why? "It has to be the Botanical Gardens.  I live quite close and go there at least once a month.  I just adore seeing the variety of flowers, shrubs and trees, which give you a chance to plot the seasons.  I was also married there so it has a special place in my heart now too."

Your proudest achievements to date? " I've never been very good at bigging myself up but winning Best Wedding Florist 2014 for our region was amazing!  I can remember where Mike and I were when the call came through and that evening he kept telling random strangers at the pub about it, he was so proud of me - it was lovely."

Thanks T, now here is the lovely lovely Mel.

"Hi my name is Melanie Dyson.  I have just recently joined Campbell's Flowers after many years as a retail florist.  My Last position being 12 years in the same prestigious shop in Sheffield.  I'm absolutely loving the new challenge, learning lots of new things, meeting lots of new people and being able to express myself through flowers.  After just a short time at Campbell's Flower I realise that unlike a shop you go through every stage of a wedding/event personally.  From the first consultation, to ordering the flowers, to making the floral arrangements and then delivering them on the day! This has  given me such a wonderful  sense of achievement and satisfaction I haven't had in the past"

What do you like about working for Campbell's Flowers and what do you think the future holds? "I love the many different varieties of flowers we work with.  Each wedding/event is individual and they are all so different.  I am looking forward to learning so much more, to going out and seeing all the different venues and meeting new people.  I love working with Tracey its fun, we bounce ideas off each other!  I'm looking forward to helping Tracey grow Campbell's flowers."

Thanks Mel, it's easy to see that her new job is really exciting and challenging - no wonder she looks so happy!

Next up we have Izzy.

When not at college, Izzy works during weekends and holidays with T and Mel to help prepare, make and deliver all the flowers.  

What is your favourite flower and why? "Oriental Lilies are definitely my favourite flower and have been for a long time.  I love their smell and the beautiful delicate light colours the star gazers come in.  The tiny little speckles on the inside of the flower make it very cute to me and I have always loved anything oriental, particularly Japanese which makes them all the more pretty to me."

What is your favourite season and why?  " Summer is definitely my favourite season because the days are longer and when I wake up in the morning the sun is already up instead of getting up in the dark like in winter, which can make me quite sad in the morning!  Mainly I think it's being able to wear nice dresses and shorts and not get cold.  The sunsets in Summer are one of the best things, if you're just in the park with a few friends it's the most fantastic thing"

What or who inspires you creatively and why?  "The majority of things I see on Tumblr inspire me as the art work a few people blog is very abstract but still in a very pretty and elegant way.  I admire the artwork on Tumblr as it often uses a pastel palette and I love light colours because they are cheery and cute."

Thanks Izzy it's lovely to know what inspires our fabulously creative team.

So here is me.

"Hi my name is Amy and I worked at Campbell's now for 9 months.  My job description is a bit of a funny one, my official title is Social Media and Admin Manager but truth be told I just do a bit of everything which I absolutely love.  I only work one day a week so far but hopefully that will increase in the future"

Your proudest achievements to date? "My proudest achievement to date has to be my baby girl.  Not just bringing her into the world but still managing to function and live a full and busy life around her and with her.  I'm not just coping, which I thought I would, but am having an absolute blast too!"

What do you like about working for Campbell's and what do you think the future might hold? "There are so many things I love about my job.  I love the amazing relaxed atmosphere and my little Whippet work companions.  I love the variety the job brings, no two days are ever the same and I am always busy beyond belief.  I love the sense of achievement I feel on my drive home knowing I have worked to the best of my ability and had a small hand in making the business successful.  I see myself being here for a very long time and as my little one gets older I look forward to being able to come to work a little more often.  Also I look forward to having a desk one day!"

Last but by no means least we have Sophie.

"As a writer it's my job (although it doesn't feel like one!) to look after the PR for Campbell's Flowers.  That means everything from creating copy worthy of Tracey's swoon-inducing designs, chatting all things floral to the local, national and international press (right through from the hottest wedding blogs and glossies to Sheffield's favourite daily papers) and mucking in on photo shoots when it's all hands on deck."

Name 3 things that make you happy? "Breakfast in bed.  My son's smile.  Picking out fabric for a new quilt project."

What's your favourite season and why?  "Autumn will always have my heart.  That back to school feeling (it's fine to splash out on all new stationary at 30, right?), jumping in piles of crunchy caramel leaves, acrid bonfire smoke on the air and curling mists creeping along the landscape, pure magic."

What are your favourite flowers and why?  "It changes all the time!  At the moment it's between piles of fragrant Stocks and the beautiful blousy, billowingness of Peonies."

So there you have it,  that's our amazing Team Campbell's which we all love as much as you seem to - judging by the wonderful thanks yous we get all the time! With a Summer packed full of weddings and events and lots of amazing plans in the pipeline, the Team are working hard and playing hard enjoying trips to London to the V&A to see the wedding gown exhibition and nights out here in Sheffield enjoying a cocktail or two!   

I really hope you enjoyed reading about us and if you would like to get in touch there are plenty of ways that you can websitefacebooktwitterpinterestYouTube, instagram

Amy xx

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