Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Preserving Your Bouquet - An update by Keli, our May Queen Bride

Hello lovelies

Well the preserving your bouquet blog post proved incredibly popular, bringing in some really quite exciting stats - it seems to have struck a chord with many of you who just want to preserve the life of your bouquet to remember it as part of your fabulous day.

One such person is Keli, one of our lovely Brides from May this year and, after having read our original post, got in touch - which prompted this update.  She and Pete had a really wonderful wedding in the wilds of the moors on the outskirts of Glossop, embracing the time of year and incorporating seasonal pretties into their designs such as Hawthorn (May blossom) and many other wildflowers.  Pete and I had a secret between us too!  He wanted his two best women to wear buttonholes which were the same as his and, to create a lovely synergy, sent me an extra tie - an exact replica of the one he was wearing on the day.  I was to cut this up and finish all the buttonholes with a scrap of the tartan fabric so that all the 'best' women, groomsmen and ushers were carefully co-ordinated.

Fantastic idea!

Here's what Keli had to say in her email ...

"Hi Tracey

After reading your latest blog article on preserving wedding flowers I though you might like to see how mine are getting on ... as proof that your great advice worked! : ) I have attached a few pics (although I am not the best photographer in the world I may have gotten a little carried away, hope you don't mind! Apologies if it has clogged your inbox!).

The flower crown and bouquet have both air dried really well, My bouquet hangs on the wall in our spare room and although the colours have faded a little the pinks, blues and orange still have some vibrancy. They have a faint scent of wildlfowers as well which is lovely (and not the sweet smalle of moulding thank goodness!). The crown has been left to dry on a flat surface and it's preserved them really well. They're still quite firmly attached to the ring and the ribbons still make me smile every time I see them.

I must admit though, I think it is Pete's buttonhole that pleases me the most! I popped it in a flower press he bought me a couple of years ago for Xmas, just before we went on honeymoon. Must have left it in at least a month and was quite nervous about it as it was the only one we had left and I had some pressing disasters in the past. But it turned out wonderfully! The colours are bright, the shape is beautiful and the scrap of tie really stands out - which makes me remember how important that little secret was for him and you and I can't tell you how happy that makes me.

I am so grateful for all your help and for your tips when I emailed regarding preserving them. I hope they will last me for some years to come and will be looking out for those silica gel packets so I can pop them in a box if needed.


So just to remind you, here are a few photos from Keli's wedding as a before, taken by me ...

And a few from her photographer Jon Rouston

... and here are her flowers preserved ...

How fab is that?  My special thanks to Keli for going to all this trouble, it's so lovely to keep in contact with Brides - I'm always especially sad when they drift away after their special day!

We'll be back soon with more exciting news of what we're up to in the next few weeks - so 'til then, enjoy

Tracey x

PS: Do leave a comment or question if you need any help with preserving your bouquet and I'll be sure to get back to you very soon

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