Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Versatile Summer Posy - DIY Tutorial

Hello all.  We're going all a bit DIY crazy here at Campbell's HQ! As some of you might know the latest  Sheffield workshop dates for Campbell's Flower School are now available and so, while I get myself ready for a fabulous weekend of beautiful weddings, I leave with with this lovely, simple but very versatile little design.

This is a really economical design and I've given you a guide of flowers you could use but  I’ve made mine out of a few broken stems and bits and pieces which I had left over from a recent wedding.   Here’s how:-

Here’s what you will need:-

1/3 of a brick of green oasis
A sharp knife
A small container

Flower Material

1-2 stems of eucalyptus (or foliage of your choice)
2-3 stems of white astrantia
1 stem of flowering mint
1 stem of thistle
2-3 stems of purple lisianthus


*Soak your oasis and place into your container, making sure that it is raised by at least 1 cm above the top of your container.

*Cut some sprigs of eucalyptus of about 10 cms in length, making sure you remove the lower leaves so that you have about 1½ cms of clean stem to push into your oasis

*Angling the eucalyptus downwards, push the stems into the foam about 1-2 cms apart turning the container until you have completed a circle and created an outline of foliage.

*Next cut more eucalyptus and also some astrantia about 1 cm shorter than before and push these stems into the foam at a 45 degree angle working up to the centre where the stems should be upright.

*Now you can fill in the design using the larger material such as the thistle and lisianthus.  To create a good balance in the design, you should always place buds to the outer edges of the design and place larger blooms towards the centre.

Once you’ve picked up how to make the basic shape, you can use whatever flowers are in season and co-ordinate your container to suit your theme – this a lovely design and is absolutely perfect for beginners.

Being an ex floristry tutor, I’m really passionate about teaching anyone who has an interest in flowers how to make a whole range of lovely designs – some of which can be found on my YouTube channel.

As always, if you have an questions, or need any help with flower choice, don’t hesitate to get in touch, otherwise, enjoy!

Tracey x



We love your Summer Posy! Its beautiful!
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Campbells Flowers said...

Hello guys - thanks for leaving me a comment. I had a look and it's fab. Will def be in touch as am always looking out for new suppliers of British beauties! Tx