Friday, 22 February 2013

Floral Trends - Cascading Bouquets

You might have seen us predicting new floral trends recently on the lovely So You're Getting Married blog  and in particular talking about our vintage inspired, cascading wedding bouquets. Here's an extended version of what we wrote for anyone who missed it...

As 2013 shapes up to be a really exciting year here at Campbell’s HQ, it struck me when working through our bookings for this year, that styles of wedding bouquets are really starting to change. Hand-tied designs are still very much the order of the day, however, we have definitely moved away from more compact designs towards a much softer, more random, lovely unstructured style which suits our ‘just picked’ look perfectly. 

Think gorgeous textures combined with wayward foliages ‘doing their own thing’. Colours combine soft peaches and apricots with dove greys and luscious succulents. Or, purples, lilacs and lavenders still feature strongly this year. Pretty meadow-inspired bouquets using herbs, wheat and barley are also popular – especially in brighter more jewel-like colours, in fact all colours work equally well in this relaxed style.

I've dubbed this new slightly elongated style 'The cascading bouquet' and I'm really happy to say that quite a few of you have chosen this pretty, romantic and feminine style to work with a whole range of really stunning wedding gowns. 

Here are just a few of our most recent designs and I'm so excited to tell you there will be quite a few more this year ... and the year after!

Hope you love these new ideas, we just love pushing the boundaries and finding new ways to design something really special and memorable for your wedding day.   If you're looking for more inspiration pop over and have a little look at all our latest designs for our blushing brides, pretty maids, gorgeous grooms and fabulous venues.

We'd love you to get in touch with any flowery questions or, if it's inspiration you're looking for you can find more pretties on

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