Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Who Are You ... who, who, who who?!

Hello, and welcome to my blog if you've just popped over after reading about my photo shoot on Love My Dress and were curious to know a bit more about me - you might have seen that I've been lucky enough to be featured on Staggered, Boho Weddings and Under the Vintage Veil recently and wondered who I am and perhaps wanted to know what I'm about!

I'd like to say a quick thank you to all my regular, loyal followers and gorgeous Brides, for choosing me for your floral design inspiration - you can skip to the pretties if you want, as you know all about me already - although I am filling everyone in on my news and what I'm planning in the next couple of months!

So, what might you be interested to know? Well, if it's me you want to know about, I'm a Mum of two truly fabulous girls, I'm from London but have adopted this wonderful City of Sheffield as my home. I'm married to a proper Northerner, who really does say things like 'mardy' and 'nesh' and hasn't got a round vowel in his vocabulary. I have two whippets and bought M one of those trendy flat caps to complete the sterotype (mostly for my own amusement!). I love irony and loathe people who are judgemental, I'm a bit of a hippy at heart and believe implictly in Karma. I've travelled widely, but haven't been anywhere near all the places I want to visit. I'm older than you'd think, think I'm younger than I am and don't look my age! I've always been a feminist, and all three of us girls are a little bit in love with Caitlin Moran (as is M to be honest!). Used well, I think language is one of the most facinating and beautiful forms of communication, although in different circumstances will say the same about music, theatre and dance. Oh, and I haven't spoken French or been to the gym since I set up Campbell's Flowers, but you can't have everything can you?!

I started my business because I felt really passionately that I wanted to express my creativity and establish my own design style - which hopefully others would like. I get grumpy when I receive poor customer service and so go to any lengths possible to make sure my Brides are happy and am told that all the little extras I've thought up, really do make a difference.

I'm proud of what I've achieved in a short space of time but recognise that there is still a lot to learn - which I find incredibly exciting. I get goosebumps when I explain my design ideas to Brides during their consultations and think the greatest compliment from anyone is when they say I 'get them'!

I think seasonal flowers are best and am happy to say that the lovely people I work with want to know what's going to be gorgeous around the time of their wedding - giving them, I think, the best results. Here are a few designs I've made this Summer, wheat, moss and sempervivum have all featured strongly recently, so I hope you like them ...

Sweet Peas from Rachel Dyson's flower farm just down the road, they smelt heavenly

My foraged bouquet of lace cap hydrangea, ox-eyed daisies, viburnum opulus and wheat

A very recent wedding with a lilac, lavender and ash-of-roses colour scheme

The groom's buttonhole of 'Blue Pacific' rose and scabious

A simple arrangement of black calla and wheat

White double lisianthus buttonhole and matching wrist corsage

White lysimachia

Pretty little Allium 'hair'

Coral roses with sempervivum and moss balls

A table arrangement in a newish vase (which you might notice is quite a favourite!)

Gorgeous campanula, white brodiea, white astrantia and senecio

Stocks, lysimachia, white aster (daisies)

I made this the first week of June from the very last of the fragrant white lilac and beautiful viburnum opulus

White nigella - or love-in-the-mist as its commonly called - such a pretty romantic name and so apt!

I couldn't resist using the curly ends of the calla to design this sumptuous looking buttonhole

July and August will bring me more weddings, the possibility of designing flowers for another very exciting and prestigious event and I'm formulating my plans for another photo shoot! Oh! and there's the small matter of my swanky new website which is to launch at the end of Summer.

For those of you new to my site, there's lots more to see on the rest of the blog. If you're a DIY Bride, you could have a go at my tutorials on my You Tube Channel or you could click on Wedding Flowers and you'll be transported to my portfolio, or if you need even more more inspiration, have a look at what my Brides and I are planning for later this year and next year on their individual Pinterest Boards.

Leave me a comment below if you want any help or advice with seasonal wedding flowers, colours or just tips on what to look for when choosing your flowers and I'll be sure to help if I can. I'm happy to say I'm getting lots of tweets these days from Brides asking for flowery inspiration - just the other day I helped with Autumn flowers for a lovely Bride.

Tracey x
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