Sunday, 18 November 2012

Campbell's Calendar - Christmas is Coming!

Morning all, well it's been another really crazy week here at Campbell's HQ with lots of work designing and thinking about ideas behind-the-scenes in the run up to Christmas.  Sometimes as a micro-business the weekly learning curve can be astonishing and my round-up is a sure fired way to remind me of all I've achieved in seven days!

So for those of you who are curious ... here goes


Had a consultation with the very lovely Fi and Martin who met Lottie and I at the Designer Vintage Bridal Show.  We've got on famously so am crossing my fingers that they'll book - their theme is sapphire blue and they want their flowers to be designed around eryngium (that thistles to you!)


Spent the day making up Christmas wreaths and decorations to photograph for my new Campbell's Christmas 2012 page on my website.  I've concentrated on fresh door wreaths made from locally sourced materials, but have also added a couple of dried ideas to the collection - in the past dried flowers have always made me think of dusty baskets stuck in fireplaces but happily these days there are lots of lovely materials to work with.  Here's one I made earlier!


Put together the latest Christmas edition of Inspire with M.  For those of you who haven't come across it before, it's our downloadable style guide with lots of ideas, tips and pretty pics which we put together, usually for Brides.  We thought that perhaps it might be nice to do the same for Christmas - it's proved really popular for weddings, so we'll see how this issue goes ...


I went off to a morning training workshop called 'How to get the most from your website' run by Digital Direction a fabulous business support network which has really helped me with the sometimes scary world of IT.  I learnt loads - now it's just a question of having time to use all this new found knowledge!

Had a delish lunch at Jonty's on Sharrowvale Road with the very lovely Kelly from Boho Weddings and hatched lots of plans for guest blog posts in the run up to Christmas - keep an eye out on the blog and facebook for updates and links to her gorgeous site.


Designed and, if you'll excuse the pun, delivered two enormous buffet table arrangements for the new Department of Nursing and Midwifery which went down really well - the client loved them.  I couldn't resist using gypsophila (baby's breath) in the design!


Took delivery of the most gorgeous British grown eucalyptus and stunning Paper White narcissus which had been specifically ordered by a very lovely lady who commissioned me to design something extra special for a friend's wedding day.


Another commission, this time from a group of friends to a work colleague battling the rigours of chemo.  We decided on brights, with lots of gorgeous scent, in pretty but simple packaging.

Well that's all for this week folks!  Wonder what next week will bring? Whatever it throws our way, we'll try and keep you up-to-date with all that happens in our wonderful flowery world.

'til next time, enjoy!


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