Monday, 20 August 2012

A Vintage Hydrangea Welcome Ring Tutorial

Hello everyone.  This pretty, seasonal welcome wreath is so simple to make, but just perfect for this time of the year when hydrangea is in abundance.  It’s inexpensive, would make a lovely, vintage gift for a friend’s wedding or party and is absolutely bang on trend at the moment!

You will need to cut the hydrangea the day before you use it and put it in water to have a good drink.  This known as 'conditioning' and makes sure your flowers last as long as possible in foam.

Here’s what you will need:-

1 x 10” wet oasis wreath ring (available from florists)
Ribbon or raffia
A sharp knife
10-12 good sized hydrangea heads


*Bevel the edges of your wreath ring by removing the edge of the oasis with a knife and gently rubbing the excess off. This helps create a nice domed effect for your final design.

*Next soak your oasis ring by placing it upside-down in the sink.  Leave it for a few minutes to really take up the water.

*Cut short sprigs of flower material and, starting at the bottom of the wreath ring, push them into the foam at an angle pointing downwards.

*Continue all the way round the wreath ring until this section is done and no foam is showing. 

*Don’t forget something to hang it with – I’ve used raffia, but you could use ribbon or string depending on the ‘look’ you want to achieve.  Make sure that whatever you use is nice and secure.

*Next, cut slightly shorter sprigs than you used for the outer edge and push these vertically into the foam to complete the next section. Keep checking that no foam is showing and add extra hydrangea sprigs if needed.

*Your design should look a little bit like this by now ...

*Finally, cut even shorter sprigs of hydrangea to complete the inner edge of the wreath ring, taking care to push them well into the foam so that the hole in the centre doesn’t fill in.

And there you have it. One very pretty, welcome wreath which could be made from all the same colours if you’ve got access to lots of the same hydrangea.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.  I absolutely love it when you get in touch, or have any questions, so please do leave me a comment and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.  Being an ex floristry tutor, I’m passionate about teaching anyone who has an interest in flowers how to make a whole range of lovely designs.  There are a few on my blog or you can find others on my YouTube channel, alternatively, if you live nearby why not join my newly announced Workshops?

If you do have a go, why not email me a photo of your design and I might just send you a little pressie to congratulate your efforts!

Until next time, enjoy

Tracey x

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