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Ultra Violet - How to use this year's Pantone colour for 2018 in your wedding flowers

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Last month our very own T appeared on Boho Weddings chatting all about this year's Pantone colour of the year, Ultra Violet and how you can introduce it into your wedding flowers.  Here is what T had to say about it:

Yep, this is no wall flower of a colour.  No humble hue happy to sit unnoticed in the shade or quietly blend in.  No, this, dear readers, is a showstopper.  A dazzler.  A statement maker.  And I for one can't get enough of it.  Pretty much as vivid as it's possible for a colour to be, this deep and rich purple has long been associated with royalty and has more that a hint of cosmic about it.

It hasn't been without controversy though,  and not everyone, has rushed to embrace it.  In the design world Ultra Violet has experienced something of a 'Marmite moment' and divided opinion in the worlds of fashion and interiors.  Flowers, however, offer a huge variety of ways to include it, play with it and truly get creative with it, so we want to show you how Ultra Violet can work for your wedding,  so pop on Purple Rain and get ready to be inspired.

To create a softer, luxe look you could try adding in gentle lilacs and soft champagne blooms.  Mix Ultra Violet with 'dirty' grey tones 'Earl Grey' roses for a feminine, rich romantic look.

If you prefer your Ultra Violet at full blast, and part of a stunning cacophony of colour aim for contrasting colours on the colour wheel.  Pair it with sunny yellows for an upbeat summer carnival or festival feel.

Another way to let it shine is to incorporate lots of exotic blooms like supersized King Protea and structured foliage such as on-trend monstera, aspidistra and ferns.

Ultra Violet also works beautifully when you create a polychromatic design that incorporates a beautiful mix of many colours, just as in nature you would find a meadow full of wild flowers of all different shades rather than just two.

There are no rules about what you can or can't throw in here, so it's a great way to work with your florist to get really creative and craft something sensational.

We're super excited to see how this trend unfolds this year and see how our couples work it into their big days.  We'd love to hear your thoughts too, will you be daring to give Ultra Violet a try?

T x

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