Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Hollie and Craig's Wedding at Yellow Arch Studios - Foliage arch at yellow arch

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It's always such a pleasure to work with the guys at Inner City Weddings and they do introduce us to some cracking couples.  Hollie and Craig got married September last year and couldn't have asked for better weather for their gorgeous outdoor ceremony at Yellow Arch Studios.  We are so lucky to be within bouquet tossing distance from such a great venue, not that we would toss any of your bouquets, we do take great care you know!

As you will see foliage was definitely key to all the designs for Hollie and Craig's day from the scaffolding archway right down to the buttonholes.  For her bouquet Hollie wanted an asymmetric design with plenty of texture and to include a range of foliage plus some waxflower, succulents, seed pods and berries.  For Hollie's crown T used eucalyptus, seed pods and populous which again was kept very loose and natural looking.

The bridesmaids had a smaller design using the same material but in a more unstructured posy style.  For the buttonholes the men had a sprig style featuring blue thistle and you guessed it, plenty of foliage.

A trend that a lot of our brides are choosing over more structured centre pieces is to have long trails of greenery running along this tables with small plants and arrangements dotted through it.  This works incredibly well on long tables but we have also been known to feature this design on round tables too!  We are very adaptable like that.

Massive thanks to Shelley at Kindred Photography for sending us this amazing images and big shout out to our industry pals Jenn Edwards and Co. for all the ladies hair and make up.  Scroll down and enjoy!

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