Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Of Cabbages and Kings - Wigs & Warpaint Catwalk Fundraiser

As you all know, its been a really exciting and action-packed few weeks for my lovely little fledgling business.  I'm having a fantastic time, knowing that I've made one of the best decisions ever to start up on my own and one avenue of my work has been to forge links with local businesses.  I feel really strongly that working with local businesses is pivotal to not only building a business, but also generating a happy and healthy atmosphere of reciprocal goodwill.  And it certainly seems to be working!

One such business I've been lucky enough to work with is the fabulously talented and multi-award winning Wigs and Warpaint.  They recently organised a fantastic catwalk evening which showcased the creativity of their senior stylists and students of their Lewis Flack Academy.  The senior stylists concentrated their not inconsiderable talents on achieving stunning Bridal looks, complete with make-up and gowns courtesy of The White Room.  The whole 'look' was finished with flowers from yours truly.

Chatting over the brief with Maria, she suggested using quite bright, spring-like colours and nothing too overtly 'bridal', something a bit 'avant guard'.  As my regular readers will know by now, there's nothing I love more than a creative challenge.  So I immediately decided on a bright yellow and lime green colour palette and used as many Spring-like materials as I could lay my hands on!  Here's what I came up with:-

Bouquet 1 - The Bob

When I met up with Maria and delivered the bouquets I likened them to hairstyles as a comparision of how 'challenging' they would be considered in the wonderful wedding world!

This bouquet was The Bob - stylish, chic, elegant and just different enough to make people notice!

I used blown (fully open) 'Shine' spray roses, brassica (ornamental cabbage), leucaspernum, 
 crespedia,  viburnum opulus and gorgeous pale green ranunculus

Another close-up showing all the lovely vibrant flower material - I decided, unusually for me, not to use foliage in this bouquet

I kept the stems quite long and finished them with green satin ribbon and two yellow satin co-ordinating bands

Bouquet 2 - The Crimp

This bouquet was designed with the Bo ho Bride in mind.  I wanted something soft, delicate, feminine and just ever-so-slightly over the top! A bit like the hairstyle.  

 To get the soft, waterfall effect I was looking for I added bear grass, pussy willow and these just beautiful, shooting weeping willow branches to the other materials.

I imagined this design to be carried in a very lackadaisical, offhand manner - almost trailing along or behind the catwalk model

A close-up of the lovely bright colours

Bouquet 3 - The Avant Guard

Some of you who follow me on facebook  http://www.facebook.com/CampbellsFlwrs might have already seen this design, which got lots of really positive and lovely comments.  So, you might be thinking why 'The Avant Guard' then?  Well because, although this design is really pretty, it does push the boundaries.  Just like all those gorgeous cutting edge hairstyles in magazines we see, they're not for everyone.  This is a bridal bouquet and although lots of people love it, understandably, not everyone would want to carry it on their wedding day.  But I loved designing and making it!

I constructed the heart frame from birch twigs which had the most adorable tiny buds and catkins attached to them.  I decided on an asymmetric design and reinforced the right-hand side with woven bear grass.  I used lime green ranunculus, tiny spray roses, crespedia and pearls in the design

I thought the vintage opulence of the brooch acted as a great visual foil to the natural, rustic texture of the birch frame

And finally, here are a couple of shots from the catwalk show ...

I had so much fun designing and creating these bouquets and love working with the Wigs and Warpaint Team who are so warm, friendly and highly creative.  I'm sure there will be more collaborations in the future - if you have a favourite design, I'd love to know which one it is and why.

'til the next time, enjoy!

T x

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