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Campbell's Calendar - Working with Industry Friends

Hello peeps

As promised, here I am again keeping you updated with all the machinations and shenanigans of the previous week.  I was delighted to read in a recent survey that florists and plants people score very highly in attaining job satisfaction, love what they do and generally are all round happy bunnies! I have to say I do believe this to be true, and maybe that's why we work so well with other industry professionals.  I've had a great week and it's been one full of collaboration with other businesses - here's just a brief idea of some of the things I got up to!


After having answered a heap of enquiries and dealing with my crazy in-box, I sought the sanctuary of the workroom and designed this wintery, Christmassy wedding bouquet using some gorgeous British grown eucalyptus cinerea and other pretty flowery materials - with some cones texture and good festive measure!  I finished the design with a band of white satin ribbon and a fine gold organza overlay - I adore white flowers and just love the combination of white and gold. So sumptuous but wintery too!


Had a very welcome visit from fab photographer Jess Petrie and Jenn Edwards hair and make up artist who I had the real pleasure of working with recently on a huge photoshoot which took place at Cusworth Hall and included over six models! Jess took this shot of my flowers on the day and I have to say this is one of my absolute favourite shots of my work - ever!  The 'official' photos haven't been released yet, but I can't wait - I saw first hand Jenn's work, just stunning!


Caught up with the lovely Laura, on of my Brides and fellow blogger aka The Mrs Makes - she's absolutely the queen of craft and her blog is always full of wonderful DIY gorgeousness.  She'd posted a photo of herself in a cover-up for her wedding day and it'd sparked a flowery idea of mine! We now have a cunning plan, which you'll have to wait 'til April to see, as she wants to keep it a secret!

The evening brought another of our fab workshops - this time it was a mini pedestal design in a Georgian Baroque stylie - gorgeous! Glad to see the biccies so much in evidence in this action shot! pop back onto the blog for more pics and the full story.


A busy day writing and sorting out admin was followed by a fantastic consultation with the very lovely Lisa and Sam.  Sam was sporting the most incredible 'mo' which was the subject of a bit of (not so) gentle teasing from Lisa and I, but clearly done for a fantastic cause! I'd met Lisa a little while ago and we'd hit it off immediately having got very giddy designing her table decorations together.  Naturally, I was really thrilled when they confirmed they wanted me to be part of their wedding in August - the only thing I have to figure out now is - how on earth am I going to wait that long?!

I can't reveal too much, but the colour theme is corals, yellows, greys and whites - pop over to their Pinterest Board for the barest hint of what we're up to!


Spent the day putting together lots of plans for a couple of really exciting events happening early next year - will keep you posted as a when they come together.  Mwhahaha!

Our guest post on Purple Flowers  got lots of lovely email feedback from readers of Boho Wedding blog - proof that next year's predicted colours for Bridesmaids dresses are going to have a big impact on flower colour themes.

Friday & Saturday

Very flattered to find ourselves included in amazing creative company as a recommended supplier on the new Married in Sheffield website - the brain child of Jon from S6 photography who I met earlier in the year when he came and photographed the bouquet I made for Jessica Ennis.

Sadly the lurgy which had knocked all my family for six, last week and the week before, finally caught up with me so cancelled all our lovely plans for a weekend with wonderful friends at the seaside - had a bit of a quiet one instead on the sofa with a duvet  : (

I'll leave you with the hounds, who really didn't seem to mind the fire and heating on at the same time!

Enjoy your week lovelies and will keep you posted with all our updates



Jess Petrie
Style Me Pretty
S6 Photography

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